Essential long term storage tips

Storage units are not just for moving.

Storage units are very convenient for those who want to know their belongings are taken care of. Whether it is only for a few days or for more than a year, it is smart to rent such a unit. However, there is quite a difference between short term and long term storage. Not only in the time your items will remain there, but also in what it takes to keep them protected from different outside and inside factors. Take a look at our expert long term storage tips to find out exactly what you can do to ensure quality storing.

Long term storage tips – make sure everything is clean

If you want your items to last as long as possible, don’t store them while they’re dirty. This will only cause mildew, corroding, or even permanent damage. This is especially true of electronic devices. Instead, wipe everything down with a cloth. Always make sure you are using a safe cleaner for delicate things. Moreover, dry everything thoroughly before putting it away. If you store wet or damp things, mold can form and ruin them even though they are clean.

Use non-alcoholic cleaning supplies.
Don’t use a completely wet rag but a damp one.

Additionally, when you prepare your storage Lake Worth, clean the unit itself. Sweep the floors and wipe down any shelves or racks you have. If you place clean items on dirty surfaces, you might end up with dirty items as well. No need to go overboard, but a broom and a wet rag can go a long way.

Pack properly for storage

When you pack items for long term storage, you should use the best materials available. In this case, these are plastic bins and containers. Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic containers are sturdy and don’t allow mold or mildew to gather. Put items such as clothes and other fabrics in these containers to protect them from insects as well. Also, any breakable or fragile items should be wrapped in plastic bubbles. This will protect them from impact, especially in case of a natural disaster, such as an earthquake.

If you are moving to Miami and want to rent a long term storage unit, you should know how to protect your belongings against heat. Heat can easily damage wood and wooden furniture. For this reason, cover large pieces of furniture with plastic sheets to protect them against heat, dust, or insects.

Long term storage tips – have regular check-ups

If you rent a storage unit locally, make sure that you check on it at least once a month. If you do so, there is a lesser chance of damage to your items. The sooner you spot a potential problem, the sooner you can resolve it. Don’t simply put it out of your mind. These things are valuable to you and that is why they are in storage. On the other hand, if the unit is far away, ask for help. Find someone who lives close by who you trust. Ask them to check on the unit for you and tell you if there are any signs of trouble.

Long term storage tips - don't leave it unattended.
You can hire someone to visit your unit a couple of times a month.

Rodents are a common problem in storage facilities. They can burrow into your unit and start the destruction. However, by stopping by your unit regularly, you can keep rodents out of your unit and prevent them from making permanent damage. Also, if you can’t handle it yourself, hire professional exterminators. You will be glad you spent a little money to save a lot in the long run.

Always go with insurance

Many people choose to rent a storage unit while traveling. This is an excellent way of having peace of mind while away. You can enjoy your holiday and know that your belongings will be waiting for you. However, one of the best long term storage tips is to pay for insurance. A number of insurance companies have the option of insurance for your storage while you are on the road. To know more details, ask your representative about what is exactly covered by your policy.

Furthermore, you don’t have to be traveling to get storage insurance. Most storage warehouses offer this option to their renters. Again, do some research of your own and find out how you can insure your belongings in the event of damage.

Long term storage tips – climate control is a good idea

When you store valuable items in your storage unit, you have to consider the conditions they are stored in. Extremely high or low temperatures can harm your belongings beyond repair. Items such as electronics, wooden furniture or instruments, and even cars can be susceptible to extremes. Very high temperatures can warp the shape of wood and it will never be the same. On the other hand, electronics and cars may malfunction and it can take a lot of money to repair or replace them. That is why you should find a climate-controlled storage unit. These units guarantee a constant temperature inside that is perfectly safe for your items. While it may cost a little more, it is worth not having to replace everything inside the unit.

Extreme heat is bad for your items.
Both high and low temperatures can be equally harmful.

Use original packaging for electronics

Packing for storage may seem like a daunting task, but it is much simpler. Especially if you have kept the original boxes of your electronic devices. When it comes to the best long term storage tips, keeping electronics in the boxes they came in is definitely among them. These boxes are designed for each specific device and will ensure that it is as safe as possible. They also contain foam blocks that prevent damage from blows or piercing. Moreover, you should keep the instruction manual taped to the inside of the box. This will come in handy when the time comes to set them up again. However, if you threw away the original box, you can always use the plastic containers that are a safe alternative.

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