Should you move a piano on your own?

A person playing the piano.

Having a piano is a beautiful thing and something very special for the entire family. It allows you to fill your home with beautiful and inspiring music, as well as pass down your piano as a valuable family heirloom. However, owning a piano is also a huge responsibility, and that responsibility seems to be the biggest during the process of relocation. To move a piano is a challenge unlike any other and, even if you hire professional interstate movers Florida, there’s a chance they won’t be able to help you out. What you need are reliable piano movers who have plenty of experience in the area. They do cost a pretty buck, which is why most people decide to move their pianos on their own. Incoming are some more details on the topic!

Moving a piano on your own 101

We won’t go on about the exact process of moving a piano, as that is quite a lengthy process. Instead, we will try to list all the challenges and risks associated with a DIY piano move. Only the bravest among you won’t frantically start searching for moving companies Sunny Isles Beach that are experts in piano moving.

A boy playing the piano.
Moving a piano is always worth the struggle in the long run.

Relocating a piano is like moving an elephant that is sitting still

And that elephant is filled with hundreds of delicate and easily-breakable parts. Can you imagine the strength and accuracy it will take to be able to move a piano on your own? Not to mention how much planning awaits before you even take on a task this big. We here at Moving Kings Van Lines FL certainly know how much planning it takes to plan a simple relocation. And relocation, where piano moving is involved, is never a simple one.

Injuries are a real risk

Have you ever heard of moving-related injuries? They are usually caused by people dropping boxes on their feet or pulling a muscle from lifting a heavy load. The soreness you’ll feel for the next few days is a given and it will be the least of your worries. That’s why staying safe on a moving day is very important – especially when there is a risk of you dropping a piano. That’s a situation we don’t even want to imagine. Should you decide to move a piano on your own, follow a few tips we are about to give you on how to approach it and remain safe!

  • Find a piano dolly and transfer some of the weight on it instead of carrying it on your own.
  • Always wear gloves when moving a piano as that will help you have a better grip and not drop it.
  • Never try to slide the piano, as that will damage your floors, as well as the piano legs.
A first aid kit to use when you move a piano.
Always have a first-aid kit at hand when moving. You never know when you might need it!

You will still need a lot of help to move a piano

Even if you are the strongest man on the Earth, carrying a piano will be mission impossible. This object is simply too heavy and too massive for anyone to carry alone. That means you’ll need to invite all of your friends, as well as fit the moving date according to their schedules. Which might be easy if you are moving just next door, but if going through a long distance move, you won’t be able to pick and choose. As an adult, you already know how difficult just scheduling a night out can be; imagine fitting a whole day of moving into everyone’s jam-packed schedules.

The cost of a DIY piano relocation

If you thought that to move a piano on your own will be a cost-free endeavor, prepare yourself for some bad news. DIY piano relocation can cost as much as $1000 if moving to another state, and $100 if moving next door. That being said, here is a breakdown of some costs in the upcoming period.

  • Piano moving dollies – $125
  • Piano belt – $25
  • Hump strap – $25
  • Blankets and moving pads – $50
  • Packing tape – $10

Doesn’t seem like such a cheap endeavor anymore, does it? That’s because it won’t be. When you add all the stress and the risk of moving injuries, you will probably get your answer whether moving a piano on your own is worth it.

Dollar bills.
Moving a piano is expensive when done on your own, and it’s expensive when handled by pros.

Moving a piano with some professional help

Inevitably, we came to the prospect of you moving your piano with the help of a reliable moving company. For starters, take all the challenges of a DIY piano relocation and feel free to cross them off the list. Those won’t be an issue when having a professional move your piano. Not only will you save time, friendships, and your health, but you also might be able to save money. Don’t get us wrong – we are not suggesting that piano movers are cheap. You might be able to negotiate a better price with your movers, but they will still inevitably come with a hefty price tag.

But, with professionals handling your piano, the risk of any damage is virtually non-existent. Of course, if you chose reliable movers in the first place. Taking into account a piano’s value, you can imagine how big of a financial loss any damage might turn out to be.

So, should you move a piano on your own? If you have a strong group of friends ready to help you out, you could give it a go. Just remember that the risks of damaging your items, as well as hurting yourself are real. Nobody can tell you what’s right for you – only you know that. And we have faith that you will make the best and most informed decision. Good luck!

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