Preparing instruments for storage – tips and tricks

A close up of a violin.

Owning and loving an instrument is a very special thing and, as such, it must have a very special place in your heart. After all, a person spends years learning how to master an instrument and it’s very questionable whether you can ever truly master it. However, as life goes, you have less and less time to play your instrument. Soon enough, there will come a time when you will only have a couple of minutes per month to dedicate to playing an instrument. That’s the moment when you will come to the realization that it might be the right time for storing your beloved instrument. Now, whether you are preparing instruments for storage due to this reason or any other doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you first find great storage facilities Lake Worth FL, and then properly store your instruments. Take a look!

Before you begin preparing instruments for storage, you have one very important task in front of you!

And that task is the one of finding the right storage unit for your instrument. We won’t dwell on this for too long, as the message is quite clear – you must find and rent climate-controlled storage. These units will guarantee that your instruments stay safe and sound while stored and will keep your item in the optimal condition. You can go out of your way and pay for top-notch packing services Florida for packing your instruments, and you can even hire movers to transport them. The point is that, if stored in a unit without the climate-control, your instruments don’t stand a very good chance.

A storage unit.
Preparing your instruments for storage is a process that might take a bit more of your time – but that time will be well-spent.

Start by preparing your instruments in due time

This might seem like a very simple task at the moment. All you have to do is put them in boxes and drive them off to their new home, right? Well, very wrong. There are a few steps to follow if you want to properly prepare your instruments for storage. They won’t take days, but they also won’t take minutes. We here at Moving Kings Van Lines FL love to do everything with time to spare. Trust us – you’ll feel better too!

Clean your instruments before putting them in storage

If you have not played your violin recently, chances are it has become very dusty. That dust might not seem like a big problem, but you’ll have to agree it’s not ideal. So, start off your preparations with a cleaning cloth in your hand and wipe off any dust. But, be careful – there are special cleaning cloths to be used for this purpose.

A woman playing the violin.
Take good care of your instruments – you’d hate to see anything happen to them.

Also, be very careful which chemicals and materials are in touch with your instruments. For example, wooden instruments should not be treated with any chemical that contains alcohol or that is oil-based. Learn how to take care of your instruments – after all, they have cost you a pretty penny, we bet.

Bring out their original cases

The case you instrument came in is the best container for that item – no doubt about it. It was specifically tailored to the dimensions of your instrument and, as such, it is the best container if safety is your priority. Which it really should be when preparing instruments for storage.

If you plan on storing your instruments long-term, we really hope the cases of your instruments have a hard-cover, instead of a soft one. The soft one might not be enough to keep mold and humidity away from your items and trust us – with all the damage mold and moisture can cause, you really want to keep them at bay.

Get insurance for your instruments

The importance of insurance can never be overestimated. You are storing your items in hopes that everything will go right, and you are right to do so. But, you must always predict all the possible outcomes and the bad one is, unfortunately, one of them. How much you will be reimbursed if anything happens to your items depends on the liability coverage you choose. However, when renting long-term storage in Florida, we always advise you spare as much money as you can for this expense.

Dollar bills to spend when preparing instruments for storage.
Don’t be a cheapskate when it comes to insurance.

Furthermore, before putting your instruments in storage, take photos of them from all angles and sides. This will be a great proof for the insurance claim, should anything go wrong, of course.

Organize your instruments inside the unit

Once you get to the actual storage facility and enter your unit, it will be incredibly easy to simply throw your instrument among all the other things you have in there. And that’s an act that would destroy all the preparation you did up until now. Instead, place your instruments in such a way that they are not in direct sunlight. Even though you love to soak up the sun, your instruments won’t. Place them in the spots of your unit that are dark at all time. Better yet, get yourself a unit which doesn’t let in a lot of natural sunlight. You’ll be thankful for it!

Sometimes, the process of preparing instruments for storage can be more than you bargained for, and it can take up a lot of your time. In those cases, just remember why you’re doing it. You are trying to improve the daily functionality, store your possessions during relocation, or simply downsize and get rid of some of your belongings. In any situation, you’ll want to keep your items safe and sound. They do have a lot of value after all – both emotional and monetary.

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