Packing for storage in a hurry

Packing for storage in a hurry

We know that sometimes packing for storage can be a chore. And when you have to do it for a short period of time, it can also become stressful. Regardless of whether you have a week to pack or just one day, there are a few things you can do to make the process of packing for storage in a hurry more efficient and make sure everything goes where you need it.

Man looking at his watch
You may not have much time, but, with the right organization, you can do it

Do not panic

Do not forget to breathe. It may seem like a lot, and that you will never pack everything for storage in one day. Trust us, you will. Just because it seems impossible doesn’t mean it is. The key is to do it step by step.

Make a checklist when packing for storage in a hurry

Having a checklist of what you need to do can help your storage packing process go as smoothly as possible.
The checklist helps you keep track of your priority packing goals, when specific tasks need to be completed, and where to go. It will also serve as a reminder if you forget something.

While you can decide how detailed you want it to be, a checklist can be an important part of maintaining motivation and timely completion of all tasks, especially if you are in a hurry.

Organize, organize, organize

Before you start removing the bubble pack and pulling the tape, we recommend that you arrange everything that you pack. And we mean everything: it all has to go somewhere. Make piles based on where the object is going. Are you packing it for storage? Throwing it away? Donating or giving away? Put everything in the appropriate pile.

Extra tip: If you cannot decide the fate of some items, make a stack of “Maybe”. This allows you to keep moving, saving you precious minutes of packing time. The pile does not have to be neat and tidy, but it must have a designation.

Pile of suitcases
When you have clearly defined piles, you will get a better idea of how much you have

Decide what to put in storage

Regardless of the reason you need storage Lake Worth, the next step you need to take is to decide which property you want to keep. Storage is expensive, and not all of your old things are worth the cost of storage. Therefore, before you start looking for a place to store or packing for storage in a hurry, examine your property and evaluate each individual item:

  • Will you (or your family member) use it ever again?
  • Is it functional and convenient?
  • Is it in good general condition?
  • Does it have sentimental value (an heirloom, a keepsake, a personal favorite, etc.)?
  • Is it expensive?
  • Is it difficult to find or impossible to replace (antiques, art, collectibles, etc.)?

If you answer “yes” to more than two of these questions, then this item is worth saving. And you should find a safe and effective way to store it for future use.

Be merciless – donate or throw away

Hurry can actually be a hidden blessing. The deadline means that you will be more decisive about what stays and what goes. When you pick something, follow your inner world. Never going to use it again? If the item is still in good condition, find a place to donate it. Otherwise, throw it away. We recommend that you pack things that you dispose of, so you are not tempted to try and take something with you.

Extra tip: There are some things that you are not allowed to keep in storage. Find out what you cannot keep in your storage unit why you cannot keep it.

Use appropriate boxes for long-term storage

In order for your items to be reliably safe during the entire storage period, you need to use the right type of packing containers – strong boxes in excellent condition, which are absolutely dry and clean.

Boxes for packing for storage in a hurry
The type of boxes you use for packing for storage in a hurry you use can make a huge difference for the safety of your items

Old boxes from grocery stores or other similar places will not work. They are not strong enough and not clean enough to ensure the safety of your belongings. Their integrity has been damaged as a result of previous use, and they may not withstand stacking. Or may fall apart in a few months. There may also be stains or food debris inside that can attract pests or cause mold, etc. And preventing mold in your storage unit is what you really want to do.

It is best to buy new packing boxes that will last for many years and provide good protection for your belongings. Choose sturdy cardboard boxes of the same size that are easier to stack and which will allow you to optimize the space in your storage.

Packing in transparent plastic containers is also a good idea. They are strong and very flexible (plastic boxes do not tear and do not break), transparent (which makes them very convenient to use), waterproof and designed for stacking on top of each other. However, avoid using plastic bags – they can trap moisture and cause mold to form on your items (not to mention that they break easily and cannot stack at all).

Ask for help

Many hands really do an easy job, so we recommend calling friends or hiring professional packers to help you with packing for storage in a hurry. If you choose this, make sure that you have an idea of what you need them to do. Refer to your checklist to help everyone be organized.

Thanking people for packing for storage in a hurry
And do not forget to thank them for their help!

Ready to move your belongings to storage? Hire professionals!

If all your belongings are packed and ready to go, hiring professional moving companies Sunny Isles Beach will continue to keep the process organized and efficient. They can also provide you with the right packing materials, as well as help you with packing for storage in a hurry. Call professionals and make sure that everything goes smoothly.

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