Why families move to Boca Raton?

Brazilian Beat is onf the best festivals in Boca Raton

What is the perfect place to live in? Sure, everyone would give at least slightly unique answers, but a huge percentage would give a similar one. Florida, the Sunshine State. A place where it is always warm and sunny. Yeah, you won’t get your snowy Christmas, but nothing is perfect, right? Florida as a state is a pretty nice place to live in, and there are many reasons for that. It is a psychological fact that the weather is one of the many factors that influence our perception of the world. This is one of the many reasons why families move to Boca Raton and why moving to Boca Raton is a good idea. Some countries with a high life standard are among those most depressed because they get a lot less sunny days than some other, less developed countries.

This is one of the reasons why Florida is such a great place. You can go swimming with the dolphins, check out a football game and go to a beach, pretty much every day of the year. Still, those are not the only things that make this state a great place for living. There are all kinds of entertainment here whatever type of fun you may prefer. Also, since the United States are such a diverse place, you can meet people from all over the globe. The USA’s culture is a grand mix of cultures and this means – opportunities. Why families move to Boca Raton and Florida, in general, is among other things, the opportunity to broaden your worldview and the easiest way to do that is to meet people from all walks of life.

A sandy beach
In Florida the weather is great, therefore you will be able to visit the beach all year long

Boca Raton is an all-around a great place

But why exactly Boca Raton? Meeting diverse people and having fun are not good enough reasons to inspire families move to Boca Raton. When you come here, you will find that this town gives you the best of Florida, while still having some of that inner peace that towns have. The educational system is great, and the schools are top-rated. Culture is a big deal and there are many opportunities for physical activities of all kinds.

The looks

When we say that Boca Raton has everything, we really mean that! Do you like to live in high-rise condos located on a beach? Do you want to be in a neighborhood where a golf-course is across the street? Or, are you one of those who prefer the old-school mid-century style homes where families can have their privacy? Well, you are in luck then, because one of the reasons why families move to Boca Raton is that the tax rates are low here. This makes it a good place for buying a new home. So, if you do decide to move here, you are off to a good start. The movers in Boca Raton have their hands full all the time, due to the high influx of new residents.

The potential for children and young people is especially great

First of all, the reason why we can make such a claim is the great economic situation of Boca Raton. It is as big as other places in Florida, as it has a bit less than 100,000 residents, but it is nevertheless, a thriving community. The fact that in the last several years the town created around 10,000 new jobs is not enough for you? Well, what about the fact that those jobs, among other areas, also include tech startups? Cancer Treatment Center, ADP Payroll Services and educational institutions also play a major role in the high employment rate.

Why families move to Boca Raton? it is a great place for everyone
Boca Raton is a very supportive community


Education itself deserves a special section. There are 28 public and private (K-12) schools here, all of which are highly rated establishments. The Florida Atlantic University is is the largest one in Boca Raton, but it is not the only one. Lynn University, Everglades University, Digital MEdia arts College and the Palm Beach State College are all great places for getting a higher education. What this means is that all those companies wishing to build their establishments here always have an educated workforce to build upon. This is a guarantee of more and more opportunities of all kinds coming here and is one of the reasons why families move to Boca Raton.

The outdoors public spaces and living

If you are a fan of outdoors, then Boca is a great choice for you. There 16,000 acres of parklands and trails in its area. You have a Tri Rail system connected by two north-to-south trail routes, to Florida Atlantic University. This enables the students who don’t live in its vicinity to travel by bikes safely. And, of course, how can we skip the some of the best beaches in Florida? There are 4 miles of mesmerizing beaches, still held in their natural state. Also, one of the only few beaches in Palm Beach County for dogs. With is being such a friendly place for families do you really have to ask why families move to Boca Raton?

The Mizner Park is one of the central points of gathering for residents (and tourists). It’s Mediterranean Revival style makes it a must-see for anyone who visits Boca Ratton. If you are into shopping, you can visit the grandiose Town Centre Mall where you can shop both, indoors, and outdoors. Mizner Park is a place that offers a fantastic variety of things to see and do like, the Centre for the Arts, the amphitheater and the Boca Raton Museum of Art. Boca even has its own Festival of the Arts, and every March tourists come to visit it and enjoy themselves in the broad program of the Festival. Here you can enjoy in classical music, jazz and learn dances. There are also film projections and writers conventions.

Several ships on the sea during the sunset
This is a great place for living, and that is why families move to Boca Raton!

The sports are very important here also

Not surprisingly, the Palm Beach County is where people usually come swim and simply enjoy the beaches and the sun. But, Boca is not just about that. They are also the hosts of the Allianz Championship tournament in golf where the PGA Senior Tour players come regularly. The higher education institutions also offer plenty of collegiate sports, with the Florida Atlantic University being the leader in these. The people here are very competitive, but also very easy to make friends with, and we are sure that you will love it here.

Why families move to Boca Raton?

The answer is quite simple. This is a great place to live in, and if you decide to come here, you regret it!

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