Moving your book collection: tips and tricks

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Book lovers know how much each book is valuable and how it can easily make your house into a home. This is why it is completely understandable that you want moving your book collection to go smoothly without damaging any item. Money value and sentimental value are usually equal when it comes to books. If you have a collection of first editions or a signed book you want to know what are the tips and tricks for doing their relocation in a safe manner. Furthermore, we know that books are your top priority when moving household goods and we will give you the perfect advice on how to move them.

moving your book collection is very important. Three books by the window with a cup of tea placed on top of them
Moving your book collection is important because books make your house into a home

Will you move all of them?

This is the first question that you need to ask yourself when you start moving your book collection. It is very important that you take some time to think about this. Go through your book collection and choose the books that you will leave behind. You should pack all the books that you cannot live without. Furthermore, you want to move books that you intend to read again in the future. All of the other books that you do not like anymore, or do not want to read again can be left behind.

Talk to your family members and your friends, they would be happy to take some of your books. You can also donate them to libraries or schools. Remember that books weight a lot, and that your moving cost will largely depend on the weight of your items. Movers Lake Worth Fl will be happy to relocate all of your books, but ask yourself if you need them all.

Get packing material early on when moving your book collection

When you decided which books you want to move, go to the improvement store and obtain packing material. You will need the following items to make sure your book collection does not get damaged in the process:

  • Boxes – Do not use large boxes, rather opt for small and medium ones
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Permanent marker
  • Tape
  • Cardboard paper

Note that it is usually a great idea to re-use moving boxes, but in this situation you will probably want new ones. There should not be any odor or wetness in the boxes as you do not want that to affect your books or attract animals.

Take photos of your current bookshelf so that you can unpack easily

Start packing

As we already mentioned, your boxes should be small or medium when moving your book collection. It is also very important that they can withhold the weight of books. Furthermore, if you purchased new boxes after you set them up, make sure to seal the bottom of the box with the tape. This will prevent the boxes from falling apart. Additionally, if you obtained some used boxes secure them by sealing the bottom two or three times to ensure they will withhold the weight. Also, it is very important that you move them carefully and avoid injuries while moving.

Pack hardcover books

When it comes to packing hardcover books, set aside the books that are valuable like first editions, and the ones that are not so much. The first ones should be wrapped in a packing paper each and dived by a cardboard paper. Make sure to pack them well and leave enough space between them so that you can get them out of the box easily without damaging the books. When it comes to books that are not first editions, you can just wrap them in the packing paper. Also, the hardcover books should be placed with their spines against the box, and not on top.

Pack paperback books

When packing paperback books as well as the not so valuable hard covers, you can place them to be flat and stack them one on top of the other. Another way to go is to position them with their spines facing the bottom of the box. What is really important is not to place them so that the paper is facing the bottom, or at odd angles. This will cause damage to your books and leave them crumbled.

storage facilities
If you need to store your books, make sure the storage units are climate-controlled

Finish by securing the boxes

Remember that books can get really heavy, and boxes may not withhold the weight. This is why it is important not to fill up every box to the top. Rather fill the box with 75% of books and you can add some clothes or towels on top of them when moving your book collection. If there is any space left in the box, use bubble wrap to fill it out. Seal the top of the box with the tape. Then move on to labeling the boxes. If you are re-using boxes, pay attention to whether they already have a label on them. Cross that and write Books on the box. The same goes for the new boxes, do not forget to label them.

Will you store your books?

If you need to store your books in self storage, there are a few extra steps to take. First of all, ask your moving company whether they have climate-controlled storage units. The biggest threats for your books are the mold and the insects. Furthermore, for a long-term storage of your books, you may want to use the acid-free paper as it does not turn yellow in time.

Finally, when moving your book collection make it easier for you by taking photos of your current bookshelf. Pack the books in the order in which they were in your old shelf. In this way, you will not lose any time when rearranging them in your new home. We know how much your book collection means to you, and that is why we are happy to provide you with plenty of tips and tricks. Good luck!


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