Creating the perfect conditions for moving nationwide

sunny weather makes for perfect conditions for nationwide moving

There are many things that can go wrong during a move. You can forget some of the paperwork, or your items can get lost. You might not be able to find your way and the weather might just be terrible. However, just like with the bad stuff, there is much that can go right. Your Pembroke Pines movers might be the best choice you have ever made, and your move might be smooth and without stress. What’s more, you might finish it before you planned, and then you will have the afternoon free to rest and relax. When it comes to cross country moves, however, things are not as simple. This is along and complicated process, and you will want for as many things to go right as possible. But how can you create the perfect conditions for moving nationwide? Find out in this article!

Get good movers to create the perfect conditions for moving nationwide

One of the best ways in which you can stack your odds when it comes to moving is to get good movers. We cannot stress just how important the moving company is in the whole moving process.

If you are working with fraudulent movers, then you will lose your money and time, but you will also get a lot of stress. Furthermore, they might try to steal your items, or “kidnap” them and ask for more money than you agreed upon. Bad movers will just make the move difficult. They don’t have the experience to properly pack your items for a cross-country move, and they cannot make the conditions perfect for your nationwide move.

a moving truck
A good moving company can be a deal-breaker!

On the other hand, finding good movers will make the moving conditions pure perfection! They should be people with enough experience to be able to solve any moving problem that might occur. They might offer special services too – like military movers or student moving services. Finally, they will have perfect packing supplies and equipment, so you will be able to rest assured that the move will go without a bump in the road.

How to find these movers?

You can find these movers by getting reliable recommendations – either from your friends and colleges, and people you trust, or by searching online. However, beware! There are many moving companies that can game review websites, and earn five-star reviews without any work put in beforehand.

However, you can always screen these moving companies by asking for their US DOT number and searching for it on websites like the Better Business Bureau. Each company is required to have a US DOT number by the federal government, so if the company doesn’t have it – don’t work with them. It serves as a sort of an ID number for the company, and it helps with tracking their experience and any complaints against them, as well as a variety of other information.

Choose the time of the move carefully

Another factor that will significantly influence the perfect conditions for moving nationwide is the time you choose to move in. This is both the season, the part of the month and the week, as well as the day. Choosing it matters for a simple reason. When you move off-peak season, the movers will have more time for you. Basically, they will not be trying to move multiple people at the same time. This is easier for everybody. The movers don’t need to split their logistics or packing services – and you will be the only one whose boxes are in the moving truck.

a calendar
Pick the moving date carefully.

Meanwhile, moving in peak season usually means that the moving company will get multiple households in the same truck. This makes the nationwide move easier and cheaper. However, if this is the case, you might need to wait longer for the move. This depends on which stop you are on the truck’s route. So, if you want the perfect nationwide moving conditions, then you will move at these times:

  • winter months, starting from October all the way through April;
  • middle of the months – this is where the least amount of leases are about to end, so the least number of people moves;
  • middle of the week – the weekend is reserved for non-work related chores like moving for the majority of people;
  • early morning – this creates the perfect conditions for moving nationwide because you have a chance to arrive at your new home in the afternoon!

Minimize to create the perfect conditions for moving nationwide

Finally, one of the best things you can do when you want to move across the country in perfect conditions is to minimize the number of items you want to move. This is simple math, really. The fewer items you have, the less work you need to put into the move. What’s more, the move will be cheaper! As you can see, it’s a win-win situation.

a lap top and two boxes
Think about what your necessities are!

However, This requires a lot of time. You will need to go through each room and think about what you want to take with you. Then, you should figure out what to do with the remaining items. You can either recycle them, donate them or throw them away. If you have enough time, you can even arrange a garage sale! This way, you can earn some extra money for the move.

One of the best rules you can follow to create the perfect conditions for moving nationwide this way is the six months rule. When thinking about an item to take with you, think of the last time you used it. If it’s more than six months ago, you won’t need it. If you didn’t use it in this time, you probably won’t in the next six months either. This way. you will declutter, and you will have your perfect move!

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