How to downsize into a smaller apartment

You have decided to move to a smaller apartment because it is closer to your job or the rent is much cheaper. When you want to downsize into a smaller apartment, you usually realize that you have a bit more stuff than you previously thought. Having in mind that rent in Miami can go pretty high, moving to Miami will be significantly cheaper if you downsize.

 A small, round dining table with two chairs
It is only when we want to downsize into a smaller apartment that we realize how many items we actually own.

What are the benefits of moving into a smaller apartment?

Maybe you will not like downsizing at first, however, it is doubtless that it has many benefits. We will discuss some of them here, and you will find out about the rest on your own.

  • It is much cheaper – First of all, moving to a smaller apartment will cost much less, as we already mentioned. Your belongings will weigh less because you will only move the essentials, so packing services Florida will be cheaper. Furthermore, your utility bills and rest will cost significantly less. This will take the burden off of your wallet.
  • Closer to your job – When choosing a smaller apartment, you will be able to find a place near your job and save precious time that you would otherwise spend commuting. The same thing applies to University as well.
  • You can bike or walk – When the apartment is closer to your job or school, you can walk or bike wherever you need to go. This will do wonders for your health in the long run, especially if you are not prone to going to the gym.
  • Less dusting – When you downsize into a smaller apartment, you will soon find out that you will spend much less time cleaning it. You will have more time to meet new friends, read books or just watch movies.
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You will save time and money by downsizing to a smaller apartment.

How to downsize to a smaller apartment easily?

When moving, the truth is that we do not have the slightest idea of how many items we actually own. It always turns out that we have many more clothes, books, souvenirs, etc. When you want to downsize into a smaller apartment, it is time to make some big changes and some big cuts as well. Although we tend to attach to our items sentimentally, in reality we do not need most of them. With this in mind, you can proceed with downsizing.

  • Go through all of your items and take a good look at each one of them. Ask yourself whether they will be useful to you and whether you will actually need them in a smaller apartment. You should do this for furniture, clothes, dishes, books, basically every item that you own. And remember this is one of the ways to deduct moving expenses.
  • Take all the duplicate items that you own and keep the ones in better condition. You have two hairdryers but the newer one is much better, for example. Get rid of the old one. You will not need as much cutlery or small kitchen appliances in your new place, so make the cut.
  • Put it all online before you move – If you have a computer or a tablet, it will be easy to reach all of your documents online. You can store everything on the Internet from documents, medical records, books, and photos. This will reduce the amount of paper that you have and you make a major step toward saving the environment.
  • Store it in storage facilities – Storage facilities are an excellent way to postpone the decision about which items will you need to get rid off. If you will just be downsizing for a year or so, store your items in climate-controlled storage units. You can store almost everything there, including your car, furniture, dishes, etc. However, bear in mind that there are some things you can`t keep in your storage unit.
a room with a dining table and two chairs and kitchen appliances
Make sure that your furniture does not block the aisle, or you will feel frustrated very soon.

How to make your apartment look bigger?

Once you are finished with the downsizing, it is important that your new place looks big and comfortable. Otherwise, you will feel suffocated no matter how many items you have and how many items you sold, donated or threw away. Follow these tips to make your new home big and light.

  • Use light colors – Your whole apartment should be in light colors. White, yellow, or green are perfect and calming. And most importantly, it will make your apartment look bigger and brighter. It is not important just to downsize into a smaller apartment, the apartment needs to be suitable as well.
  • Don`t block the aisle with furniture – If the furniture is blocking anything in the apartment, get rid of it. Then buy a smaller piece of furniture. If your sofa is too large, sell it online and buy a smaller one. You do not want to wake up and trip over your armchair every morning, just because you do not have another place where to put it. Chose an ottoman instead, for example.
  • Buy multifunctional furniture – Use that space under the bed for bedsheets, blankets or towels. Buy an ottoman with disposal space under it, so that you can store slippers, toys or magazines in there. The more functions a certain piece of furniture has, it will take up less space and make your apartment look bigger.

In life, it is important to be practical in some areas, so that you have more freedom in other areas. When you downsize into a smaller apartment, you will be able to enjoy more things than you used to. Smaller rent, proximity to the workplace, less time spent on cleaning are just some of the benefits. Plus you will be surrounded only by the items that you love and need. Good luck!

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