How to label your moving boxes

Markers to help you label your moving boxes.

Moving boxes – the crucial and focal part of every relocation. When you think about it, relocation can be imagined without many things. But without moving boxes? It’s completely ludicrous to even think about moving household goods without them. Since they can’t be avoided, you need to learn the proper way to handle them. You’d be surprised how something as simple as a label can have a huge impact on the overall success of your move. Yes, to label your moving boxes is of utmost importance and, as with everything else in life, there’s a right and a wrong way to approach it.

Assemble the right tools

Anyone who has ever packed at least one box in their life will be able to vouch that gathering the packing materials is a tedious and time-consuming process. Unless your professional Pembroke Pines movers come armed with the aforementioned materials (which they will if you opt for packing services), you are on your own. That means you’ll have to assemble much more than just sturdy cardboard boxes. You’ll also have to get your labeling tools ready. There are a few principles to guide you in this quest.

Label your moving boxes.
One word is all it takes to save your entire relocation. Hard to believe it!
  • Always buy new markers and of high-quality. There is no reason to try to save money on this item as markers aren’t all that expensive, to begin with. And they are crucial for the process of labeling your moving boxes.
  • Always go for a set with at least five different colors. This will come in handy for the color coding system which we will explain in details in a few minutes.
  • You are looking for waterproof markers! You never know what the weather will be like on the day of your move and the last thing you want is for a few drops of rain to ruin all of your hard work.

Label your moving boxes in due time

Have you ever moved before? If you have, then you know the mess that is bound to ensue. We are talking about moving boxes being scattered all around your home. And as soon as your reputable Florida movers arrive, the situation can only become more hectic. They will start loading up the boxes as time is money (and no one has any time to waste) and you won’t have the time to label your moving boxes in their presence. Which just means you will have to do it before they arrive.

A watch on a wrist.
Pack, seal, label – that’s the correct way to label your moving boxes.

The right time to label a box is as soon as you finish packing it. Seal it and then write an appropriate label. Even if you decide to seal the box, grab a quick bite and then come back to label it, there’s a lot of room for error. Are you aware of just how many things you’ll have to take care of in the days leading to your relocation? And if you forget to label the box as soon as you pack it, eventually you’ll forget what you packed in it. Then you’ll have to reopen the boxes which will only bring about an unnecessary mess.

The color coding system is a lifesaver

There shouldn’t be a person that’s not familiar with this system. What does the color coding system imply when it comes to labeling cardboard boxes? Spoiler alert – it can’t get any simpler than it already is!

In essence, you only pick a color for a room you are packing and you don’t change it until the very end. Let’s say you picked blue to represent your kitchen. Once you pack a box containing kitchen items, you take a blue marker and write the label on the box. Of course, you are always supposed to specify which items are in a box. That will help you unpack much sooner, and it’s a trick all packing professionals in Florida use. It goes without saying that, from now on, the color blue is reserved for your kitchen and you can’t use it for any other room in the house. Just imagine how much easier the entire unpacking process will be once every box is labeled this way!

Never forget to add special notes

When we say special notes, we do mean the mandatory FRAGILE sign. The process of packing and moving breakable items has always been a tricky one. After all, those items seem to have been made for breaking, as all it takes is one small bump for your precious antique vase to crack. While you can’t exactly control some things, you can control the others. If a box contains fragile items, you should never forget to point it out – on both sides of the box. And it really doesn’t matter if you are moving by yourself or have hired movers for the job. Everyone needs to be aware that a box is supposed to be handled with care.

A vase with a sunflower in it.
If you can’t bear the thought of something bad happening to your precious item, then you better be careful with it.

The process of labeling your moving boxes is not as simple as it seems

But it’s also not the most difficult thing in the world. You just have to put some thought and effort into it and everything will be fine. We’ve made the entire process as simple as we could and shared all the tips we collected and were able to find. Hopefully, you won’t have any problems sticking to the rules. They are for your wellbeing after all. Do your job and label your moving boxes in the right manner and at the right time, and your relocation is bound to be a successful one!

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