How to prevent moisture in your storage unit

drops of water on glass, representing prevent moisture in your storage unit

One of the biggest worries people have about storing their items in storage units is the moisture. Water can have devastating effects on your items no matter how good of unit in storage Lake Worth you have. That’s why you need to do your best to prevent moisture in your storage unit. And the best of all – you don’t need to be an expert to do it! All you need to do is just follow some of our easy tips and advice we have gathered for you in this article!

Check for humidity to prevent moisture in your storage unit

Humidity is one of the biggest factors for the appearance of moisture. It is also something you will have to fight on a daily basis after moving to Miami. That’s why you should make it a habit of visiting your storage unit often to measure the humidity there. As a rule, the indoor humidity needs to stay below 50%.

a hygrometer
Get a hygrometer to check for moisture.

There are two ways to check humidity levels. You can either get a professional to test it for you, or get a relative humidity gauge in your storage unit. These can both cost – so think about how much you want to prevent moisture in your storage unit, and balance your budget accordingly!

Check around for leaks

One of the biggest factors that increase the moisture in your storage unit are the leaks. The outdoor units and sheds are usually the most prone to these, but they can happen everywhere! So, to prevent moisture in your storage unit, when you are getting it, make sure to check for potential leaks. Look for any cracks and holes – that’s how the water can come in.

monkey wrench
Make sure there are no leaks in your storage unit!

It doesn’t matter how small the crack is – it should not be there in your unit. Everything will be at risk if you allow it to happen – so don’t! You should also make a habit of checking for leaks in your unit regularly as well. The weather and outside conditions can cause damage to the unit which can lead to leaks – so stop them on time!

Get some desiccants to prevent moisture in your storage unit

A great way to reduce the amount of humidity in the air is to use some materials that absorb it. These are called desiccants, and you can find them in any hardware store – or make some at home! One of the most famous desiccants is silica gel – and it is very, very good.

All you need is to create a pocket from two pieces of fabric and fill it with the gel. Then, sew it up and hang it inside the unit. The gel will then absorb up to 40% of its weight. Then, all you need is to put the crystals in the oven, dry them, and the desiccant will be ready for use once more! Charcoal is a natural alternative to this and is another great way to prevent moisture in your storage unit, too. So research some desiccants and use them well!

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