How to avoid injuries while moving

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Everyone knows just how difficult the moving process is. Even when you are working with professional and reliable movers Sunny Isles Beach, you are still at risk of injury if you happen to do something you are not supposed to. But worry not! There are multiple ways in which you can stop this from happening! However, being prepared is guaranteed to stop them all! By reading up on everything that can possibly happen, and knowing exactly what not to do will help you avoid injuries while moving! And you already have a good start! In this article, we will go over some useful tips you need to remember for your – and everyone else’s – full safety!

Don’t overpack to avoid injuries while moving

One of the biggest mistakes people do when moving to Florida is overpacking their boxes. This is a natural thing to do – moving costs, and you will want to save on moving supplies. However, by doing this, you are putting yourself and your reliable movers at risk. So, just because you can cram a lot of things in a tiny box – doesn’t really mean that it is the best solution! If you overpack them, then the person carrying them can easily strain or injure they back, knees and other joints.

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Think when you pack your boxes.

Take a look at your moving boxes. They have a weight limit, and sometimes it is printed out on them. If not, then you can follow a general rule of the thumb to avoid injuries while moving. Small boxes can take up to 50 pounds, medium ones take 65 and you can stuff 70 pounds of items inside a large box. Avoid putting heavy items in extra-large boxes, because they will be impossible to lift! Instead, use them for clothes, linens and cushions.

Watch out for sharp items

There are some items that you need to pay more attention to in order to avoid injuries while moving. You will need to properly secure them and wrap them in protective materials so you (or your movers) don’t cut yourself. So, when packing items like knives and gardening supplies, as well as similar sharp items, take extra precautions. Not only can you cut yourself while packing them, but they can poke through the box and cut the people carrying it!

watch out for knives to avoid injuries when moving
Be careful with sharp items.

So what can you do? Well, a safe bet would be to call professional packing services. They have the experience and skills to properly do this job. If you opt for packing them yourself, then make sure you use a lot of packing paper and blister packs. Then, you can also roll them in dish towels or rags for further protection. Finally, secure the package with rubber bands – and of course, don’t overpack your box!

Don’t dress to impress

Another thing that people often find confusing is how to dress on a moving day. Did you know that by choosing the proper outfit, you can easily avoid injuries while moving? This is because clothes can, in many ways, help or impede your movement. Yes, dressing comfortably during the move will help reduce stress. However, try to avoid baggy or big clothes. They can easily make you trip or get stuck somewhere.

Instead, pick an outfit that’s very flexible and breathable. You will probably be sweating a lot, and you want your clothes to be able to handle this. What’s more, you will also need to think about the weather. If it’s warm, wear clothes that will suit the weather. The same applies to winter outfits, too! One of the most important things are also the shoes you will wear. You need something that will both protect and support you – and flip flops are neither of these. No matter how impressive you might look in them, heels are not a choice either. Instead, pick sneakers or boots to boost your balance and the ability to move around.

Lift carefully to avoid injuries while moving

Preparing your clothes and items is fine – but nothing can prepare you for lifting heavy boxes and furniture. Perhaps going to the gym might get close, but moving means carrying a lot of heavy items in a short time span. If you do not know the proper techniques for lifting these items, then you can easily cause harm both to yourself, people helping you as well as the walls, floors and other furniture!

A woman sitting on the floor
Listen to your body!

There are some basic rules that you need to follow when lifting to avoid injuries while moving. First, your spine alignment needs to stay as neutral as possible. This way, you will not strain your back or hurt yourself even more. You should not be lifting from your waist – but from your knees. So, when bending down to pick an item, bend your knees! When carrying items, you should keep it close to your body. This way, you are able to maintain a better balance. Otherwise, you might be twisting in weird angles, which will make the process harder. However, if you do need to twist during the process, then do it with your hips – not your feet.

Of course, you should never lift a thing that feels too heavy. Remember, in order to avoid injuries while moving – it is okay to ask for help. There are many affordable professional moving companies with the knowledge and skills that can be lifesavers! Why risk so many injuries and mishaps, when you can let professionals handle everything with ease? But if you do opt for moving on your own, just remember to be careful. Always listen to your body during the move, because it knows its own limits the best!


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