What to pack first when moving from Sunny Isles Beach

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When you mentally prepare yourself for the move and make a checklist of all the things to do, there is an important question left to answer. And that is what to pack first when moving from Sunny Isles Beach. The truth is that without a proper packing strategy, you may be lost and overwhelmed by items and boxes altogether. We will help you pack the right items first so that you are only left with the most essential things at the end. Also, you will feel more ready when your movers Sunny Isles Beach arrive.

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The inventory list will make it much easier to decide which items to pack first when moving from Sunny Isles Beach.

Before you start packing

There are some things that you can do even before you start packing, which will make it easier for you to pack the right items. These include making an inventory list of your items and getting rid of the items that you do not need.

Make an inventory list of your items

In order to be able to know what items you will pack first when moving from Sunny Isles Beach, you need to know exactly what you have. When we begin to plan our moving, it usually turns out that we have much more than we actually thought we had. And, this is usually accompanied by items that we do not actually need in order to live a happy life. Luckily, we have the perfect packing services Florida, but you should make an inventory list as soon as possible. Go through each and every room and make an inventory list of items that you plan on moving.

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Pack art, vases and souvenirs first as you will not need them before the move.

Get rid of the items that you do not need

This will require a bit more of your time but in the end it will pay off. Go through your belongings and be ruthless. Can you imagine yourself using that particular item in your new home? Consider this a wonderful opportunity to start fresh even with items you already have. Throw away or sell or the items that you do not need anymore, or do not function. Finally, this will reflect on your moving costs and on the time spend packing. You will be grateful when you see the final moving bill, as the fewer items you have, the lower the shipping costs will be. Also, you will not lose time unnecessarily, packing the items that are old, not working or torn apart. Additionally, you can make someone really happy if you donate your belongings to one of top charities for Sunny Isles Beach.

What to pack first when moving from Sunny Isles Beach?

When you have made an inventory list of the items that you need and got rid off the items you will not be using anymore, the time has come for packing. The idea is to pack items strategically so that you do not pack something that you really need right away. Instead, you will be packing the most important items last, so that you can really use them until the last day. We will explain in detail what to pack first when moving from Sunny Isles Beach.

Pack the essentials bag first

Before you start packing the entire house, prepare an essentials bag for moving first. If something is missing in the end, you will be able to fill it in easily. Your essentials bag will be a bag that you will use during the first 48 hours of moving and arriving at your new home. Pack your pajamas and a spare toothbrush. Throw in some pain killers, and the first aid kit. When you just arrive at your new place, chances are you will not know where these items are exactly. Therefore, pack everything that you think you might need in that period. And keep it close to you once the moving starts.

rings aligned next to each other
Jewelry should be packed while you are still enthusiastic about packing.

Pack the items that you do not frequently use

Now that you have packed the essentials bad and put it aside, you can focus on packing your home. Divide the items in categories and pack them according to their relevance. If you pack the items that you will not need in the next couple of weeks, you will be on top of the game.

  • Books- Pack all the books that you have around the house. Make sure to take the books from every room in the house. Books are what you want to pack first when you are moving from Sunny Isles Beach, as they are heavy and you will not use them until you move. You can leave one or two books if you want to read them for relaxation, but no more than that. If you have magazines, you should pack them among the first things as well.
  • Art – Pack all of your paintings and pictures. Everything that is fragile and has the purpose of decorating your house. Include vases, frames, souvenirs, magnets in here. This will also be very good for your emotions. It will be easier for you to leave the home which is deprived of all the little things that made it beautiful. You will realize that you are the soul of the house and that you will create many new memories wherever you move to. Keep in mind that there are plenty of reasons to hire professional packers for your art collection. It is always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Jewelry – This category of items can be very difficult to pack neatly. If you do not do it carefully, you may end up losing the other earring from the beautiful pair that you have had for years. Or just not arranging the jewelry properly for moving can create a mess of its own. That is why it is better to pack your jewelry while you are still fresh and enthusiastic about packing.

Packing does not have to be your favorite thing, but it is important that you use a good strategy. Those were the things you should pack first when moving from Sunny Isles Beach. We wish you the best of luck!

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