A post-move checklist – things to do after the move

An empty post-move checklist written with white chalk.

Have your movers finished unloading the last of your items at your new home? That’s fantastic! Finally, you can have some much-needed rest – but make sure not to get ahead of yourself. Sure, most of the tasks you’ve had during your relocation are done; but make no mistake – you still have stuff to do. Let’s just say that a relocation isn’t really complete until you’ve completely settled into your new home and community; which means a few additional things. And yes, we realize how tired you are. But if you make a post-move checklist early on, you should have no issues after the move. So, once the best nationwide movers Florida can offer have finished working on your move; start working on the tasks on your final checklist!

Why should you use a post-move checklist?

Trust us, we realize what you’re thinking about right now – do you really need a post-move checklist? After all, after you’ve relocated, you’ve got only a few things left to do; or so it seems. So, do you actually need to plan out everything, as you did before some of the finest local movers Florida has relocated you?

If you ask us – having a solid plan in place is important after the move as well. Why? To put it simply – at the end of the day, the tasks you do after the move and the ones you do before are essentially of the same difficulty. Certainly, before you relocate there’s a lot of different chores you need to complete; much less than after the move. But on the other hand – realistically, there’s also way more time on your hands. And, maybe even more importantly – before the relocation, you have a lot more energy. Once your relocation is basically done, you’ll want nothing more than to sit back and relax. Which is why you need to make a checklist of all the tasks you have to do then; the sooner you finish all of this, the sooner you’ll be able to just rest.

A stack of post-it notes and pens on a table.
If you want to finish your tasks on time – a good checklist is important!

Good time management is a must-have

Now that you know that making a post-move checklist is something that’ll definitely help you out a lot; what should you do next? Or, in other words – where do you begin? In fact, there’s one good side; this time around, you’re not exactly an amateur at making a moving checklist. If you’ve made a moving timeline before your relocation, you know exactly what kind of time management skills are needed in order to see this through to the end. So, right now – you need to remember the principles of a great checklist, and simply apply them to everything you need to do after the move.

Just think about – what are the two key things you strived to save while you were planning out your move? You’ve probably guessed it correctly – your money, and your time! And here’s another piece of great news; when it comes to things to do after the move, the expenses generally aren’t too steep. But while that may be true – properly managing your time is more important than ever. After all, you want to make your adaptation to a new household as smooth as possible. And while you’re doing that – you’ll also have to balance your work and your personal life. So, make sure to make a good schedule as soon as you’ve moved.

A person making a post-move schedule in a notebook.
Making a good schedule for your obligations is crucial!

Get your priorities straight

So, we’ve talked a lot about how you need to plan out what post-moving tasks; but you may be wondering – what are these, exactly? Well, to start off – think about the things your new household definitely can’t function without. These should be your absolute priorities; the first items on the post-move checklist that you should complete.

Of course, this is something that differs from household to household; for example, someone might want to start by checking if everything from their moving inventory list is there – while others might want to work on something else. If you ask us, though – generally, you probably want to start off with your utilities. Indeed, if some of these haven’t been connected yet; this is something that should be a top priority for you. And let’s remember – these days, there are more than a few different utilities in every home. So, first sort these in order of priority. In this case, you probably don’t really need our help too much. For example, you’ll definitely want to hook up the electricity before you go off to find an Internet provider. Besides that, make sure that you’ve got all the basics covered – things like water and heat.

A post it note saying 'to do' next to a stack of papers.
Essential utilities should be at the top of your to-do list!

Think about home security on time

Now that you’re done dealing with all of your utilities – the question is, what to do next? Generally, all of us have different ways of organizing our lives; which means that there’s really no one good answer to this question. After all, it all depends on personal preferences. However, there are a few things that are undeniably important for everyone – and one of these is personal security.

If you ask us, one of the first things you should do after moving to a new household is – hiring a decent locksmith. Why? Well, because we recommend changing all of the external locks before you’ve completely settled into your home. Sure, to some, this may seem a bit excessive. But when it comes to the safety of you and your loved ones; you can never be too careful. After all, there’s no way of knowing who has the keys to the old locks. So, at the end of the day – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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