Ways to avoid moving frauds

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Moving is a complex process no matter how many times you may go through it. There are simply so many things to think about that it can really feel overwhelming and stressful. So, dread it, run from it, but the stress always arrives. It is a fact and there is no point in denying it. the only thing that one can and should do is to do their best in the given situation. One of the crucial things in planning a move is to hire a quality moving company. Unless you are moving across the hall, or across the street, you will probably need their help. People often underestimate their importance, but movers are the experts when it comes to moving for a reason. However, you do not want to rush into this as you want to do your best to avoid moving frauds.

Be careful if you want to avoid moving frauds
Do not sign anything before you are sure that you chose the right movers

Sadly, as is the case with any other area of our society, scams are a part of everyday life. No matter where you live, no matter what you do, sometimes things simply unfold in such a way that you bump into a wrong person and find yourself in a tough situation. It is important that you remain vigilant for these situations, as they can happen to anyone. Thankfully, the majority of moving companies, whether you are looking for nationwide movers Florida, or for someone to move you locally, are honest workers, ready to work honestly and efficiently with you. So, how can you actually manage to avoid moving frauds, while still finding a good moving company? We have prepared a list of ways to do exactly that.

Look for a reputable moving company

This sounds like a logical thing, but we have to mention this first. There is no better way to find something, than by looking for it, right? So, what you need to do is to look for exactly that. Look for a dependable moving company with an established and proven history of successful moving jobs. These companies insist on protecting their reputation. This means that you will undoubtedly get the best service and you won’t have to worry about getting scammed. Such companies simply cannot afford and do not need to scam you. This is so because scamming one person can ruin a company’s reputation that they have been building for years. They will have various types of insurance to offer to you and will even provide references if you ask for them.

Get recommendations

Let’s say that you are looking for some quality West Palm Beach movers. The first thing that you should as you go about looking for movers is to contact your family and friends. It is likely that some of them have already moved and that they have experience with that. They can thus help you with a lot of things regarding your move. They may give you tips and teach you tricks for packing for example. Also, they can give you recommendations regarding the good, and perhaps more importantly bad moving companies.

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Ask your movers for referrals

After all, if you manage to avoid moving frauds, that means that you have found a good moving company. You should also check the reviews online, as these are a rather effective way of checking the quality of a moving company. You can also talk to the movers and ask for references. If you notice any signs of reluctance whatsoever, that is a really good sign that you should stop the negotiations with them. Check their website and their social network profiles too, as you can find out a lot about them there.

To avoid moving frauds, you have to be careful with paying

One of the best signs that by avoiding a certain moving company will enable you to avoid moving frauds is if they ask for money upfront. That is not how things work in the business world, at least in a huge majority of the time. You need to think about protecting yourself properly. That means that if they do ask for money upfront, you should simply abort any further negotiations. Every respectable moving company will ask, at most, for half of the money right away. This is a sort of security for them and for you at the same time. Unless you have some other reasons to believe them, this is a huge red flag.

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Check with several companies how much the move should cost

If you give them all the money beforehand, they may not appear, or they can be late, etc. Who needs this type of stress? No one, so be careful. The best way to make sure that you have everything under control is to pay by a card. If they are insisting on getting the full price before the move, you can make yourself safe by paying with a card, as this means that there will be saved data in your bank’s database, which means that you will have complete, official proof if something fishy happens. If they continue insisting on cash, run away from there and look for other movers. That is definitely a moving scam.

Their moving quote is a good indicator of their dependability

Moving quote is one of the most important terms in the moving industry. It is, simply put, the price of your move. Some companies have a policy of getting a fixed price, while others offer you the option of paying a price that is calculated after the move is over. If you are to avoid moving frauds, you have to be careful of low moving quotes. The scammers will offer you low moving price quotes to get you to sign a deal with them. Once the move is over, they will suddenly create a whole list of unexpected expenses. Or they may even do that on the moving day when you are generally in no position to disagree with them. That is why it always a great idea to ask several companies about their estimation of the moving cost.

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