Reasons why families move to Tallahassee

You should move to Tallahassee if you want to see this rare bird.

Tallahassee is the county seat of Leon County in Florida. It was founded in 1824 on the site of previous Native American and Spanish settlements. The new city became a center for the government for the territory of Florida. The name Tallahassee comes from an Indian word meaning “old fields.” When slavery ended, the city became known for its university. The Florida State University was established in the 19th century, and that is the beginning of Tallahassee’s history as a university center. But a great university is only one of many reasons why families move to Tallahassee. Here are some of the best reasons why families move to Tallahassee:

Let’s start with the education system as one of the many reasons you should move to Tallahassee

Florida A&M

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University were founded in 1887. It is one of Florida’s largest historically black colleges and universities. Florida A&M grants both undergraduate and graduate degrees. One of many reasons families move to Tallahassee is that this is one of the best research and development centers in the state of Florida; it also provides its students with many opportunities after graduation.

If you look close enough, you will find the best university for your children.

Florida State University

Florida State University is an award-winning, cutting-edge researchers center that influences development in many scientific fields across the globe. It welcomes diverse inquiry and engages students as life-long learners and leaders. If you want only the best for your children – you might start with this school.

Tallahassee Community College

Tallahassee Community College was founded in 1966. This college offers high-quality post-secondary education for the citizens of Leon County, students from throughout the state, country and overseas. TCC is consistently ranked as one of the top community colleges in the USA. If you want to give your children the knowledge, experience, and confidence needed to succeed in their career fields  – you should give this college a second look.

Starting from zero?

Tallahassee is a great place to have your new beginning. You will find more job opportunities here than in some other US cities. It doesn’t matter if you are a young adult or not – this city will give you a chance. This is a great town for the professionals who want to get involved in different business fields or politics. Tallahassee is steadily growing and if you look close enough – you will find the job you were looking for.

Living costs

The cost of living in Tallahassee is slightly below the national average. This is one of many reasons people move to Tallahassee so much these days. Lower prices, cheaper housing, and abundance of choices make people think about moving to this city more and more. Other costs are also lower than in other cities. On the other hand, utility bills can be a bit pricier than expected – so make sure you don’t overspend right after moving to Tallahassee. Calculate how much can you spend on different things after relocating to Florida and avoid making unnecessary mistakes. It will save you a lot of energy and money.

Piggy bank.
Living in this town can save you a lot of money.

Quality of life

After you move to Tallahassee, the quality of your life will go through the roof! With so much money on your hand – you will be able to spend as much as you like on yourself. Forget about worrying, calculating over and over again and panicking. It is all behind you. After you move to this part of Florida you will enjoy everything that life has to offer. Seize the moment! More money means more choices. You won’t become a millionaire all out of a sudden – but you will feel the difference right away. You will be able to spend your money on things you want – not only to pay bills and cost of living.

Natural attractions

Tallahassee boasts an abundance of outdoor recreation for all ages, a diverse cultural scene and a ton of family-friendly activities.

Image of a lake.
If you love lakes – this is the town for you!

Tom Brown Park

Tom Brown Park is located in the eastern part of Tallahassee, between Mahan Drive and Apalachee Parkway.  This natural escape was dedicated to Thomas Irvin Brown Jr. on January 30, 1977 – the man who gave his all to shape young minds of that time. If you have kids, this park should be on your map definitely! This is a great place to walk, run, play sports and enjoy outsides.

Lake Talquin

If you want to escape Florida’s heat after you move to Tallassee, you should check out Lake Talaquin. This is a lake you will want to swim in –  its clean and refreshing water will help you relax like never before. If you are a nature lover, you will easily catch a glimpse of several bird species while enjoying your walk around this lovely lake. After you move to Tallassee – you will have more opportunities to spend time outside, and Lake Talquin is a place you should make sure you visit with your family.

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How to move?

Before you start packing – make a plan. It is important to strategize your every move in advance. Come prepared – and you will avoid making some of the most common mistakes when relocating. Never postpone tasks, and you will successfully finish everything on time. And, believe us – you can never have too much time on your hands when you are planning to move to Tallassee.

Our next moving advice is to purge your house. The less you move – the less money you will spend. It is that easy. You can sell, donate or recycle some of your unwanted belongings. And remember that when you are getting ready to move to Tallassee – it is not a good moment for you to get too sentimental. If something must go – it must go. That lamp that has been collecting dust for years, and you don’t even like it that much – must go!

If you can’t let go of some items, maybe you should consider renting a storage unit. Throwing away your grandma’s antique glassware isn’t the best solution – so make sure you find the right storage facility for your valuables.

Start packing or hire a professional moving company to help you with this task. It will take some time and patience – but this task can too be done. Make sure you label and sort everything to prevent confusion when unpacking.

Say your goodbyes before you move to Tallassee. It is almost never easy to leave the loved ones behind – but remember that your friends are just a call away! And, also – your new beginning is just around the corner.




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