Best vegan restaurants in Miami

Find out the best vegan restaurants in Miami

Everybody is different. This statement can be implemented in every aspect of life. But more precisely, everybody like to eat different stuff. Many studies nowadays show that it is not that healthy to eat meat every day. But who can stop you since it is very delicious? Many people eat just vegetables since it has no negative effect on health. So, if you are moving to Miami and want to know where you can eat the food you like, find out what are the best vegan restaurants in Miami!

Best vegan restaurants in Miami!

The list is very long so we can’t include every vegan restaurant there is. There are some that are very popular and that is proved to be great. We all know Miami like a city of fun and beautiful sunny beaches, but it is not just that. This city is vegan-friendly so you should not consider moving here anymore. Just find a cheap apartment to settle in and enjoy the long summers with your favorite food! See where you can start:

  • Love Life Cafe
  • Plant Miami
  • Planta
  • Full Bloom
  • Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin
  • Charly’s Vegan Tacos

Love Life Cafe

The Love Life Cafe represents a haven for vegans. The awesome thing about this restaurant is that it has a massive amount of meals that you can order. Since we included this restaurant on this list of best vegan restaurants in Miami, we should not say that the meals are very delicious. Also, the prices are moderate so you should not have any major problems paying for it. Even carnivores say that the food is very delicious so you can imagine how good this restaurant really is.

Plant Miami

We are going to say that this restaurant has 57 varieties of edible flowers! That means that you would need 2 months just to try everything. It often happens to people that they can’t find anything they would like to eat in restaurants. But not here! If you are a wine lover, you will also choose this restaurant. Wine is totally organic so that means that you can freely drink it without thinking what else is in there. Of course, be responsible because only one glass of wine is okay. Everything beyond that is not good for your health.


This is definitely a restaurant that will make you go vegan! There is a good reason to make a bold statement like this. Planta offers a varies of meals beside classic vegan meals. You can get very good nachos, pizza, pasta, etc. But this is a vegan restaurant, right? All of these meals are free from any animal ingredient so you can eat them without feeling guilty. We know what you are thinking. How will it taste since there are no animal ingredients? Well, we can easily say that the taste is even better with these ingredients. The choice is yours!

All meals have no animal ingredient
Try nachos in Planta and you will not regret

Full Bloom

Full Bloom is a restaurant that offers much more than just excellent food. The reason why we included this restaurant on this list of best vegan restaurants in Miami is that it offers a great ambient to be in. You can enjoy several senses and have a complete experience. Also, this restaurant offers a lot of dishes that are inspired by Latin culture. If you are the one that like this culture and their food, this is the place for you!

Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin

The restaurant is located in North Miami Beach so if you are near the location, go right there! If you are further away, you should still consider this vegan restaurant since it offers a lot of Caribian inspired dishes. We all know how their kitchen is top notch so if you are fond of it, start your engine and go right there!

Charly’s Vegan Tacos

This restaurant is different from the rest on this list of best vegan restaurants in Miami. The first thing is that the menu is somewhat different since it offers both tacos, burritos, etc. These are just two of the multiple dishes you could have there. The other very good thing about Charly’s Vegan Tacos is that the size of the meals is huge. Almost everyone that has eaten there has the same observation. The number of spices is big so you can choose what would you like to put into your dish. If you are not convinced yet, we can just say that you can try even avocado fries there…

The dishes are so big that you will have trouble to eat all
This restaurant offers a lot of Mexican dishes

Not enough?

Of course, this is not enough. It is actually the good thing that we can’t number all of them. That just means that you have a far bigger offer and that you can see for yourself what suits you the best. It is a good thing for the people that are considering moving to Miami but have doubts about vegan restaurants. Miami is big, there are a lot of restaurants. If that is the thing that is keeping you down, do not worry and hire Pembroke Pines movers this instant and they will get you there without stress.

But we all know that we need more for living in such a big city. It is okay not to have restaurants but it is not okay if you can’t afford to live in such a city. You have to know some things before you move to Miami like financial aspect, finding apartments, etc. After you have thought through all of the things that are important for living in Miami, put the hat on your head and go to the beach!

The list of vegan restaurants in Miami should be 3 times bigger
There are so many restaurants that we just can’t include them all


As we said before, the list of vegan restaurants in Miami is big and not enough for all the restaurant to be in. We can just recommend some of them that we found interesting and delicious and the rest is up to you. The good thing that Miami is a city of friendly people that will tell you directions of restaurants that you are interested in. Enjoy the vegan side of Miami!


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