Top Orlando neighborhoods to buy a house

An aerial view on one of the top Orlando neighborhoods to buy a house.

If you are looking for a place for your new home, you can hardly do better than Orlando. This city in Florida is a tourist attraction that also presents a perfect place for family life. If nothing else, you know that you won’t lack the entertainment options, as you have the Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort at your disposal. And, if you choose a home in one of the top Orlando neighborhoods to buy a house, you will have it all – a peaceful family life mixed with all the hustle and bustle a city such as this one can offer. So, ready or not, here come our top picks for the neighborhoods in the Orlando area!

Top Orlando neighborhoods to buy a house – the countdown

We would just like to say that we had no specific order in mind when making this list. All of the neighborhoods on our list are equally good. So, without much further ado, if moving to Orlando, these should be your top picks!

The Disney castle in Orlando's Disney World.
In Orlando, you can never run out of places to have fun.


Oviedo is righteously considered as one of the best places to live in Florida. The school district is amazing, the residents are friendly, and the atmosphere is suburban. There is hardly anything that can be considered as less than perfect in Ovideo. With slightly less than 40,000 residents according to the latest census, Oviedo even has a rich nightlife. People of all ages flock to this suburb in Orlando, and you should certainly follow their lead. With a median home value of $256,400 and an average rent of $1,426, life in this suburb will be affordable. Whether you are currently living in Florida or on the opposite coast, you know what you should do? You should call up long distance Orlando movers in the area and let them help you relocate to Oviedo. It’s a move you will never regret!

Park Lake/Highland

Located in the Orange County, and with 2,102 residents, Park Lake/Highland may not be your first pick of the top Orlando neighborhoods to buy a house. But it should be. With two gorgeous lakes and plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and boutiques, this neighborhood offers a perfect mixture of urban and suburban. This charming neighborhood with historic houses and brick roads will capture your heart. When you take into account that the schools here are above average and that the neighborhood is rather safe, Moving Kings Van Lines FL firmly believe you can’t do much better than Park Lake/Highland. Although, you can choose some of the other places on our list and still make a good decision! 

Sharpened pens.
Park Lake/Highland is considered as one of the top Orlando neighborhoods to buy a house because the schools here are above average.

Audubon Park

Considered as one of the best places in Florida to raise a family, it’s quite clear why this neighborhood made the cut. This is a safe and friendly neighborhood. The fact that is most shocking perhaps is that, in Audubon Park, the average rent is only $724. Of course, you are looking to buy a house, not rent it. But, renting might be a good temporary solution before the renovation is completed in your new home. Sure, you might have to rent a Florida storage unit and an apartment of a suitable size, but soon enough you will be settled into your new home. Speaking of your new home, if you want to have one in Audubon Park, you will have to set aside $282,955 on average. But that’s an amount that an average two-income family can afford.

Rowena Gardens

The first thing you should know is that this place differs from the other entries on our list in one aspect – it’s much more expensive. A median house price is $452,317. It’s undeniably a staggering number. What’s interesting is the median rent price, which is beyond affordable – a mere $456. Taking the home prices out of the equation, Rowena Gardens is, without a doubt, one of the top Orlando neighborhoods to buy a house. It keeps being named as one of the best neighborhoods to raise a family in Florida, not just Orlando. But, unlike the previous neighborhoods, in Rowena Gardens there is a more urban atmosphere. You don’t have to move to Miami to enjoy the fast-paced and metropolitan life, as you can do it right here in the Orlando area.

A pink piggy bank.
You will have to break into your piggy bank to be able to afford a home in Rowena Gardens.

West DeLand

West DeLand is a true testament that life in the suburbs is much more affordable. Unlike Rowena Gardens, where high housing prices are predominating, buying a house in West DeLand is more than a sizable option. To give you an idea of just how affordable life here is, listen to this fact – the median home value in West DeLand is $117,700. That means you can become a homeowner without having to give up a lot of things. Of course, life in the suburbs does mean that you will have to commute to your work, but it will also come with the benefits of its own. The school district is highly praised and the safety is guaranteed. That should be more than enough to convince you that buying a house in this Orlando neighborhood will be the right move for you!

It seems like a lot of entries on our list share the same qualities. For starters, they are all safe and have great public education. But what is more important for families than that? It goes without saying that you will want to have a leisurely life, which you can have in the top Orlando neighborhoods to buy a house. Just make sure you set aside a realistic budget and stick to it. There is no point in overspending and losing your home a few years down the line.

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