Cheap mobile home remodeling ideas

So, you have just moved into your new mobile home? You are already picturing how you are going to remodel and redecorate all the walls, bring in new furniture, just as you always wanted. But hold up a minute. Buying a new home and relocating can be extremely expensive. And since you’re reading this article, you are probably on a tight budget and are willing to hear out our tips for cheap mobile home remodeling ideas.

That is why we will provide you with a few remodeling tips to make your mobile home a slice of heaven.


mobile home remodeling idea
Some people think travel trailers and mobile homes are the same. However, they are not! In reality, mobile homes are much larger and resemble a household much more than a trailer does.

Mobile home remodeling ideas

Right off the bat, you might want to impress your neighbors with all the fancy decor they might like. Heck, even paying your friendly neighbors a visit and asking them what to do, might seem like a good idea, right? Wrong. Creating the perfect cottage for you and yours is not about that. It’s about finding the style that pleases you, and your family, since after all, you are the ones who will be living in that home. Not your neighbors.

The “perfect” home

Many people, in the beginning, get obsessed with this idea that when remodeling, you want to make sure everything is perfect. That everything is just as you have pictured it in your head. However, remodeling, in general, is not a static process. It is ever-evolving. The best way of thinking about this is that your household should resemble the style of your family at the moment on one side, and the actual everyday needs of your family on the other. Making sure that all that fits in the domain of your budget.

In that regard, it is helpful to view remodeling as a dynamic, ongoing and neverending venture. We will be frank – you will not remodel your home perfectly or remodel your kitchen without breaking the bank. There will always be something that you will want to change. Be that the paint you used in the kids’ rooms, adding RGB lighting and the sort. And you will do this for whatever reason. Be that necessity or appearance. The remodeling process is never done.

Don't try to copycat a house from a magazine!
Try to create your own style.

Embracing diversity

So let’s say you are moving to Miami. You probably have certain expectations about how you want your house to look like. Some people, however, have unreasonable expectations. And while we acknowledge the enthusiasm of those people, we would like to challenge their beliefs and humbly inquire that they give some thought to a more wide-range, varying, mish-mash of styles. This can be achieved by fusing different tastes that your family has into one and trying to make it flow.

That is what the whole remodeling process is all about. Not trying to copycat something straight out of a magazine. But creating something unique. For example, if you have old items you have no use for, you can repurpose them and find a fun way to display them. However, try not to overdo it, as this can lead to a lot of unnecessary clutter building up, which brings us to our next point.

Mobile home remodeling ideas – minimalism

So you have just moved to Florida into a mobile home? Or maybe you are looking for someone to help you move? You are full of enthusiasm, so logically, you hired some moving companies Sunny Isles Beaches to help you with this task? Wait up. The idea of loading up a shopping cart with new and exciting things for your mobile home can be very appetizing. However a word of caution – make sure you do not go overboard with shopping, and buy more things than you actually need. Not only will this eat your budget, but it will also take a lot of precious space you have. That’s why a few strategically placed items in the household can do more wonders than a dozen badly placed ones.

Plan ahead

If you want to end up with a beautiful home whilst decorating on a budget you must make a plan. Meaning that you must calculate how much you can spend, and how much will you have to allocate from different resources (old stuff, gifts, etc.). Done that? Great! Now you need to see from the money that you have, on what are you going to spend the most on. A good idea here is to divide a certain amount of money, for different parts of the house (i.e. master bedroom, kitchen, living room).

The 80/20 principle

Depending on your needs, you want to invest in what will give you the most positive effect. If for example – you live with kids you want to make sure you have a big kids room they can play with. With a lot of comfortable beds. While you can skimp on your bedroom. In short, the idea is not to spend all of your money on one particular room, but allocate your resources to every room equally, with a prevalence on one, depending on your needs.

  • tip: if there is a product that you really want to buy, wait for it to be discounted, do not buy it immediately!

Mobile home remodeling ideas – getting a facelift

An interesting idea is to take your already owned items and give them a facelift. There are some amazing ideas on the internet on this topic.  Be sure to check them out!

  • You can apply mayonnaise on old furniture made out of wood that is dry and stained with watermarks.
  • Rub in the mayo, and let it sit for a couple of hours – it can do wonders for old wooden furniture.
  • The oil in the mayo helps to cover the watermarks and brings out the intensity in the wood.
re-purposing as a decorative mobile home idea
There are a lot of creative ways to use old things and re-purpose them!

In conclusion

So you have followed all of the steps mentioned in this article? You are now soaking up your newly redecorated home? If by happenstance you decide to move a few things around along the way, that is also okay. As we have mentioned previously, experiment. Find what works best for you and your family. The house should be an extension of you and yours and not the other way around. With that said, we wish you the best of luck in your endeavors, and hopefully, we have helped gain some insights on redecorating your mobile home that you have not thought of before.


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