Top reasons why people move from Miami

People who move from Miami

Life in Miami can be fantastic. In the end, you can spend hours awake while enjoying a city in which most people pay the highest money for their vacation. It is a bustling international city with world-class museums, five-star restaurants, vibrant nightlife and a tropical island atmosphere. What’s not to love? Well … It turns out that Magical City is not magical for everyone who moves here. As a matter of fact, many people decide to move from Miami. Before accepting your job offer and hiring movers Boca Raton, we will give you a few reasons why you should reconsider moving to Miami.

Here are the main reasons people move from Miami

The rental situation is out of control

Before you hire movers Palm Beach Gardens, think about your finances. According to research, Miami was the worst city for tenants in 2019, taking a victory over Manhattan and San Francisco. The powerful combination of low vacancies (2.2%) and some of the worst rental prices in the Country makes finding a place to live more painful than exciting.

Empty pockets
Find a new home without breaking the bank

The salary does not match the cost of living. Although rents in Miami are not as high as in some other major cities in the country, incomes are so low that most residents spend more than 50% of their monthly payment on rent. And if you think that rents should not exceed 25% of your gross wages, Miami residents can easily spend much more than they can afford.

The period from June to September is very hectic

It is clearly very hot. But what makes the summer in Miami especially strong is the humidity. After all, it was once swampland. But summer is also the rainy time of the year in the city. Therefore, when you combine the shining rays of the sun with vapor in the air, this is a sauna that works around the clock and seven days a week, requiring a change of a shirt wet from sweat and several showers during the day. What does Miami feel like on summer days? Imagine strolling along a hot, steaming bowl of soup. All day.

Florida is famous for hurricanes

The hurricane season lasts from June to November, although from time to time a hurricane hits outside these months. Really hard was the 2004 hurricane season when four severe hurricanes occurred. Three of them in Miami and the surrounding area. The first and worst was Hurricane Charlie with wind speeds of up to 150 miles per hour. The strongest hurricane that hit Miami was Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Its winds reached up to 165 mph and it currently holds a record as the third strongest U.S. landfalling hurricane. Thanks to that, Miami holds the first place as the top US city most vulnerable to hurricanes.

Maybe we shouldn’t even mention hurricanes – natural disasters occur in every place. In the north, blizzards, and in the west, earthquakes. We would rather wipe the water than shovel the snow, and we don’t really like the idea of the earth opening. Everyone looks at the tropics, and residents begin to collect their storm packs in the hope that the next hurricane that lands on the shores of Miami will not be “big.”

Also, Florida has more tornadoes per square mile than any other state. However, to be fair, tornadoes in Florida are usually not as bad as in the Midwest. On the other hand, five times more people die from tornadoes in Florida than in Kansas.

Ripped tree
And the fear of trees falling is one of the reasons why people move from Miami

Drivers will make you doubt your sanity

Miami has a dubious difference in consistently topping the lists of the toughest drivers in the country. Of course, there is hellish traffic. Almost every major city suffers from this. But this is a special kind of meanness that the Miamians put into their routine, which really sets them apart. Drivers deliberately avoid using their turn signal because they know that others will close the lanes and refuse to let them into the lane, stop signs are widely regarded as optional, and your chances of the bird throwing you at some point during the daily trips to work make up to 99%.

The cockroaches are huge

Cockroaches like hot weather the same way people do. They grow very, very big – the size of your fist. Well, not that big, maybe as big as a child’s fist, and it’s still quite big. I am sure I would move from Miami because of that.

If you are moving to Miami, the first thing you need to do is register with a pest control company. They will regularly come to your home and treat for “pests”. Fortunately, pest control companies today use the “chemical barriers” they use outside your home. They are not 100% effective, but when they fail, the pest control company must provide additional treatments at no extra cost – be sure they do.

Late is on time

Miami’s overall attitude to time, to put it mildly, is relaxed. Early is not on time here – it’s actually considered rude. Most likely, the organizer of your event or meeting is still at the initial stages of setting up, because everyone knows how to add the standard 30 minutes to any invitation. If you arrive early or on time, there is a big chance you will annoy them.

If you are planning a party or even one on one with a friend or colleague, wait at least 15 minutes until they appear. And that’s not only with citizens. Cultural events and concerts begin late. Buses and trains are late. Classes at the university begin late. The cinema begins its films a few minutes later. Construction of buildings and major projects will never meet deadlines. To complete the tasks in Miami, you must call, then call back, then remember to confirm, and then it can be done.

Miami traffic
It’s nice not to worry about being caught in traffic and being late for a few minutes. Everyone understands.

Like we said at the beginning, Miami may sound like a paradise. But, there are plenty of things that can be pretty annoying. After all, many people are deciding to move from Miami. They must have a huge reason to leave all those beaches. And trust us, those reasons are usually those we mentioned. But, it’s not that bad. If you still decide that the Magic City is the place for you, here are some tips to know before moving to Miami. Good luck in your new city!

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