Things to know before moving to Deerfield Beach FL

Moving to the Sunshine State is always a good idea, especially when you know that Florida is a tax-free country. And is there anything better than living in a country where the summer lasts almost throughout the whole year? If you are moving to Deerfield Beach Fl, we know that you are making a great decision and we will share with you all there is to know before you start moving. Movers Deerfield Beach Fl will help you make the transition in a stress-free manner.

when moving to Deerfield Beach Fl visit the beach and watch the sunset
Moving to Deerfield Beach Fl means a lot of great weather ahead of you, as the climate here is perfect.

Deerfield Beach, Florida

Deerfield got the name because of the numerous deers wandering through the fields of today`s city. It is located south of the Palm Beach Country, in Broward Country. It is the capital city of the Miami metropolitan area, and it has more than 78 thousand residents. But, most importantly, it has excellent movers that will help you with moving household goods in no time and at a reasonable price.


The climate of Deerfield Beach, Fl is on the border between a tropical rainforest climate and tropical monsoon climate. It has great weather throughout the tear, where winters are short and warm, and summers are long and even warmer. The hottest month of the year is June with 33 degrees, whereas the coldest one is February where the temperatures can go as low as 14 degrees. Thunderstorms are frequent in the summer, but they do not last long. All in all, we are definitely sure that you will be enjoying a lot of sunny weather on the beaches of Deerfield Beach. So you should donate or sell all of your winter clothes and deduct moving expenses.

Living costs

If you are moving to Deerfield Beach Fl, you should know a thing or two about the living costs here. Overall, the living costs are higher for 3% than the national average, so it does not make it a very cheap place to live in. On the other hand, the cost of housing is 3% lower than the national average. The median home price is $325, 175 whereas you can rent an apartment for as much as $1,019. When you transfer utilities when moving, know that they will be 1% lower than the national average, which is great. Also, you will not be spending much money on heating due to the warm weather.

money flying out of the suitcase
While the living costs are 3% higher than the national average, the unemployment rate is 6%.

Crime rates

When you are changing your entire life by moving, it is important to know the crime rates of your new city. The crime rate of Deerfield Beach is 14% higher than the national average, but the occurrence of crimes is 1% lower than the national average as well. There are neighborhoods that you might want to avoid, where the crime rates are higher. So, do your homework and choose the safest neighborhood for you to move in.


First, let us see what are the unemployment rates. The rate of unemployment in Deerfield Beach is quite low at 6%. The median income per capita is $24,000, whereas the median household income is $42,106. The livability score shows that this city has 71 out of 100 points, making it the  505th city to live in Florida.


Transportation is not the best Deerfield Beach Fl has to offer, though. The average commute time is 24 minutes, which is, in fact, shorter than the national average of 26 minutes. If you are moving to Deerfield Beach Fl you can expect to commute to work for more than 20 minutes in each direction. The public transport includes buses and trains, however, these methods of transportation are not very reliable according to the residents that prefer to go everywhere by car.

a dining room with a table and black chair around it
DIY is a great option when moving, as long as you have enough time and patience to see everything through

How to make your move stress-free?

In order to be able to finish your moving to Deerfield Beach Fl with the least amount of stress possible, we advise you to hire professional movers. Furthermore, if you have someone to help you with packing, moving, unpacking and storing, the moving itself will not seem so complicated. However, it is essential to contact reliable, professional people, that will not bail out the day before. Moving is challenging and needs a lot of time and preparation. That is why you need to think about who is your most reliable friend, or a moving company that you want.

Deduct moving expenses when moving to Deerfield Beach Fl

While moving to Deerfield Beach Fl is a costly business, there are ways to reduce the amount of money that you will spend on the move.

  • Don`t buy packing material in a rush – If you have linen, bedsheets, and towels they can be a perfect replacement for moving blankets, bubble wrap and packing paper. Furthermore, you can visit the grocery store and take moving boxes instead of buying them just for moving.
  • Reduce the weight of your items – Throw away all that you do not need, and reduce the weight of your belongings. Truth to be told, we end up using only 30% of things that we own, so ask yourself which of your belongings are worthy of transportation.
  • DIY – If there are some things that you can and have time to do on your own, like packing items or unpacking them, that is great. This is only achievable if you set aside enough time and have a little bit of patience. There is no reason to pay extra for something that you can easily do.

Moving to Deerfield Beach Fl is always great, especially when you know exactly what to expect. With proper preparation, we are sure that you will find your dream house, in a perfect neighborhood and that you will be swimming in the ocean on a daily basis. And most importantly, do not forget to wear sun protection cream at all times. Good luck!

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