Tips for avoiding fraudulent realtors

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Buying a new home is never an easy task, especially if you do not know anything about buying or selling one. This is where shady realtors come in play, and they will try to scam you out of your hard earned money! Even when moving to urban places such as Florida. So, is there a way to avoid getting scammed by them? Luckily for you, there is! In fact, there are several tips for avoiding fraudulent realtors! And we want to present them all in our blog, so you can learn about it and avoid getting scammed!

Avoiding fraudulent realtors – the first clue

Scamming realtors can be sneaky when they want to! There are several factors that will reveal their hidden intentions! And it is in your best interest to know everything about it. The very first clue that you are working with a fraudulent realtor is that he assigns the sale to himself. And often, people who are scammed go through some sort of traumatic event. It doesn’t matter what kind of a traumatic event, it is their emotional state that scammers are looking to exploit. So, the realtor scammers use these events, most of the time being fired from a job, to assign themselves as the buyers. Explaining that this is because the buyer will have difficulties paying for their new home. Presenting themselves as “good Samaritans” to the poor victims.

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Avoiding fraudulent realtors is easy when you know how to do it

When they assign it to them, it is a clear sign that there is no interest for you at all. You can easily avoid this issue by hiring a professional attorney. Always hire an attorney in case of any possible accident or event. And, if in any case, you sense that there is some conflict of interest, always ask for legal counsel. This will make sure you won’t get scammed by a fraudulent realtor!

All of this can be easily avoided if you hire reliable and professional local movers Florida. Most of the time, movers can guide you through your relocation and tell you about avoiding fraudulent realtors! Make sure you ask their customers service about it when you hire them!

The second clue – loan flipping

Being a victim of a loan scam is a very big deal! How did this loan flipping scam happen? It starts with the lender persuading a homeowner to repeatedly refinance their mortgage. And each and every time they do it, they have to borrow money. Then the scammer rises the fees with every transaction! All the while homeowners get stuck with high loan payments they are never able to pay out. The most common victims of this kind of realtor scams are seniors. So, avoiding fraudulent realtors should be their top priority. Especially for those with some sort of memory impairment. They are often taken advantage of since they are marked and checked months in advance before they are scammed. These scammers often tell them they can arrange a far better deal if they hire them.

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Loan flipping is a common fraud

Being that seniors are the most common victims of scamming realtors, it should be imperative to do whatever you can to protect them from these sort of intents. And the first step you must make is to have someone you fully trust. Especially those seniors with short term memory loss. Finding someone trustworthy is the key to avoiding fraudulent realtors! The same goes for moving companies. Hiring licensed Florida movers is a sure way to stay safe from any sort of scams you can fall victim to.

Reporting to authorities will help others avoid fraudulent realtors

In a bad case of being a victim of a fraud, you need to know who to inform first. There are a couple of agencies that you need to talk with when this sort of things happen. But, first things first, always inform the local police department about the scammer! This will put them on the list with the police authorities and will prevent them from scamming other people as well.

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Always report fraudulent movers to the authorities

The second thing you need to do is to report them to the Better Business Bureau. Its cause is to protect their customers from any fraudulent realtors as well as to make the scammers pay for their crimes. And you can do it easily by visiting their official website where you can report their criminal activities directly!

Are the realtors connected with moving companies?

This is and can be common! And in some cases, blatantly open! But, most of the times they do not involve any sort of scam. It only goes about finishing the job quickly and efficiently. Most of the times you even get some benefits if you hire referred moving company. In fact, there are several factors that reveal the legitimacy of the moving company. And knowing them all will surely give you enough information on avoiding fraudulent realtors and scamming movers!

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Sometimes moving companies work side by side with realtors

Fake realtors scamming tenants

The common goal of every scamming realtor is to get money from you! Now, depending on how skilled they are, they will use different methods to scam people. And one of the most common methods is just to pretend they are real estate agents. Imagine, you give a call to schedule a date to look at the new place. And the agent then says he can’t come but will send someone. You meet up, you see your new place and you strike a deal. Usually, the deal sounds too good to be true, but people fall for it never the less. And all you have to do is to pay 2 months lease in front so you can move in.

People do it and when they come, someone else is already moving in. Scammers often make fake profiles with the same pictures of the real estate. Then scam people for it. Make sure you check out thoroughly with the website you are browsing on.

Avoiding fraudulent realtors can become a real issue if you do not know how to do it. And most of the time, the real cause of it is people rushing to just finish their relocation! Remember, take your time with it and always double check everything!

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