How to save money on a long distance move

piggy bank can help you save money on a long distance move

One of the biggest worries when people are moving is just how much this will cost them. This is a legit fear – moving can be quite expensive. Finding affordable moving services Florida can be a tough thing to do. However, why not try and approach the problem from a different perspective? Is there something that you can do to save money on a long distance move yourself? Of course there is! Moving is such a wide topic, and the process is fairly complicated. Because of this, there are many corners that you can cut and multiple ways in which you can get a better deal than you thought possible! All it takes is some careful, meticulous planning! If you want to find out more – then read this article!

Pick the right time to save money on a long distance move

One of the best things that can help you save some money from the moving expenses is constructing your moving timeline carefully and correctly. The time of your move informs the moving costs in quite a significant day. If you want to move in the peak season, then the moving prices will be higher. This is because a lot of people are moving at this time, and so the need for professional movers grows. Companies use this to earn some money on their clients in need.

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Choose your date carefully!

On the other hand, during the low seasons, moving companies can be hard-pressed to find a moving client. You can use this to your advantage if you are smart enough. When you need to move outside of peak season, not only can you negotiate the better moving date – but also lower moving costs! You just need to be careful – and not be afraid of trying to talk and negotiating the price for yourself.

However, the low moving season does not need to apply only to actual seasons. You can hunt for specific dates or parts of a month where people will be less prone to move. There might be some smaller price fluctuations here, but you will still save money on a long distance move in the long run.

What is considered a “low moving season”?

  • Winter and Fall months, from September all the way to May – you will deal with bad weather, but cheap movers;
  • avoid national holidays;
  • avoid the last weekend of the month – and if possible, avoid all weekends to save money on a long distance move;
  • middle of the month – the leases usually end at the beginning and end, so people are more prone to move then.

Finding the right moving assistance

When you are moving household goods, oftentimes you will run into the need for assistance. This is a normal thing – moving can be tough and complicated, and having another set of hands will help you a lot. However, deciding who can help you can also help you save money on a long distance move.

friends helping
A friend can offer great help!

Usually, when you think about saving money on your move, friends will be the first you might want to call for help. This might seem like it will help you budget at the moment, but you need to look at the bigger picture, too! Even though you might get along well with them, your friends are not packing experts. This is especially important when you are trying to save money on a long distance move – one you are packed, you cannot go back. So, forgetting something, or not packing it well – will lead to a loss. The damages you can suffer here might be greater than you would have spent on a moving company.

However, if you are confident in your packing skills, then there are still things you need to look into. Maybe you do not need professional packing services, but moving long distance means dealing with a long drive. For this, it might be better to get a professional driver. They often come with their own vehicle, too! This way, you will save money on renting a truck – and your items will be in capable hands.

Try the minimalistic approach to save money on a long distance move

Another thing that you might consider is going for minimalism. Although there are many benefits of professional packing services, you won’t even need to pack anything if you just decide to take only necessities with you! This has become quite a trend in recent years. More and more people are doing this, and it is actually quite a simple task. Not only that, but you will easily save money on a long distance move with it!

a bag
Can you pack your life in a bag?

All you need to do is declutter your home really carefully. Be meticulous and thorough – toss away everything you don’t need. You will only want to keep the practical and emotional items. You will easily replenish and replace the rest once you move into your new home!

If this seems too hard for you, then you don’t need to do it. There are still ways to save money on a long distance move by packing carefully, though! Just remember to pack as little as you can. One of the best rules you can use is the six-month rule. When looking at an item, think about the last time you used it. If this has been more than six months ago, then it has no place in your new home. The reasoning is that you will not use it in the next six months either. This way, you will declutter with ease and save money on your move!


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