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Moving to Florida is a great thing to do. This sunny state offers a lot – nice weather, lower housing costs, worldwide famous beaches, entertainment, etc. However, when you decide to move, there is a lot to think about – where are you going to live, what happens to your job, and finally how are you going to move. Even if you feel that you are well organized and capable of doing it by yourself, think twice is it worth it. Moving is a serious work, so we definitely advise taking Florida moving services. And we offer you to read the guide on how to find the best movers in South Florida – without spending all your money!

Preparation is everything

In order to find the best movers in South Florida, you need to spend some time exploring. Take some time to do a detailed research on moving companies in South Florida and compare their offers and services. Being careless and incomplete in your search for the best movers in South Florida can only bring you trouble. Damaged furniture, lost items, unexpected costs – is that what you really want? Don’t risk it and take some time to choose the best company for you and avoid headaches and stress.

woman holds a calendar - start your search on time
find the best movers in South Florida on time

Have more than one option

We already mentioned that you need time to do research on moving companies and we are not joking. Only if you have a couple of options to choose from, you will be able to choose wisely. Don’t be attracted to a super affordable, too-good-to-be-true offer from just one company. You can regret it later on. Instead, do a research on a couple of companies. Have at least two moving companies as your options before you make the final decision.

Gather the information

Having enough information is the key to success when you want to find the best movers in South Florida. That means that you need to be informed about other options, services that should be included in the price, what are the duties of the people who will move your things, etc. How to collect all that information, you may wonder? Well, you have a couple of sources. First of all, there are the people you know. Family members, friends, friends of friends, people from work who recently moved as well. They can give you some precious information. Thay can provide you with both positive and negative experiences, advice and offer you some help (great way to save both time and money!). However, don’t rely only on word of mouth. Use the power of Google as much as you can. Search other people’s comments and recommendations online. You can also use some moving apps that help you compare the moving companies.

laptop and a book on a table
Doing an online research can be valuable in searching the best movers in South Florida

What are the characteristics of the best movers in South Florida?

A good and reliable moving company needs to fulfill certain characteristics to have a good reputation. Here are the things that the best movers in South Florida should have:

They treat their clients with respect

Even if you just make a short phone call to ask about their services, a good moving company’s staff should treat you with respect and provide you with answers. Customer care is very important, and no good/low price will change that. That’s why good customer reviews are very important and valuable.

They are time-efficient

Doing this quick, and doing things right is a characteristic of a good moving company. The best movers in South Florida should respect arranged schedule and do everything on time. Of course, there could be some unpredicted problems, like weather conditions. But generally, doing things like packing and transporting according to a schedule is extremely important. Especially if you need a company for a long distance relocation, doing everything on time is precious.

Their offer is reasonable and clear

Choosing a company just because it is cheap can be a  huge mistake. Fraudulent companies use that old trick to attract clients. However, it doesn’t mean that the most expensive movers are the best movers in South Florida. You should choose a company with an average offer, not too cheap or expensive. They should also have a clear presentation of their services and provide you with the precise moving quote.

They are easy to find and communicate with

A reliable and trustworthy moving company should be easy to contact. They should have a website with all the necessary information. You should also be able to easily find their offices and track/contact them if it is necessary. The staff should be quick and informative when responding to your calls or emails, too.

They are licensed

Last, but not the least, the best movers in South Florida should have a working license, as well as licensed and trained staff. You can easily check if a company has a license or a US DOT number by visiting the website of US Department of Transportation.

What to ask a moving company representative?

When choosing the best movers in South Florida, have at least two options. Arrange the in-house meeting with each one, preferably all in one or two days. This way you will be able to compare the offers easily. Here are the questions to ask them before you choose the best movers in South Florida:

  1. What is precisely included in the price?
  2. Are their rates different on different days, like weekends?
  3. What is the policy on specialty items – like pianos, pool tables, etc?
  4.  Do they charge extra for higher floors or hard-to-reach rooms?
  5. How many movers will do the job? 
  6. Do they have any questions for you?
two people shaking hands and choosing the best movers in South Florida
Before making the final decision in choosing the best movers in South Florida, ask them these questions

Finally, what you need to do is to show the moving company everything that they need to move and require the precise moving quote. After you are sure you have a trustful and reliable mover in front of you, you should make the final decision and start preparing your move with using our moving checklist. We wish you luck and have a safe trip to South Florida!

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