Tips for moving during the fall

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So it has finally come. Fall. The 23rd of September. The blazing sun has calmed its rays a bit, and the weather became a tad more manageable. More feasible for moving that is. If that is your line of thinking you wouldn’t be alone. You and the rest of the moving community find fall a suitable time of the year to move. Especially given the weather conditions. It is common knowledge that most people move during the summer, because of the free time that they get off of work. However, most new-movers tend to forget that fall offers all the perks of summer, without any downsides. It’s still the time of the year most people haven’t started work. Plus fall doesn’t have all the sweltering heat accompanied by summer, which makes lifting heavy boxes a breeze.

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Moving during fall is probably the best season for it!

If you are looking for tips for moving during the fall you have come to the right place. We here at Moving Kings deal with moving paraphernalia on a daily basis, so we have accumulated the experience needed to help you on this road.

Tips for moving during the fall

With the above mentioned in mind, we present to you the best tips we could think of that will help you in your move during fall.

Arrange for transportation in advance

As we have mentioned, not a lot of people tend to move during fall. That’s exactly why the moving costs of transportation won’t be that pricey. You can cut quite a good deal if you plan in advance. In other words, if you hire long distance movers Florida several weeks in advance, prior to the actual move during fall, you can save up some tremendous amounts of cash. Since the moving quotes of a company and more specifically the transportation costs are dictated by supply and demand. That’s why the highest moving quotes are in summer. Since most people tend to move during that time frame.

What if I don’t need a moving company?

However, you should also keep in mind that you might not need to hire moving companies Sunny Isles Beach. Maybe you want to do a DIY type of move? Well, that’s okay too. Just make sure to rent a truck or an appropriate vehicle depending on your needs in advance. That way you are skimping on additional costs that might pop up on requesting for transportation in such short notice.

Moving during the fall by packing properly

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Make sure you pack everything you need for the road!

So as with every move, packing is important. It doesn’t matter what you are packing be that packing your kids’ clothes or something different altogether. There is a process that you need to go through. First, make sure you declutter all the items that you don’t usually use. Stuff like old clothes and books, and other appliances that might not work. The best way to go about this is to throw away things that you don’t use and keep the things that you want. It might sound simple but its actually quite hard once you start doing it. Since you can trigger a lot of fond memories by one belonging that you actually don’t ever use. Then you spiral into a conundrum of trying to find out whether you need to throw away that thing or not.


Moving during the fall by checking in on the utilities

This is a recommendation skimped when talking about moving during the summer. However, it cannot be overstated when talking about moving during the fall season. What we actually mean is to make sure that all the household utilities are working in your new home when you arrive there. Electricity, heat, and water. There is nothing worse than arriving in a cold home without working water. So make sure you have that all up and running before you start the move.

Do a bit of cleaning… But it’s not what you think

Right, since its fall, there will be leaves everywhere in front of your porch. Moreover, they will probably be wet and slippery. Making it a terrible danger hazard for anyone carrying heavy stuff. So in order to prevent anyone from hurting themselves by making one wrong step, what we recommend you do is clear your pathway. The best way to do this is either to get a leaf blower or a broom and clear up that porch nicely. We also recommend that you find some old blankets or rugs that you don’t use anymore and cover the parts where the rain fell. This can be also then used as a podium for rest. So you are actually killing two birds with one stone.

moving during the fall
Make sure you ask for help cleaning the leaves!

The last recommendation for moving during the fall…

is to dress appropriately. Given the fact that you are going to knee-deep in boxes, and carrying a lot of heavy stuff during the day you might want to keep in mind your outfit. Something not so airy so you get cold fast, and something not too bulky whereas you will sweat a lot. So make sure you find a perfect balance by wearing layers, of cotton and polyester.

In conclusion, what is the best way of moving during the fall?

So moving during the fall is not that much different than moving during any other season. You just have to make slight adjustments. For example, you need to take care of your pathways in front of your home, so nobody slips and falls, and you also want to make sure you have the proper outfit for the job. However, if you want to skimp on all of that action, and just spend quality time with your family during the move, we recommend that you find movers in Florida that can help you carry the heavy load. So you don’t have to worry about a thing.


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