Storage size guide – choosing the right one

storage size guide

Choosing the right storage size is not a simple thing to do. You have to visualize the width, length, and depth of storage and imagine all of your belongings in there. Luckily, there is a storage size guide that we will guide you through in order to choose the perfect storage unit for you. Once you choose the storage size, you can contact interstate movers Florida to move all of your things. Maybe this sounds too good to be true at this point, but, the reality is even better.

a clipboard with paper
Start by making an inventory list so that you have a better idea of what you will store and how much space you will need.

Make an inventory list of items you want to store

One by one, list the things that you want to store in a storage unit. This will give both you and the storage employees better insight into how much space you actually need. Most of the times you think that you will need a much larger unit, however, when the items are listed in the paper, you realize that it is actually not that large. This is the most important thing in the storage size guide. In this way, you will have a clearer image of what you are storing. If you need to relocate the entire family due to the military move, for example, ask the members of your family to make the inventory list with you. Once you are finished, choose reliable military movers that will help you relocate with ease.

Think whether you will just store your items for, let`s say six months and then return to pick them up. Or you will need to come back to the storage unit frequently to take out some things and return them. Both options are often used, you should just communicate this to the people storing your items, as they will arrange them in a different way then.

Visit the facility

Nothing will give you a better opportunity to choose the correct storage unit than seeing it in person. You will also have the opportunity to discuss the best size with competent workers who will give you the best advice. Just make sure to bring your inventory list with you, and to explain whether you will use the things frequently or not. If you are not yet sure whether you need a storage unit or not, read about the benefits of short term storage rental in Florida.

storage units with green doors
Storage size guide is most useful when you visit the storage in person and see the dimensions for yourself.

Use the moving truck as your storage size guide

The size of the moving truck can be a great storage size guide. If your truck is 25 feet long, then you should use a 10’x20’ large storage unit. By rule, the storage unit should be one size smaller than the size of your moving truck. This is an excellent sign of which storage size you should choose, and you are less likely to make a mistake when choosing the right storage size unit.

Measure the largest items

If you are planning to store your furniture along with household appliances, clothes, and everyday items, decide which are your largest ones. Then, take a meter and measure them in length. Most people do not know that the height in the storage units is actually 8 feet. And this is one of the single most important things about the storage size guide. This is pretty tall, and this space should be used wisely. It can lessen the size of the storage that you will need to rent. For example, if you have a couch that you want to store, measure it and remember that it can be placed sideways so that it does not take up a lot of space. With this in mind, you can head off and find a decent storage company for your belongings.

an apartment with a set of indoor stairs, a grey sofa and an armchair
Measure the largest items that you will store and remember that your furniture can be placed sideways so it takes up a lot less place than expected.

Use shelves

In order to get the most out of the storage unit height by introducing shelves. In this way, you will be able to store many items that you otherwise could not. There are side shelves, and wall shelves, but whichever you choose they will save up a ton of space even in smaller units. Make the most out of your storage unit by following this storage size guide.

What can you fit in different storage units by size?

No matter what is the reason for your need for self-storage is, in order to avoid additional costs, you should pick the right size of the storage units. If you just want to store one of your rooms from the house, or a small apartment, you should better use smaller units. Here we have the sizes of the units as well as what things are usually stored in them so that you have a better chance to choose the right storage unit.

  • 10’x10’ units – This unit will be enough for you if you want to store your living room, with the sofa, armchairs, coffee table and a couch. The other option is to store two bedrooms with mattresses, nightstands, and closets.
  • 10’x15’ units – This is a slightly larger unit that will allow you to store furniture from three bedrooms, or some larger items like TV, piano, and other appliances.
  • 10’x20’ units – Here you can freely store furniture for four bedrooms, or refrigerators, workout equipment, dining tables as well. There is plenty of space here in this unit.
  • 10’x30’ units – Even you have a huge house with five bedrooms, that you want to store, this is the right unit for you. Everything will fit here, from mattresses, clothes, furniture, appliances, bikes, etc. You name it, you store it here.

The storage size guide can help you tremendously when choosing the right storage unit. Remember to put everything on paper, and visit the facility. Afterward, everything is easier as you get the full picture of what you will store. Keeping units in storage is not very expensive, yet it is very useful when you need to relocate. Good luck!




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