Top museums for children in South Florida

Top museums for children in South Florida are interactive.

South Florida is an amazing place – many a happy family has decided not only to vacation there, but to move! And who can blame them! After all, South Florida is the peak vacation spot for a reason – so of course people would take the next logical step and move there. However, there is much more to South Florida then festivals in Boca Raton and crystal clear water. We shouldn’t underestimate the educational capabilities of South Florida. After all, there are many top museums for children in South Florida – so why not make your vacation an educational and fun one? It’ll be easy with these exciting museums! So, grab your little ones and head on down to the top museums for children in South Florida.

A little girl enjoying her time at the beach. She is wearing a red dress, and is blonde and adorable.
There are a lot of good things about South Florida – the beaches are only some of them!

Your child’s interests are important

Of course, different museums are fun for different kids! If your child is a huge fan of maritime history, they will have plenty of fun no matter what maritime museum they go to! However, it always pays to make sure the museum has kid-appropriate content!  That means content at the reading and comprehension level of your children. Fun, interactive exhibitions will surely bring the subject closer to your children! And even if they’re not strictly museum activities, plenty of outdoor activities in Fort Lauderdale are educational. But you shouldn’t feel discouraged if your child doesn’t like any of the museums you come across. It’s important to nurture your child’s interests even if they’re not academically inclined. You should strive to make it a fun vacation for everyone – that means they shouldn’t feel like they’re back in school!

A happy girl holding a stuffed lion.
Having fun in a museum takes more effort on the parents’ part than having fun running around playing, but it’s so worth it.

How do you make sure your kid has fun in the museum?

Make sure to check the opening dates and hours before going to the museum. This is the most important part. Of course, checking out the museum on social media and their website is also very important. Do they have specific activities, that take place in specific hours? Are certain things banned? Will you be able to bring your water bottle or should you trash it? These are the questions you need to research before making a journey there! There’s nothing worse than an unwelcome surprise at the museum door after you’ve already hyped up your kids for the museum. Of course, you can distract them with visiting the best beaches in South Florida instead, but it’s best to avoid the situation completely.

Top museums for children in South Florida: art edition

The Miami Children’s Museum is among the first museums anyone suggests – and with good reason! This beautiful museum is completely tailored to your children. They’ll have the pleasure of participating in many fun activities just for them, as well as things like Mommy and Me classes (fun for the whole family!). Not to mention, that if your child is sensitive to sensory input, they have sensory friendly events. It’s a great way to introduce new concepts to your children with sensory processing disorders since the environment will be safe and they’ll be in trusted hands.

Top museums for children in South Florida: science edition

Is your kid a little Einstein? Maybe an aspiring little Marie Curie? Then they’re going to love these science museums! Of course, it’s especially important that science museums display their content in a way that kids will understand. One of the biggest problems when it comes to science is that it has bad PR – it’s displayed as a droll and boring list of facts when it’s actually a beautiful insight into how the world works. Children are very curious and we should encourage that!

  • Children’s Science Explorium caters to the 5-12 crowd. They have many hands-on exhibits and are very interactive.
  • Does your kid love space? Then Buehler Planetarium is for them – they have state of the art shows and exhibits on space exploration!
  • South Florida Science Museum has all sorts of fun exhibits for your science-loving kids. It has hands-on exhibits about light, the environment, and energy as a concept. Doesn’t that sound cool?
  • The Palm Beach Museum of Natural History is also a good bet. Wellington movers will be happy to show you the location when you move!
  • Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum is a fun way for kids to learn about the history of the Seminole tribe.
  • Children’s Museum of Singing Pines – isn’t that a promising name? With many interactive exhibits and fun dress-up games, your kids will sing with joy at all the fun stuff this museum has to offer them!

Should you prolong your South Florida vacation for good?

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A daiquiri at the beach. The scenery is beautiful and relaxing - just what a tired parent needs after taking their kid to some of the top museums for children in South Florida.
Kick back and relax after a fun day of taking your kid to some of the top museums for children in South Florida. You’ve deserved it.

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