Things to do in Miami this fall

a photo of Miami at night

Fall in Miami is not much different from the summer. With the exception of numerous, fantastic festivals that you can visit. Whole three months of food and wine tasting, art galleries, movie festivals and much more. The fall is here, and it just keeps getting better and better. There will be no jumping into sweaters and other warm clothes, or cleaning the fallen leaves. Fall in Miami means just even more fun. That is why there are a plethora of things to do in Miami this fall, and we will present them to you with much joy and excitement. Moving to Miami has never been easier, and we know you will love it this fall.

food arranged on a plate
One of the things to do in Miami this fall is to enjoy yourself at the Seafood festival

Miami Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

Is there a better way to explore a city you just moved to than going on a bus ride? The offer is generous so you will be able to see South Beach, Coconut Grove, Little Havana, but also Perez rt Museum, Miami Seaquarium, etc. You can buy the Hop-On Hop-Off tickets online even for a two-day tour. You will have an English speaking guide, but most importantly a lot of Hop-Off attractions are free with this Miami pass. Put this on your to-do list of things to do in Miami this fall and you will not regret it.

Kitober Fest

In the second half of October, 19-20th, Miami will host the Kitober Fest. This is a family event that you will remember for a long time. You can fly your own kite if you have it, but you can also purchase one at site. There is a kite flying demonstration if you are not sure how to fly a kite, so you will be safe. If you are competitive, there are competitions organized for all ages. Release the child in you, and bring your child as well to this great event. Who knows, maybe you will meet your new neighbors here.

Miami Book fair is approaching

And we know that book lovers are thrilled. It will take place in November, 17-24th, and the organizers have a lot of things prepared for you. You will be able to purchase books from your favorite writers, but also have them signed. If you are interested in workshops, and you love books than the Miami Book fair is something you should not miss. There are a lot of things to do in Miami this fall, one of which is certainly reading amazing books. This never goes out of style, so start making a list of books you want to have. But if you are struggling with your move, we highly recommend movers Oakland Park Fl, as they will make your move incredibly easier.

arms of a woman in a shape of a heart on a concert
A lot of festivals also have live performances, and we are looking forward to them

It is time to eat and drink

October is a month full of food and drink festivals, so prepare your taste buds and just enjoy yourself this fall in Miami. We will name a few that we want to recommend to you, and we know you will love them.

  • Grovetober Fest – This is the largest craft-beer festival in Florida, and you will be able to choose from even 500 different kinds of beer. It will take place on October, 12th, so do not miss it.
  • Miami Spice – It is a two-month festival, where local chefs will outdo themselves and provide you with the best food in Miami. Over 200 restaurants are participating, so you will have all the choices in the world. You will get a discount on the pre-fixe meals, so just go to a restaurant you choose and have some of the meals from the pre-fixe menu.
  •  South Beach Seafood week – October 22-26th is reserved for seafood in Miami. What is great here is that there is something for every member of your family. Not only is there going to be great seafood (stone crab season begins), but there will also be live performance, excellent drinks and organized events for your kids. Food and drink festivals are one of the best things to do in Miami this fall for sure.

Since the program is this great this fall in Miami, we know that you want to hear some tips for speeding up the moving process and enjoy stress-free.

Vizcaya Ball is one of the most glamorous things to do in Miami this fall

The theme of the ball this year is Rock Your Rococo and you do not want to miss it. Fall in Miami is reserved for glamor and this is certainly one of the most glamorous events this fall. Walking on the red carpet, drinking wine on the terrace that has a view of Biscayne Bay and all of this for a good cause. The earnings from a little bit expensive tickets go straight for the protection of this historic property. This is one of the most glamorous things to do in Miami this fall, so ask yourself,  why not?

a woman sitting in a lotus, Chinese sculpures, LED-lit
Visit the first Chinese lantern festival, Luminosa and enjoy yourself this October

Visit Luminosa, the festival of light

This is the first light festival in Miami, and it will be located in the Jungle Island. Over 13 acres of land will be covered in sculptures made of Chinese silk and lit by LED. If you are interested to see giant parrots, jellyfish, all sorts of animals and flowers, you will be happy to know that it is going to be open on October, 5th, 2019.

The infinite Space art gallery is a must-see this fall in Miami

Refik Anadol will make you forget everything you know at this digital art gallery, this October. If you cannot make it in October, know that the exhibition will last until spring 2020, so you have plenty of time. If you go into this man`s mirrored rooms (one of many), you will come across a live video from the nothing less than International Space Station which is turned into art. We have a feeling that this will be one of our favorite things to do in Miami this fall. 

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