Best weekend getaways in Florida


So, you are tired. We all are sometimes. It is just the way things are. We all live in the same world. And let us tell you this – there is a lot of rush in it. A lot. None of us have enough time. For anything. There are so many tasks on our plates, and they all have some kind of due date to them. And little by little – we put ourselves last. Every day of our life. First, it is the little things. And days go by. Faster than we know. And soon, we find ourselves in a situation that seems like it doesn’t have an exit to it. All out of the sudden we feel tired and backed into a corner. Well, there is an exit to this situation. And best weekend getaways in Florida can come in handy – here and now.

What are the best weekend getaways in Florida?

We all need to take a break from time to time. And it doesn’t have to be a vacation. Not even a long break. We just need to leave everything and have a minute or two for ourselves.  Or a weekend. Why not? Here are the best weekend getaways in Florida:


If you are looking for a place that has an upbeat and youthful atmosphere – Tallahassee might be one of the best weekend getaways for you.

A woman enjoying one of the best weekend getaways in Florida!
Take some time of and enjoy one of the best weekend getaways in Florida!

Tallahassee, also known as the home to Florida State University, is a good choice for people looking to have a good time and party all weekend long. It is full of young people – students and young professionals. So, if you are one of them – Tallahassee will fit like a glove! Whatever it is you are looking for – you will find it here. From great restaurants and nightclubs to museums and music ventures that will take your breath away. It might be so charming, that it will compel you to move to Tallahassee without thinking twice!

Fort Lauderdale

Heaven on Earth, as people call Fort Lauderdale is a perfect fit for people looking forward to spending their weekend on the beach.

A beach.
Dear beach,
here we come!

If you are looking for some of the best weekend getaways in Florida, make sure you explore Fort Lauderdale and options that it has to offer. This city is perfect for active individuals that enjoy spending their days outdoors. You like to surf? Then moving to Fort Lauderdale might be a good idea. Because here – you can do it all year long. And if you are looking for a place with the most beautiful beaches there are – yes. They are here. In Fort Lauderdale.

Royal Palm Beach

If you are planning on exploring palm beaches, we have a perfect fit for you! Royal Palm Beach is one of the best weekend getaways in Florida. And yes, you should definitely check it out!

Royal Palm Beach natural area is famous for its tremendous landscapes and beauty. If you are planning on exploring natural wildlife and spending your weekend outdoor – this place is the right one for you. You can even decide to move to Royal Palm Beach. And if you get bored while exploring its natural beauties and wildlife – there is always a beach you can’t ever get enough of. Nice, right?

How to enjoy your weekend getaway?

Moving to Florida is a great idea. But, before you do it, it might be a good idea to consider all your options. And what better way than exploring the best weekend getaways in Florida for a while? Give it a chance. Visit all the places we have listed above. You will enjoy them all, we are sure of it. 

A beach.
All you have to do is to pick a place that will satisfy all your needs.

Time and space

Well, we all need them. More or less. On the other hand, we all deserve to enjoy life and everything it has to offer. And when it comes to having some time off – things are pretty much the same. Find a place you like the most. Take a day off. Prepare all the things you will need for the trip. Get some shorts, shirts and a pair of snickers. Or maybe a dress. Your drivers’ license and your sunglasses. That’s all you really need. At least, to enjoy natural beauties Florida has to offer.

Decide if you are going alone or with someone

Are you taking someone with you? Or are you planning on having some alone time? It is really your choice. No one knows you as you do, so stop for a second and decide on this one. You will want to enjoy this getaway to its fullest, so make sure you make the right call.

 How much money do you need?

Not much. Not if you are planning on spending your days on the beach. Or outside generally. But, if you decide to dine at every restaurant, or to explore each bar these weekend getaways in Florida have to offer – you might need to take some cash with you. It is really your choice. But, remember this – you don’t need money to have fun. You really don’t. And you know it.

Be careful

Bring some suncream with you. Take care of yourself first. Sunny weather might be good for you, but it won’t be for your skin. Especially if you are not used to it. Drink some water and dress light. Florida is also known as a Sunshine State. And for a good reason. So – be careful.

And if you finally decide to move to Florida – our professional movers in Florida are at your service! Wherever and whenever you need them to be. Just give us a call, and we will make one of the best weekend getaways in Florida your hometown!

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