How to add value to your beach house

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So you want to sell your property and are looking for ways to add value to your beach house? Or maybe, you don’t want to sell at all. Maybe you are just looking for a way to make your beach home look just a tad more prettier. Of course, all of that comes at a price. If you want to do it properly though, it might not cost as much as you think it does. With a strong plan and the right equipment, you can make anything work!

tools and plans
With the proper plan and the right tools, you can create a dream house out of your beach house!

That’s exactly why we are here. Moving Kings has years of experience moving to Miami and other beach house locations. So we know what thought needs to go into a renovation of a beach house. So hopefully with the help of these few tips, you will be able to turn your home into a beautiful beach house that you deserve.

Add value to your beach house by planning accordingly

As with all things in life, if you want to succeed in getting the biggest bang for your buck renovation, you will need to make a moving plan. More specifically, what we recommend is a thought experiment. Try imagining what would be the worst-case scenario for your beach house and write it down. With all the details. All the intricacies about its looks and feels. Now on another piece of paper, you are going to write the stark contrast to that. Imagine the beach house of your dreams. No matter the cost. Now detail it all on that paper as well. By doing this you hopefully cleared your goals on renovations. By keeping in mind the worst-case scenario of your beach house looks, and the best-case scenario, you are going to try to stray away from the bad, and aspire to the good.

add value to your beach house by planning
Imagination can work wonders!

Everything can’t be perfect

However, keep in mind that whatever picturesque beach house you planned probably cannot be achieved since you are on a tight budget. Just make sure that in the grand scheme of things, you tilt more on the scale of your “best-case scenario beach house” then on your idea of your “worst-case scenario home”. So, in other words, you are going to try and make a compromise between the best and the worst and see what comes out of it. Keeping in mind to be open to creative options such as mobile home remodeling ideas. Which are not only cost-efficient but also can give a breath of fresh air to your beach house.

Add value to your beach house by putting the plan into action.

Hopefully, when you imagined those scenarios that we asked you to imagine, you came up with something special. Something unique to you. And only you. Now it’s time to put that into action. So the first thing you want to ask yourself is to see where can I invest most of my money so it will yield the most results for my dream home? In other words, if I could invest in only one thing in my home what would it be? So with that idea in mind, go ahead an inspect your home. Is it maybe the lawn, the yard, or maybe is it inside the house? Maybe you want to re-do your flooring in your home. Whatever ideas you come up with write them down. And lastly from that list, decide on only just one renovation on which you will spend most of your money.

Add value to your beach house by using creative remodeling ideas.

After that is done, you should only be left with around 20% of your budget. Now we are going to spice up your home with some cool affordable yet creative remodeling ideas. However, don’t get too fancy and decide you want to hire piano movers Florida. That is not the style we are looking for. We are looking for elegant, creative and cheap solutions to making your home more pretty. A simple web-search might give you just the ideas you need for turning your beach house into your dream house. The cool part about these ideas that they are heavily based on using items you already have and re-purposing them. It’s amazing how much value you can get out of these items.

unique room
Using creative methods you can create a unique looking room!

If you are planning to sell, don’t forget to make it clean and cozy.

So all of the above applies to the person who is adding value to their beach house because they want to sell it. The same general guidelines apply. However, there are some principals you might want to keep in mind if you are planning on selling your beach house.

  • make sure the outdoor of your home is in top-notch condition. Since this is the first thing customers will see and, as you know, first impressions matter.
  • make sure your house is scrubbed clean from top to bottom. Nobody is going to think about buying an old and dirty home. If you don’t care about it, why should they?

In conclusion

Adding value to your beach house is actually quite simple. The hard part is creating a visual image of what you want your house to look like, and finding ways to create steps toward that look. A useful tool here can be, to think about your budget in terms of the Pareto principle. What single thing should I spend 80% of my budget on in order to get it closer to my dream home? Then spend the rest accordingly. However, if you decide you want to sell or rent this home just make sure the house is clean, and the outdoors are in order. You want to give out a good first impression. And having an uncut lawn, with spiderwebs and dust accumulating is definitely not eye-pleasing. So make sure you keep your home clean, nice and elegant.

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