Eco-friendly storage tips and guide

Think green

That renting storage unit has become more popular in the past few decades is clear enough. And how could it not when they have widespread use. From renting storage when relocating and renovating a house, to getting rid of a long-kept clutter in the house, storage units can make your life a lot easier. Moreover, once you take out everything from the house that doesn’t serve you a purpose, your living space will be much less cramped. On the other hand, you will also need to think about things you put in storage and in what way. It is important to choose the right storage size, and with our eco-friendly storage tips, we’ll help you bring that storage on a higher level. Besides, green is the thing now.

Why bother to have eco-friendly storage?

think green
Having eco-friendly storage has many benefits

This is a question for which we could say it’s not unexpected. But let us tell you that nowadays it is of great importance to be aware of our environment. As you may know, we are running out of natural resources. So, we need to give our best to save what we have left. And you can begin caring for it by “going green” with your storage. Statistics show that green storage is what people opt for more often than before. Along with that, here are some of the reasons why you should join the group:

  • This kind of storage will save you money in the long run. Perhaps you will need to invest a little bit at first, but later it will pay off.
  • You’ll learn to use resources in a much smarter way. As we mentioned, we need to be aware of the natural resources and do our best to save them for a longer time.
  • With eco-friendly storage, you help fight global warming. Instead of using classical light bulbs, replace them with the energy saving light bulbs.

Be careful about choosing packing materials

The first line of defense begins with the right choice of packing materials. It doesn’t matter if you’re renting short-term storage or not, you will still need to take this into consideration. Therefore, search around the house for some old moving boxes. You can also ask your neighbors to lend you some, or ask in your local grocery shop. Once you gather them all, inspect them to see if they’re in a good enough condition to support the weight of your stuff. This will both save you some money, and you’re also reusing the old material. And there you go you’re taking the first steps of going green.

Rent a reusable storage container

A good way to show your environment you care for it is by getting these reusable storage containers which are made from recycled plastics. One of their best features is that they are water resistant. Additionally, when you finish using them, they can serve for the same or similar purpose to someone else. See, you don’t need to buy moving boxes, if the ones you have are in a good enough shape and if you find reusable storage containers.

for eco-friendly storage use recycled moving boxes
Use recycled materials as a way to contribute to a healthier environment

Call moving professionals for help

We know that the budget is one of the prime concerns to most people. But if you think this through, you will be able to see the many benefits of calling professionals. Ask around in your area who do people recommend. If you are in the Lake Worth Area, the goal is to find a suitable storage Lake Worth where you’ll place all of the stuff you can’t keep in the house. The search will be faster and easier with a team of professionals. They will also prepare the cargo more effectively. With their experience, your stuff will be packed in a more efficient way. This means that you will need fewer packing materials. Also, they won’t need to go back and forth several times, thus protecting the environment.

Change the lightning inside storage

As we mentioned, regular light bulbs use a lot more energy. Considering the fact that the light needs to be on nonstop for safety reasons, you can draw a conclusion of how badly this can affect the environment. Like this, your storage is not eco-friendly storage, so make sure to do something about it. You can use CFL (compact fluorescent) or LED (light emitting diode) lighting. Another option is photocells which detect natural light and then turn it into the electric light.

Install solar panel

solar panels
With solar panels, you will have multiple benefits for your green storage

Is there a better way of going green than by using the natural power of the Sun? Again, this will require some investment but look at the long run. Most probably you won’t have bigger problems installing these solar panels since most storage facilities have flat roofs. So, it’s very convenient. Once you do it, you will see how great your costs will reduce. Also, you can use it as one more lightning option. Still, you may use additional lighting source in those days when the panel didn’t provide enough.

And if you’re concerned about the costs of services you’ll need to pay to your moving company, you can always ask for moving quotes Florida to clear out all the doubts.

To conclude, we need to draw your attention once more to the great importance of going green. It should not be taken lightly and we should all join forces in saving our environment. Eco-friendly storage is just one of the ways to do so, and every effort matter. Learn how to recycle, teach others and little by little we will be able to make an impact and see positive changes very soon in the future.

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