Tips for speeding up the moving process

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Who would not want to speed up the moving process? Moving is often considered to be a dreadful chore, so if there are ways for the process to finish earlier it is the best thing that can happen. When you have plenty of time on your hands than there is nothing to worry about. Nevertheless, due to job relocation, for example, you may find yourself in a shortage of time. That is when the organization kicks in, and we have prepared plenty of tips for speeding up the moving process. In fact, we can do more than give you useful tips, we can recommend excellent packing services Florida as well.

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Speeding up the moving process means that you ask your friends to help you plan the move

Start as soon as you can

As soon as you make a decision to move, you should start organizing the moving process. Sit down and calmly think the situation through. Make a to-do list as it will help with speeding up the moving process. Plus, you will know exactly where you are with the moving at all times. Always carry your to-do list with you and do not leave anything for tomorrow if you can do it today. If you are moving to Miami, we know that you are looking forward to it, so the relocation should be done with as little stress possible.

Declutter as you pack

It is never to early to start packing, but when you can do multiple things, such as decluttering and packing at the same time it is even better. When you start packing always have two bags with you. One will be for the things that you will throw away, and the other will be for the things that you want to sell or donate. This is a great organizational hack, as the fewer items you have with you, the moving process will be faster, not to mention cheaper. You will not need to relocate old, broken items that you do not use anymore. Additionally, there is no point in relocating items whose shipping price is bigger than the value price. Get rid of everything you do not need.

Pack smartly

When you pack your items, make sure to have a good system. It is not enough to simply throw items into boxes. This is because you will lose a lot of time trying to find a particular item that you need. Label the boxes properly, and you will find yourself speeding up the moving process in no time. Also, there are many benefits of hiring professional packers, one of which is definitely getting the job done much faster.

speeding up the moving process means that you need to write kitchen, bedroom, dishes, books on your moving boxes
One of the best way for speeding up the moving process is to properly label your moving boxes

When it comes to speeding up the moving process, the essentials bag is a must

When you have an essentials bag, you have peace in your head. The essentials bag serves you at the time of relocation, but even up to 48 hours after the relocation. What should an essentials bag contain:

  • All of your documents – You will not lose time searching for your passport, or similar when you have an essentials bag
  • Chargers, phones, laptops
  • Medical records
  • Clothes that you will be wearing for the day
  • Toothbrush, a toothpaste, and a soap

Here you can place anything that you think is important will help you with speeding up the moving process.

Get as much help as you can

Moving is a process that takes time. If you plan to do it entirely on your own, you may need to spend more time on it than necessary. Hiring help and asking for help is completely natural and will speed up your relocation.

Hire professional movers

Hiring a reliable moving company will take a burden off your chest. You will have plenty of time then to run other errands, especially if you are moving to Miami from abroad. If you choose professionals to help you relocate, you will not have to spend time packing, moving, unpacking, getting packing supplies, etc. This will save you a lot of time.

Ask your friends to help you

Another great way to speed up time is to get your friends and family members to help you. Since moving can be a stressful period, everyone will be happy to help you. Just make sure that you have enough cold beverages and pizza. Your people can help you pack and label the moving boxes. With them, the job will be done much faster, plus you can have fun as well. This will certainly be something that you will remember for a long time.

Pack your truck efficiently

Since you have already labeled the boxes properly, and you know where each box will go, it is time to pack your truck efficiently. You certainly have a plan for your new home or an apartment. It is best if you can pack the items that you will use firstly last so that you do not have to wait for the entire truck to be unloaded before you can start unpacking. This will save you a lot of time and when something is organized right it brings you a feeling of relief.

a woman who is upset and holding her hand on her forehead
No matter how little time you have, do not overthink, just do

Try not to think a lot

When you have a lot of work ahead of you and a lack of time, people tend to overthink things a lot. This is the worst thing that you can do. In these situations, it is best to just make a to-do list once and work, work, work. Do not question yourself, simply tick off chores as you finish them. Overthinking will slow the process down a lot, and frankly, it does not have any purpose other than make you feel bad. When it comes to speeding up the moving process, doing rather than thinking is the best way to go. Good luck!

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