Summertime relocation guide

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Summer is here! So no wonder why you are looking for a summertime relocation guide. And no wonder, since summer is the time where you have to most free time. Work hours seem shorter, kids don’t have school, and more general people are more relaxed. Most people use this time for relaxation with their family on a beach and near water. However, moving during summertime has its advantages as well. Since most people are free during this time of the year. However, there are also a lot of disadvantages you need to take into consideration, With that being said we present to you the ultimate summertime relocation guide.

Make a plan

So in general, moving without planning is setting you up for a stressful move. Especially if that move is in the summer. If you are not prepared, you might even get a heat stroke. So make sure you have a proper plan in place. And it all starts with developing a proper timeline in which time-sensitive events are submitted. So you don’t forget about them. This way you won’t lose focus and forget about the bigger picture. However, another smart thing to do here is to prepare your moving budget. This way you know exactly how much you can spend on the move.


Summertime relocation guide
While we recommend that you plan, remember that good planning without good working is nothing.

Keep in mind that we generally advise against deviating from the plan in main strides. However, we recognize that life can get in the way and you might not be able to do the things exactly as you planned them. And that’s OK. Just make sure that the general gist of the plan is still in fruition. By creating a plan you are also going to have a boost of motivation to complete the rest of the move.

Plan on time

Since most of the moves take place during summer make sure that you book every time-sensitive event in advance. By doing this, you are circumventing the most crowded days and mitigating the risk of not being able to hire movers when moving day comes. So first things first, get multiple quotes from multiple moving companies, find the ones which fit your needs and hire them immediately. Book 2 months in advance if necessary.

Summertime relocation guide – start packing

There are two ways of approaching the packing phase. You can either decide to do it yourself or hire movers Lake Worth FL. Without any marketing spiel, there are pros and cons for both of these. The good thing about packing yourself is that you save on the expenses. However, if you decide to hire professional movers to do the job for you, you might find that sparing a couple of extra bucks for their services was worth it. The reason we say this is because they have the experience, proficiency, and expertise to do this job better than anyone. Not to mention the fact that if you decide to do the move yourself, that you are going to have to do research and find out how to pack items in a way that they do not get destroyed by humidity and hot weather.

Don’t forget to declutter

Another helpful tip to keep in mind if you do decide to pack your belongings by yourself is decluttering. The idea behind this is that the less you pack the less you pay the movers to move your things. Since generally, moving is paid by the pound. If nothing else, the fewer items you need the move, the faster your move will be. So, what are you waiting for? Go through your stuff and donate or throw away things you do not need.

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Pack only what you need, don’t try to stuff everything in one box!

Seek help if need be.

So we know that moving during summertime can be stressful. We have dealt with many customers and most of the moves were done during the summer, so the next tip we are going to give you comes from our heart. Take care of yourself. We had people use storage Lake Worth because they wanted to pause their move, just because of the stress they placed on themselves during moves. People get exhausted, they soak up the hot sun, and next thing you know they suffer from a heat stroke. Take breaks, use sun-scream, don’t travel during the time when the sun is at its peak. Be smart about your relocation.

Summertime relocation guide – moving with a family

Another thing to keep in mind is that when moving with a family there are more precautions you need to take into consideration then when moving alone. For example, you will need to prepare your children for the relocation. And the best way to go about it is by letting them join on the decision making process. Also, you will have to take care of things like pets. We recommend that you either give your pets to stay at a friend while you move or to move them to the new home, one or two days prior to the actual move. This way your pet won’t be all stressed out during the actual moving day.

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Moving can be stressful on pets as well.

In conclusion – Summertime relocation guide

So to sum up everything we mentioned in this article, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. Firstly, you must make a plan. Otherwise by failing to plan you are planning to fail. Secondly, when relocating, you need to make sure that you pack only the essentials. Don’t pack things you never used. We also recommend, for what it’s worth, that you hire a moving company to help you with the packing. Since moving during the summertime can require some special supplies in order to protect your belongings from the humidity. Lastly, do not be silly. Do not try to overcompensate for the lack of planning on your actual moving day. As this will not only lead to stress but also heat strokes or worse. So be smart. Plan your move. So you don’t have to worry once moving day comes.




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