Best beaches in South Florida


South Florida is a popular vacation spot. The Sunshine State is famous for its beautiful beaches and clear water. Many people choose to spend their hard-earned vacation days in the sun, sand, and surfing that the Sunshine State is known for. And not to mention the people who end up moving to Florida! And so, it’s no surprise that the title of ‘best beaches in South Florida’ is hotly debated!

A cocktail on the beach.
Paradise is relaxing on one of the beaches in South Florida with a cool drink in your hand.

South Florida has many beautiful beaches to offer, all boasting with warm water and fine sand. Of course, it’s impossible to single one beach out when they’re all very beautiful. So, here’s a snapshot of several fine options instead – you’ll just have to visit them all and decide for yourself! Talk about a dream vacation, right? And maybe, if one special beach captures your heart, you’ll ring up your favorite movers and make that location your new home. After all, there’s something for everyone here. The beautiful beaches are just one of the many reasons to move to South Florida.

Is Key West one of the best beaches in South Florida?

It doesn’t get any more South Florida than Key West, located at the southernmost point of the Sunshine State. In fact, if you visit Key West you can see that it’s really the southernmost point of the entire nation, commemorated with a monument built in 1983. Key West is famous for its warm waters – the warmest in North America! So, living in Key West means every day can be a beach day. The place is a paradise – with everything from fine sandy beaches to a pulsing nightlife. So, you could rent snorkeling equipment, or a glass bottom kayak, or even forgo swimming for a luxurious scenic bike path stretching around the island. For the more literature aligned of us, you could enjoy a drink in Ernest Hemingway’s fabled favorite bar.

A picture of a buoy replica in Key West, one of the beaches in South Florida.
One of the beaches in South Florida is Key West, the southernmost point of the continental USA.

South Beach is what people think of when they hear ‘beaches in South Florida’

And with such good reason! South Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the Sunshine State. This little slice of heaven is actually a Miami neighborhood, and unofficially one of the reasons people are moving to Miami. Nicknamed SoBe, this area is pulsing with life around the clock, from long stretches of sandy beach to strobe-lit nightclubs. It’s as famous for its parties as it is for its beautiful beaches. Of course, there’s far more to SoBe than parties and swimming, not that there’s anything wrong with either of those! It’s also got a popular art district, where it’s unclear if life imitates art or art imitates life. So, it’s truly a cosmopolitan place!

A picturesque view of South Beach, one of the beaches in South Florida.
How can you look at this breathtaking scenery and not think SoBe is one of the best beaches in South Florida?

If you’re looking for family-friendly beaches in South Florida, Delray Beach is for you

Delray Beach is a charming, picturesque little place. It’s an intimate, friendly town by the sea, but countless people flock to it every summer. It’s ideal for sunbathing and building sand castles! That’s not to say that the beach, wonderful as it is, is all that Delray has to offer. Far from it! Because, of course, the town has many things to see! Their Atlantic Avenue – which, by the way, is the longest main street in all of Florida – is packed with many refined shops and excellent eateries.

Are you looking for a remote location from the beaches in South Florida? Try Captiva Island!

Captiva Island is a secret paradise. It’s hidden away, therefore providing its visitors with a deep sense of safety and escape. It’s accessible only by a causeway! If you’ve ever wanted to escape your problems – and who hasn’t? – Captiva Island is for you. Plus, it houses two nature reserves – are you a nature lover? Captiva Island got you covered. Not to mention its beaches are famous. Who doesn’t want to visit shell beaches, full of shells of different colors and shapes, resting on the powder-white sand? So if you happen to be a shell collector, count on tripling your collection on Captiva Island.

Are you just looking for a beach fresh out of a painting? Siesta Key is your answer.

Picture this: soft, fine sand that’s almost entirely quartz, crystal clear turquoise waters, the soft breeze caressing your skin. The crystal clear water is shallow enough for even the most terrified non-swimmer to freely relax in. If you have small children, you can be sure of their safety. Friendly lifeguards keep a watchful eye on the beach-goers. Everything is relaxed and calm. Does it sound like Heaven? Oh yes, it does. Don’t you wish you could be there? But, you don’t have to wish, you can just visit Siesta Key Beach!

Are you looking for a quick rundown?

As we all know, time is money. It’s one of the reasons experienced professionals are worth their price since they save you oodles of time. No matter if you’re just shopping for a dream vacation, or looking to find movers in South Florida, no one wants to browse until the end of time! So, with that in mind, we’ve prepared a quick bullet-point list that contains a summary, so you can read it while planning your dream South Florida vacation.

  • World famous nightclub, glittering beach, and art districts? SoBe is one of the best beaches in South Florida that suits your needs.
  • A quaint, picturesque little town with a charming beach? So, Delray beach is where you should be aiming.
  • Super warm waters, the warmest in North America? Look no further than Key West.
  • Quartz sand and clear waters? You’re looking for Siesta Key Beach!
  • A remote location accessible by a causeway for that feeling of escaping your problems? So, Captiva Island is what you’re looking for!

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