How to handle disputes with movers

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Most of the time, when you choose a reputable moving company, everything goes well with your move. However, they do not say that moving is stressful for no reason. All sorts of issues may happen during the move, and sometimes the moving company itself is to blame. If you ever find yourself in a situation to handle disputes with movers, we have useful information for you. Nevertheless, the most important thing is to remain as calm as possible, as the situation may resolve much sooner than you thought. Reliable moving companies, such as Movers Sunny Isles Beach, have answers to all of your questions.

Before hiring a moving company check out the following

  • Before you hire a moving company make sure that it is licensed with AMSA – This will come extremely helpful with handling the disputes, as we will see later on
  • Check out the moving contract before you sign it – Look out for hidden fees, as well as what happens if any issue occurs during the move
  • Learn to recognize the traits of reliable movers
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Sometimes even if the movers have the best staff and equipment, things can go wrong so try to remain as patient and possible

Why people file complaints against movers

There are three main reasons why people file complaints again their movers. Sometimes, of course, it is not the fault of the mover, but unfortunately, sometimes it is.

Late delivery or pickup

When you agree on a delivery date or a pickup date, you expect your movers to arrive at that exact time. You do not even want to think what happens if the movers don`t show up. However, sometimes this is not possible due to bad weather, broken machines, traffic. Or something else entirely, that could not be predicted. If you suffered financial loss due to the missed delivery or pickup, you can file a complaint. But, make sure to read your contract carefully before that, because that may already be covered in it. There is no reason to handle disputes with movers unless you absolutely have to.


If you were overcharged for your relocation, again look at the contract first. Using a binding estimate in the first place can save you unpleasant surprises because the final bill almost always matches. Long-distance moves are usually much more expensive. That is why long-distance movers Florida have transparent fees that you will know about well in advance. There are also additional fees that you need to pay if for example, a moving truck cannot park outside of your house, or if you live on the 10th floor. So, before getting angry at your movers, call them and ask them why is the bill so high. Rember to always handle disputes with movers in a calm way.

Damaged and lost items

And last, but not the least, if your items get lost or damaged, you are likely to file a complaint against your movers. Although every moving company has its own policies, the period for complaint regarding the lost items is nine months after the delivery. This gives you plenty of time to react and get compensated. If your items get damaged and it is the fault of your mover, you can also get into a dispute with them.

one person saying I am right and the other person saying I am right too
Usually, the moving company will claim that they are right while you will claim that as well, in which case it is best to file a complaint and leave the issue to the organizations that are professionals

How to handle disputes with movers if they do not cooperate

The best way to handle disputes with your movers as we already mentioned, is to call your movers and try to work everything out. Arrange to meet them in person and see if things can get resolved in a friendly but professional way. If not, there are several options for you, so you needn`t worry.

  • Firstly, file a complaint letter with your moving company – Describe the situation in a calm and professional way. If the moving company denies what has happened and rejects your appeal, move forward to:
  • Filing a claim with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Organization – They operate on interstate moves, and you can call them, or contact them online. They will proceed with handling your case themselves.
  • If the moving company is a part of the American Moving and Storage Association, you will be in good hands, as the association will take care of the dispute on your behalf
  • Better Business Bureau will notify the company within 48 hours, after which the moving company has 14 days to respond. Your dispute will likely be finished within 30 days, so this is good news.

Be patient when handling disputes with your movers

We know that this is the last thing that you want to hear. As we already mentioned, sometimes it can take up to 30 days and even longer for the disputes to be resolved. And although it does not matter how much time it takes, if your belongings have been damaged or lost, for example, patience is everything. Losing your mind over the dispute will not lead anywhere. The most important thing that you can do is file a claim and let the reputable associations handle the situation. Have faith that everything will be alright in the end.

a woman sitting at her laptop biting her pencil due to stress from handling disputes with movers
Handle disputes with movers in a calm and patient manner, as stress and frustration will not lead you anywhere

The best way to handle disputes with movers is to be patient, firm and calm. As we have seen, there are several organizations that you can turn to, if needed. They`ve got your back. Issues happen every day and it is normal that due to unpredicted situations something happens. This is why it is best not to rush with the move, instead take your time while relocating. And most importantly, do not focus on the problems that may arise, focus on your new home and try to enjoy the entire process of relocation. Good luck.

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