Benefits of long term storage rental in Florida

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Long term storage rental in Florida can be really helpful. There is simply some stuff that cannot be recycled, sold or thrown away. The items that we are talking about have a certain purpose. These items have no value at the present moment, however, they will serve a purpose further down the line. This doesn’t really make sense when you read it as-is, but let us give you an example.

An example of why long term storage rental in Florida is a good idea

Imagine that you have an amazing king-sized bed that you inherited from a family member. It’s top-notch quality. High-quality woodwork, extremely comfortable beddings – the works. However, the only problem is that you have no room to place it in. Everything is already bundled up tightly as-is. So what are you going to do with it? Sell it, give it away to someone? Of course not. By simply, renting a long term storage facility you will have access to space excess! There you can store your bed until better circumstances befall it like – giving it out to your kids, or using the bed once you move into a larger house.

In this article, we have enumerated several benefits of using these types of storage facilities as well as a few tips and tricks to go with it. So read on and hopefully, you find something of interest!

long term storage rental in Florida offers space for those who need it.
You can rest assured that your items will be safely tucked away, placed out of sight and out of mind!

What is long term storage?

Long-term storage is a space in which you can store all your items safely for any length of time beyond 90 days. The actual size and type of items stored are not an issue. These storage facilities can store anything from a piano to a small book. The demarcation line between long term storage and short term storage is in the amount of time an item can remain in that storage. Any item stored under three months should go to short term storage.

The consequences of setting a time frame in which items can be kept in storage bleeds onto the way you store the items. For example, you may be able to cover large pieces of furniture with a cloth and call it good if you are storing items short term. However, the same cannot be said if you decide to do the same thing but store the items for more than a year. Since the dust and mold would destroy your furniture.

Time separates short and long term storage.
The amount of time an item will be stored is what separates short term and long term storage.

Benefits of long term storage rental in Florida

We have outlined the benefits of long term storage above. However, we do recommend you follow these guidelines in order to make the best out of your moving and storage Florida. So without further adieu, here are some tips and tricks that will help reap the benefits of your long term storage much more efficiently.

Make a plan

It’s understandable that you might want to just buy the storage space, and shove everything you possibly can in it – so that you free up some space. However, don’t. This is a recipe for disaster, since without a plan and inventory – you have no idea what you have actually stored. This way you are bound to forget about an item that item.

That is why you want to create a plan. Write everything down to a T.

  • Putting pen to paper not only streamlines the process but elevates stress.

Organize your stuff

After you have made a plan it’s time for action. Gather all the items you want to store, in one place. Reevaluate whether all of these items need to go to long term storage. Declutter if needed. After you are left with the essentials, start packing. Hire packing services Florida to help you with this. Make sure to give them a reference in the sense that you are packing this stuff for long term storage. This is important so that they know which materials to pack the items in.

Declutter your items, take inventory and plan so you don't end up with massive amounts of junk in storage!
If you are not careful, your storage can turn into something from a horror film!

Take inventory

If you’ve hired a packing service you can skip this step. However, we still do recommend you hire a professional packing company since the benefits of professional packing services outweigh the risks of packing by yourself. Especially taking into consideration that packing is the only thing protecting your items from ruination.

If you don’t hire them, make sure you compile a list of items you have packed for the reasons mentioned above.

Clean your items

Before packing your items and shoving them in storage you need to do one thing. Clean them. Especially if we are talking about large household appliances such as refrigerators. Since they are going to be sitting in storage for a number of months maybe even years… You want to make sure that no rot takes place on your belongings. Use a bleach solution to clean the insides of your refrigerator, and vacuum your furniture. Also, keep the doors of your refrigerator slightly ajar to avoid moisture buildup.

In conclusion

Hopefully, during this article, we managed to explain the benefits of long term storage rental in Florida. There are several key things to take-away. Firstly, when deciding whether you want to store items short or long term, always ask yourself – am I going to need this item in less than 3 months? If the answer is no – go long term storage. Long term storage offers convenience for people who have no use for the items now but are still not willing to let go of said items. Secondly, it offers efficacy since it is extremely simple to store your items. Lastly, and most importantly your items will be safe no matter what.

Just be sure to pack properly. You do not want your items to get destroyed due to lazy packing! Also, make sure to check out long term storage tips for more info on how to utilize the storage capacity to it’s highest potential!


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