How to pack your household like a pro

A drawing of the right way to load boxes after you pack your household.

Is your moving day approaching with rapid speed, leaving you worried about the packing process? Unless you are one of the very few who can just neglect all the tasks that are about to present themselves in the upcoming period and not worry about them, we are guessing you are pretty shaken up at the moment. That’s because moving household goods is anything but easy, and packing them might even be harder. Unless you decide to enlist the help of professional packers (which is always advisable), you will have to pack your household by yourself. Worry not about a thing – we have your back! With our essential tips, packing up your furniture will become an easy, stress-free and, dare we say, even enjoyable process. 

Start small and in a timely manner if you want to pack your household with success

They say that the packing of that first box is a milestone. Every box after that will be easier to handle, as you will have already broken the psychological barrier. That’s why you should always start with the non-essentials or the things you don’t use on a daily basis. Whether that’s seasonal clothing, holiday decorations or something else entirely is up to you. Don’t handle a task as complicated as packing a kitchen first – that’s a recipe for disaster.

A white alarm clock next to a white mug.
To pack your household like a pro, you’ll inevitably have to start on time.

Secondly, start packing up your house on time. Fitting all of your items in boxes will be a VERY lengthy process. The last thing you need is moving stress, and anxiety will certainly kick in if you have to move out in 5 days and not a box has been packed. What’s the acceptable time before the move to begin packing? That depends on the size of your home. Assuming you have an average sized home, start by packing the items you don’t use on a daily basis one month before the move-out date.

To pack your household like a pro, pack in waves

It’s a great way to avoid burnout and not get bored with packing. Because let’s face it – when you do something for a while and it becomes a routine, it also becomes boring. The good thing is that if you listened to our advice and started packing on time, you will have plenty of room to pack in waves. Deal one weekend with your kitchen, the next one with the bedroom, and the last weekend with your child’s room/nursery. It’s a rule of thumb to always leave the packing of your child’s belongings for the very end. And this piece of advice is coming straight from our experienced movers Sunny Isles Beach – they know what they are talking about.

Don’t try to save money on protective packaging and use what you have at hand

Anyone who has any experience related to moving and packing knows one thing – protective packaging makes all the difference when it comes to the overall safety of your items. There’s just one downside to using them – they can be costly. But, if you want to ensure all of your fragile items remain in one piece, use the advice of professional Florida movers and use protective packaging materials in spades.

Close up of tangerines.
Your local supermarkets get daily deliveries which come in sturdy cardboard boxes.

While you shouldn’t save on protective packaging when packing your house, you should be thrifty with other packing supplies. For example, we all have trash bags in our homes, and they can be a perfect substitute for large moving boxes when it comes to packing pillows and clothes. Also, you can visit the stores around your neighborhood and scavenge for any leftover cardboard boxes. They are sturdy, high-quality, and completely free!

Pack your home by using the color coding system

It’s a fun and simple way to pack up your house and keep track of the entire process at the same time. The technique is very simple. First, dedicate a color for a room, for example, blue for the kitchen. Then, once the box containing kitchen items only is packed, put a blue sticker on it. Once you start unloading the box when you arrive at the new location, you’ll already know in which room to put which box. Can you imagine how easier this will make your local or long distance relocation and the entire unpacking process? Not to mention how much time it is bound to save you.

Marker pens in different colors.
Color coding is the perfect way to have fun while packing your household.

But remember – you are not supposed to mix and match. Don’t pack up kitchen and bathroom items in one box – it simply makes no sense plus it ruins the entire effort you put into color coding.

It’s mandatory to pack a moving essentials box

When it comes to packing, a lot of people are actually delusional. They think that packing every item you own and entrusting your movers with them equals successful packing. But they have obviously never heard of a moving essentials box before. This box is also known as your survival kit for the first night and day in your new home. So, what should it contain? The simple answer is – all the items you will need for the first 24 hours in the new home. And the more elaborate one is:

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Clean sheets
  • A clean change of clothes and underwear for each family member
  • Basic cleaning supplies
  • Essentials toiletries, like soap 
  • A roll of toilet paper
  • Your chargers

It’s also important to mention that you should pack a toy in a moving essentials box if you are moving with kids. You’ll certainly want to keep them occupied once you start unpacking. Do this, and you’ll consider the mission to pack your household like a pro a complete success. And we were glad to help you out as much as we could!

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