Tips for moving your office efficiently

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Have you spent the last couple of months (maybe even years) dreaming about a new office space but were always too afraid to actually venture out on a process as complicated as office relocation? Undeniably, you will need plenty of help in the process as this can never be an easy endeavor. And whether that help comes in the form of movers Oakland Park FL or your devoted employees isn’t what really matters. What’s really important is for you to get organized, which will make moving your office efficiently a piece of cake. The question is how to get organized and prepared for such a move? That’s what we are here for – to guide you through the process backed up by our years of experience in the moving industry!

Create a timely plan

As a successful businessperson, we are sure that you possess enviable organizational skills! Still, even you might not realize just how much work an office move will take. Bear in mind that the list of things you have to do is quite long, as you have to find corporate movers, organize your employees, and pack your office supplies if you don’t opt for packing services Florida. In short, you will have plenty of tasks and not a lot of time. So, at least two months before the move, sit down by yourself or with some of your trusted employees and create a list of everything that has to be done. This way, you won’t underestimate the number of things that need to be done and you won’t be deluded by thinking that you can just wing it. You can’t!

Two people making a plan for moving an office efficiently.
How do you move an office with ease and simplicity? By making a solid plan in due time.

Finding the right corporate movers is the key to moving your office efficiently

Have you switched homes a couple of times in the past? If you have, then you probably think of yourself as a moving expert. But you are not, as household relocation and office moves are like apples and oranges. To move an entire office, you will need a plethora of people working with you towards achieving the same goal – of seeing you comfortably settled into your new office. So, which traits should you look for in your corporate movers so that you can relax knowing that you have the right professionals by your side?

  • Look for a company with experienced movers. In the moving industry, the experience is what makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful relocations.
  • Try to find the right moving services, and make sure the company specializes in office moves. Otherwise, they won’t be a good choice, even if they claim they can handle such a move.
  • Do your best to find a company with affordable yet not cheap prices. You are neither looking for low-ball offers or over-the-top prices.

Let your employees pack their own desks

The prospect of moving your office efficiently requires a joint effort from the whole team. And you already have the perfect team right in front of you – your employees. If you feel like they won’t be able to pack IT equipment (which is totally understandable,) rest assured that they are more than capable of packing their own desks. They contain personal belongings which they will know how to handle, and it will be a huge help for you. Your employees may not be as good as professional packers, but they certainly work with your best interest in mind.

A group of people in a workplace.
You already have all the help you need by your side.

It’s also a good idea to distribute the moving-related tasks among all of your employees. Put one person in charge of overlooking the office supplies, another one of the office furniture, etc. Just make sure everyone knows what their duties are on a moving day. Otherwise, you could create confusion which will only bring about additional problems.

If possible, make a couple of trips

The actual moving day will already be complicated enough with all the ‘big’ things that need to be transported. Like your IT equipment, for example. And how can you make a complicated day into a less complicated one? By making a couple of trips and transporting your smaller belongings first. Of course, this can only happen if the beginning of the lease doesn’t overlap with your moving day.

By doing this, you will not only make the entire moving day much less stressful, but you will also increase moving day safety. By having only the big things to transport, you will have fewer things to focus on, which will have a positive effect on your entire move.

Attempting to move your office efficiently? Make sure your business doesn’t suffer!

Alas, what would you gain by losing business once you relocate to your new office? To continue to thrive in the new surrounding, you need to ensure everyone is updated about your new whereabouts. This includes your business partners, clients, and deliveries that usually take place. Moving your office efficiently cannot be done without one very long day in front of a phone, spent calling all the people/businesses that should be informed about your new headquarters. This is especially important if relocating a retail store. Those stores basically depend on how much traffic they have, so you should make sure the public knows where to find you.

A woman holding a phone.
Make a list of all the people/businesses you need to call and start dialing.

Don’t panic and think clearly

There is nothing to be gained by losing your mind over your relocation. Yes, it will inevitably be a complicated process and, yes, there will be a few setbacks along the way. Just remember that there is a solution to every problem and that all you have to do is just stay calm. Otherwise, moving your office efficiently won’t be a feasible option.

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