Moving from NYC to Fort Lauderdale

Moving from NYC to Fort Lauderdale

If the Sunny State of Florida is calling your name, then moving is a great option. Perhaps you are tired of the cold days and wind in NYC or have better career prospects in Florida. Whatever the reason for your relocation may be, we want to help you. Moving from NYC to Fort Lauderdale is a very common decision among New Yorkers. Frankly, you should not be surprised at how many New Yorkers you will meet in Fort Lauderdale. This is amazing because you will get most of the needed info from the first hand. Plus, you will have great Boynton Beach moving companies to help you all every step of the way.

A blue suitcase and a passport
A lot of New Yorkers are moving from NYC to Fort Lauderdale to enjoy a much more peaceful environment.

The weather is much more appealing in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale will enchant you with more than 250 sunny days a year. The sun is shining, the Atlantic ocean is just around the corner, you have nature all around you. It may seem quite unrealistic if you still have not moved, right? This change in scenery will bring you a more peaceful life, where not everyone is in a constant rush to get to their next meeting. Instead, after moving from NYC to Fort Lauderdale, you will be able to enjoy the great weather, swim in the ocean, take long walks and breathe in some fresh air. Moving to Florida has a lot of advantages, and a great climate is certainly one of them.

Living costs are much lower here

As you probably already know, Florida is a tax-free country, and that says a lot. You will not have to pay for taxes as you used to, which makes moving from NYC to Fort Lauderdale a fantastic decision right from the very beginning. However, many other things are simply cheaper than in NYC:

  • The food – the food is much cheaper in Fort Lauderdale, which includes both supermarkets and restaurants as well. NYC is one of the most costly cities in the USA, so it is not surprising that you will not have to spend as much in Sunny City. And you will have so many opportunities to find new friends after moving to Fort Lauderdale in restaurants, and eateries all around the city.
  • Rent – Renting is far simpler in Fort Lauderdale, because it is a lot cheaper. For instance, renting a 1-bedroom apartment downtown would be around $1,600. The same-sized apartment in NYC would be almost double at $2,955.
  • Buying a house – Even if you thought that this was not an option, perhaps you would soon reconsider this. The price of a square ft in Fort Lauderdale is $321, 75, which is nothing in comparison to NYC`s $1,680. Can you imagine owning a house or an apartment near the ocean, enjoying yourself in warm weather? We can, too.
a house with a for sale sign that should be sold before moving from NYC to Fort Lauderdale
Owning a house in Fort Lauderdale is not just a fantasy, everything is possible here.

Before moving from NYC to Fort Lauderdale throw a goodbye party

When moving from NYC to Fort Lauderdale, it is not a bad idea to celebrate it with your closest friends. Organizing a move can be a very exhausting task, so after ticking off most of the things from your interstate moving checklist, have some fun. If you have time, you can make it into a whole day out, visiting your favorite NYC places one last time. Go to your favorite park, your favorite cafe or two, eat your favorite pizza and simply enjoy it. There will be enough time to stress out about the move. Allow yourself one day where you will say goodbye to your dearest people and dearest NYC places.

Do not forget to save money along the way

Making a move means that you will be spending a lot of money to do everything right. However, there are plenty of tips and trips that will help you save money.

  • Choose the right moving company – If you hire a reliable moving company, you can count on saving money. First of all, skillful, experienced staff will move your items carefully while reducing potential damage. Secondly, they know exactly how much packing material will you need, and can calculate the final cost effortlessly. No unpleasant surprises here.
  • Downsize before moving to Fort Lauderdale – This is always a great thing to do. But when moving from NYC to Fort Lauderdale, this means that you do not have to move your coats, sweaters, and boots with you. Donate, sell or throw away everything you do not need. Have a yard sale and earn money by selling the items that would just collect dust at Fort Lauderdale. This will also deduct moving expenses, as we weight of your shipping will be smaller.
  • Use the items that you already have as packing material – If you are packing on your own, think about the items that can serve as packing supplies. Count in towels, linen, egg boxes, your own bags, and suitcases. A lot can be packed in these, and that is why this is a great way to save money when moving.
NYC architecture
Spend a day with your friends visiting your favorite places in NYC in order to prepare mentally for the move.

Ultimate moving tips

Remember to bring your medical records to Fort Lauderdale. Pack an essentials bag where you will place clothes, your toothbrush, phone chargers, important numbers and similar. Keep your valuable items within your reach. Do not risk packing them in the van, as accidents may happen. Check which items cannot be imported to Florida. See if you have all the documents needed. Always be careful and rest, because this is the safest way to avoid moving injuries. Make sure you get enough sleep, water, and food because if you do not, moving becomes a lot more stressful.

Moving from NYC to Fort Lauderdale is not really hard when you have in mind that you will live in a much more peaceful environment. There is no rush, no stress here, only the sun and happiness. Good luck!

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