Benefits of moving to Oakland Park

Palm trees to look at after moving to Oakland Park.

Have you finally decided that it’s high time that you moved to a new city? Are you bored with the hustle and bustle of the big cities and the boredom in the small ones? Then we have just the right place for you – Oakland Park. This charming little city has been drawing people from all around Florida. But what is so alluring about moving to Oakland Park? What does it have to offer that other cities just don’t? That’s something we here at Moving Kings Van Lines FL are more than happy to reveal. Pay attention and we promise that in no time will you be packing your bags and relocating to Oakland Park.

Some key facts about Oakland Park

Considering the fact that this town is not as famous as Miami, Tampa or even Boca Raton, it’s completely understandable if you don’t know much about it. That’s okay, as we have all the necessary facts you need. And we’ll start with the most crucial ones.

  • Oakland Park is located in the friendly and welcoming Broward County.
  • The city has 43,347 residents and it can classify as a somewhat medium-sized city.
  • Median rent is $1,071, which is completely reasonable and affordable.
A house for sale sign in front of a property.
Buying a house in Oakland Park is a realistic and achievable goal.

The housing prices are the biggest benefit of moving to Oakland Park

We all know how stressful and next to impossible can battling with a family, their needs, utilities, and mortgage be. It seems like every penny you earn goes toward paying off your debts without anything being left for you to enjoy. But, there are cities that won’t make it so hard for you to make ends meet and Oakland Park is one of them. How would you react if we told you that the median house price here is $154,700? Would you be in disbelief? Would you feel overwhelmed with joy? Or would you get on the phone and instantly call movers Oakland Park because you have made up your mind about moving here?

And wait until you hear that the median household income is $45,357! You can already conclude just how affordable life here is and why year after year, more and more people make the decision to call Oakland Park home!

The perfect place to break in your new shoes while taking a stroll

One of the biggest drawbacks of the modern age man is the sedentary lifestyle. When you take an average commute time into account, a 9 to 5 job and the inevitable rest at the end of the day, it turns out that an average man doesn’t spend more than an hour a day being active. Which, as you can only imagine, is extremely detrimental to our health. However, by moving to Oakland Park, all of those things change.

Oakland Park has a good walkability score, and its residents often choose to travel on foot. Even if you wish to drive to your work, you won’t spend more than 20 minutes in traffic. In Oakland Park, there are rarely any traffic jams. Its residents get to enjoy a peaceful lifestyle and they actually don’t have to spend almost any money on the commute. Doesn’t that make you want to look for the local movers in your area and move to this amazing place?

A group of people walking in a park.
People in Oakland Park enjoy the little things in life, like brisk morning walks.

Plenty of amenities to choose from

Even if you are a workaholic, sooner or later you will need to unwind. That’s when you will look for some good bars in your area and enjoy a drink or two. Naturally, people don’t wish to live in a place that can’t offer them any amenities. Humans are social beings and we all like to have fun from time to time. Luckily, one of the biggest benefits of moving to Oakland Park are exactly all the amenities you have at your disposal. Bars, restaurants, boutiques, and coffee shops all grace the streets of this family-friendly city.

In fact, Oakland Park is a good place for both families and millennials. It’s peaceful enough for family life, and if offer lots of opportunities for fun, which makes it a great city for youth. Besides, taking into account how much Oakland Park has sparked interest in recent years, it can certainly be added to the list of the best cities in Florida to invest in rental real estate. We have a feeling this is just the beginning of its popularity.

Oakland Park has the perfect weather and the perfect views

Last but not least, we have one clear advantage of living in the Sunshine State – the sunny weather. If you love feeling the sun rays on your skin while taking a dip in the pool, then moving to Florida should be the next thing on your to-do list. More precisely, moving to Oakland Park should.

An aerial view of the ocean and the beach.
Who can resist the Florida weather?

Once the sun starts to shine (which is pretty much every day) you can take your kids out for a walk or you can take part in all the fun and outdoorsy activities. Or you can spend the entire day sipping cocktails and sunbathing somewhere by a pool. The options are limitless and that’s what people love the most about moving to Oakland Park. You don’t have to give up on anything, quite the contrary. Is there anything else to think about?

The conclusion

If you like the affordable lifestyle, low rent and mortgage prices, a chance to travel on foot and the constant sunshine, then moving to Oakland Park is the right decision for you. The last thing we have to tell you is not to be scared about making such a move, as people rarely regret moving here. You are in good company, rest assured of that!

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