Advice on getting more space for the storage in your home

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Space seems to be a luxury these days more often than not. As the real estate prices go higher and higher, the solutions for getting more space for the storage in your home keep getting better and better. We have made a list of ways to enable you to store all the items that you want and need in your home. As always, good organizational skills will tremendously help you keep everything neat and at reach of your hand. If you are moving to Miami, you will enjoy most of the things, however, storing your items can sometimes be an issue. Therefore we hope you will make the most of our suggestions and enjoy what follows.

A phone with a picture of books displayed
Getting more space for storage in your home is super easy when you go digital and scan all of your paper documents.

Decluttering is the mother of good storing solutions

Start decluttering instead of storing everything and trying to fit all of your items in your home. You are the creator of your environment and you should only have the things that you need. This is far from minimalism, as it is enough to get rid of some of your belongings to make the house breathe. Getting more space for the storage in your home will be like a mission impossible unless you go ahead and remove the clutter. Go into every room that you have and think of need excess stuff you don’t need there. If you do this, moving household goods will not be a nightmare and you will have just enough space for everything.

Go digital

A fantastic way to get more space for storage is to go digital. Most of your documents can simply be scanned and placed on the Cloud. You will be able to reach them anytime on your computer. And they will take zero space in your home. You can do this for the photos as well. Leave one or two of your favorite albums and keep the rest of the photos on your drive. In the era of the Internet, your dearest memories will be safely stored online. Not to mention that it will cost you nothing and best of all you will get much more space.

Multi-purpose furniture is perfect for getting more space for the storage in your home

If your furniture has storing space, use it. The most common piece of furniture with the capacity to store a lot is your bed. You can store a lot of linens, bed sheets, towels and even clothes below your bed. If the bed does not come with a box but has empty space below it, simply buy some plastic containers and place what you want in it. The other best piece of furniture is definitely an ottoman, in which you can store a lot. Everything from books, magazines, toys can fit inside the ottoman. You can also use it to store all of the slippers that you have. Pretty much everything that comes to your mind can be stored here, use your creativity and save storage space. We also know a lot when it comes to downsizing into a smaller apartment.

Use the staircase for getting more space for the storage in your home
Use the space under the staircase to get more storage options for your out-of-season items


If there is a single greatest advice on getting more space for the storage in your home, it is definitely the space under the staircase. With just a little bit of DIY projects, you can store indefinitely under your staircase. It can be turned into a closet, and then the fun begins. Store clothes, or tools in here. The same goes for books, souvenirs, photo albums. There are no mistakes here. You can designate the space under the staircase for storing items that you are using seasonally. Then, when summer or winter comes, just take them out and replace the items with the new ones. However, always make sure to avoid a renovation nightmare, if you will build a customized closet under the staircase.

How high is the ceiling in your home?

Do not focus on the floor only and how you can use it. Look above and check if you have the option to store items high on the walls. If you are planning to have customized closets built for your home, it is a great idea to have them build all the way to the ceiling. It will create much more storage space in your home. If not, use plastic containers which you will label, and place them on top. This way, getting more space for the storage in your home does not seem impossible.

Installing hooks and shelves is the best way of getting more space for the storage in your home

Hooks and shelves are very useful for storing items that you use on a daily basis. They offer endless opportunities for creative storing and they are not expensive.

  • Install hooks on the doors – Make sure you place hooks on every door that you have. You can hang your bathrobes and towels in the bathroom, for example. And bags, scarves, and jackets in the bedroom. Kitchen doors can be used for storing pots with plants. This does not use up a lot of space at all.
  • Floating shelves – Having just an ordinary shelf takes up a lot of space because you have to use space from the floor and on the wall. But with floating shelves, you can get creative and have a library in no time and very little space. There are plenty of ways to hang floating shelves, so just choose one.
  • two floating shelves with bowls and mugs on them
    Save space with floating shelves and you will not regret it.

Use storage services

If there are just too many items that you actually need or will need in the future, but not enough space, store them. There are excellent climate-controlled storage units that do not cost much. This certainly eliminates stress and clutter out of the equation. It will inevitably lead to getting more space for the storage in your home. Good luck!

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