Moving to Miami and not breaking the bank

moving without breaking the bank

No one can blame you for looking to relocate without spending a lot of money. Whether you’re starting a new job, moving your kid to college or getting a bigger place for your new family, cheap is the way you want to go. But, what are the best ways to cut your costs when moving to Miami? Read on and find out!

Miami's skyline
Miami is one of the places with the best living standards in the country

Pack yourself

A lot of moving companies offer you to choose which services you want. You can choose the whole packing yourself and have the movers load and transport your things. This way you’ll not only save a lot of money but also be more flexible about your moving day. However, if you have too many things or need to move last minute, you can always hire cheap packing services Miami.

Use your luggage

Fill every bag and suitcase you own with your things. There’s no point in transporting them empty, and this will save you a ton on moving supplies. Make sure you don’t overburden your luggage though. You don’t want a handle falling off your suitcase mid-move.

Move fewer things

If you’re hiring a moving company, one of the things that will affect your final moving cost is the weight and size of your possessions. Also, if you decide to ship your things to save that extra buck, fewer things mean a smaller container which means a lower shipping price.

A good way to reduce the costs of your Miami relocation is to have a garage sale before you move. Apart from selling the things you need to save on your move, you’ll also earn some extra cash. This additional income may prove very useful in the next few months in your new place.

items someone doesn't need anymore being sold on a yard sale
Organizing a garage sale can bring some extra income towards your relocation

Get free packing supplies when moving to Miami

Since you probably won’t be able to pack your entire home in just your luggage, you’ll need some boxes. You can always invest in plastic moving boxes. If you plan on moving a lot this will save you a ton of money in the long run. Also, you can always use them for awesome storage in your home.

But, if this is a one-time thing or you don’t plan on moving in the foreseeable future you can find cheap or even free moving boxes. Ask around local grocery stores and shops. Or, you may be able to find some used moving boxes for a cheap buck at your movers in Florida. Other places you can look are:

  • recycling plants (hit a few of them before moving to Miami)
  • dumpsters (you can find some barely used boxes if you’re not too squeamish)
  • friends and family (maybe they can find some for you)

Choose your moving day wisely

moving to Miami in off season can save you a lot of cash
Move out of season to get the lowest moving costs

If you’re not tied to a certain date when moving to Miami you can lower your moving costs by choosing when you move. Schedule your moving day out of season if you can. Obviously, avoid moving to Miami in the summer, but you should also avoid months like September, October, and January for your Miami relocation. These are the months when all of the students will be arriving. Apart from the traffic jams, you’ll encounter, the moving services are usually more expensive then. Instead, relocate in late fall or winter or early spring. This will make a big difference in your moving costs, which is especially good if you’re moving long-distances.

Ship your stuff when moving to Miami

many shipping containers
Shipping your items may turn out the cheapest option for you

You can reduce the costs of your move by putting everything in a storage container and shipping it to the location of your new home. This way you won’t have to haul it across the country and you’ll save a ton of money on gas. The downside is that if your things get to the location before you. Then you’ll need good storage services in Miami to handle your things until you get there.

Get some money back

If your move meets certain criteria you can get moving expense deductions. Check out if your move is tax deductible. Apart from this, if you’re moving to Miami for a job, you might get some additional deduction or your company can handle some of the costs. Check with your manager and your IRS.

Hire professional movers

Sometimes, it’s cheaper to hire the pros than to risk damage to yourself or your things. As we mentioned before, it’s better to hire Florida long distance moving specialists for your interstate relocation than to have to drive a truck for hundreds of miles. It’s less hassle and it will save you time and money.

Hire help

Well, “hire” may be too generous. What we mean is ask, plead, bribe and plain threaten your friends and family to help you. The cheapest way to move to Miami is to do it completely by yourself. With the help from some of your gym buddies, you can pack, load and unload your rented truck and pay the entire move with pizzas and beers. However, this can end very badly if not done properly. Apart from damage to your things, you may have to, God forbid, pay someone’s hospital bills. Most people moving to Miami by themselves end up calling a moving company half-way through their move. Apart from this, if you have any items that need special attention when moving (such as art, a piano, a pool table or a really heavy safe) you’ll definitely need all the help you can get.

Take care

In the end, it’s more important to preserve your health than your money. So, when moving to Miami, try not to stress out over every single detail. If you are doing it yourself, be careful how you lift heavy things and how you drive the moving truck. Relocation can be expensive in more ways than one, and you can always earn more money. But stressing out or risking injury can be much more costly than your average move.

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