How to transfer utilities when moving

Electricity cables.

Think about moving for a second. Which things come to mind? You are certainly thinking about the packing of all of those boxes – that’s a task that’s impossible to forget. Then, you are imagining the process of searching for and hiring reliable West Palm Beach movers – without them, moving would be a nightmare. But we are sure you are not thinking about one thing – your utilities. People don’t realize they have to transfer utilities when moving before it’s too late. At that moment, they are either faced with paying for utilities they will no longer be using or shortage of those same services at the new residence. We simply can’t decide which one’s worse. Don’t let yourself be trapped in any one of these situations – instead, read our article and listen to our tips. You won’t regret it!

It’s high time you got organized

Are you switching homes or moving your office? While you will need residential movers for one and commercial movers Florida for the other, the process of organizing the transfer of your utilities is the same for both of them. Sit down with a pen and paper in front of you and start writing. Make a list of all of those utilities you are using and want to transfer to the new home/business space. It will be good to know which companies should be dialed or e-mailed in the next couple of weeks.

A phone through which you can transfer utilities when moving.
A piece of good news is all you have to do to transfer your utilities is to dial the numbers of the companies.

Transfer your utilities when moving and pay attention to when you do it

Timing is of the essence for this process! We are assuming you’ll want to move into a house that already has cable, phone, the Internet and all the other commodities. Whether that becomes the reality depends on when you contact your service providers. Generally, it’s a good rule of thumb to contact them two to four weeks before the moving date. That is just enough time to get everything in order. However, we here at Moving Kings Van Lines FL understand this may not be sufficient information. So, we’d like to elaborate some more.

  • Those utilities that require an installation appointment, like cable, you want to contact at least a month before the move.
  • In the process of scheduling the disconnect and connect date for your gas and electricity? Disconnect the services a day or two after the move – you never know whether you might need to go back!
  • In case your new home is within the driving distance of the old one, schedule the connect day a day or two before the move. That way, you won’t have to work in a dark and/or cold environment.

Now all that’s left to do is picking up your phone and dialing the numbers. Usually, you should be able to do it in a matter of hours. But if you can’t cram it all in one day, worry not – there’s always tomorrow!

A woman writing in her agenda.
Dedicate a day to transferring utilities and get to work!

Don’t forget to update your address

Well, this one is pretty obvious, but still, it’s worth a mention. Not only are you supposed to change your address with the utility companies, but also with other institutions of importance. Everyone from your bank to your employer should be notified about your new address. Also, you shouldn’t forget to change your mailing address at the post office. In the 21st Century, this doesn’t even require a trip to the post office itself. How amazing is that?

You’ll have to make sure all the bills are paid before transferring utilities

Life is expensive, and as an adult, we are sure you are well aware of that. It’s very easy to get caught up with daily expenses and forget to pay a bill or two. And this is especially true when moving and when your expenses seem to be piling up by the minute. Although we are sure that if you prepare your moving budget carefully, you won’t have to go into debt.

An alarm clock next to three stacks of coins.
Unpaid bills can only hold you back and hurt your credit score, so make sure there aren’t any left.

Even if you are positive you have paid all of your bills on time, it’s still a good idea to check when calling. Missed bills can really damage your credit score, which is the last thing you need. Moreover, they can prevent you from doing one very important thing – starting over. Moving is the perfect chance to turn over a new leaf, and you shouldn’t let something like an unpaid bill stop you from doing it.

A home energy audit is the last step to the process of transferring your utilities when moving

Once you’ve successfully transferred all of your utilities and moved into your house among other things, the time is right to call up a technician and schedule a home energy audit. What the technician will do is inspect your insulation, furnace, etc., in order to see whether the air is leaking anywhere in the house. If the technician says everything is in perfect order – congratulations! You can now enjoy and relax in your new home. If there is a leak somewhere, work on sealing it in the shortest amount of time. Only then can you really think of the process of moving to Oakland Park as complete!

As much as it may bother you, there is no getting around it. You will have to transfer utilities when moving as they are a part of our daily lives. We bet you can’t imagine your life without the mandatory time you spend on social media, right? And no Internet, no web surfing. It’s quite clear you have to do it!

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