Ideas for storing Christmas decorations

Storing Christmas decorations

Decorating for the holidays is usually a fun and exciting activity that we all look forward to every year. Especially if you have just moved with one of the Boynton Beach moving companies. However, it can also be challenging to shop for everything and put decorations around the house. To save time and money, many families decorate each year, preserving their Christmas decorations and reusing them when the holiday season begins. To properly preserve decorations, there are several useful tips and tricks for Christmas and holiday storage. Look at 10 ways for storing Christmas decorations to preserve your holiday baubles and keep them vibrant and fresh for years to come.

Start storing Christmas decorations separately

1. Storage of Christmas linens

Before storing linens, it is important to clean them, as stains will oxidize over time. One way to store your holiday linens is in a suitcase to avoid the risk of moisture damage. You can also store your Christmas towels, rugs and blankets on an unused shelf in your bedroom or personal closet. To protect them from moths and keep pleasant-smelling linen, you can put one or two sheets of a lavender-style dryer between the clothes. Although this storage method takes up space in your home, it will prevent stains, bad smells, holes, and other unpleasant surprises on your linens when they are pulled out next year. Also remember to never store Christmas bedding in a garage, in the attic, or in places where the climate is not controlled.

Keep wood pulp, such as tissue paper, newsprint, and cardboard, away from linens, as it releases fumes that destroy the fabric and turn it yellow. Remove items such as labels, tags, and pins that may also discolor and damage the linen. You should also be aware of certain materials, such as plastic, masking tape, and hangers, which can give off gases or turn into materials that make linen sticky or rusty. If you managed to save them while moving with licensed movers Florida, there is no reason to ruin them now.

2. Storage of Christmas wreaths

The containers you use to store your Christmas wreaths should keep their shape throughout the year. Many storage methods break or damage wreaths, especially such as extra bows and decor. Look for a wreath repository that is large enough to truly preserve the shape and decoration of the item so you can use it for many years. You can also keep a wreath in your closet with an organizer that has several hangers. Wreaths easily slip on the rod, and this will prevent them from falling or deteriorating.

Christmas wreath
Pay special attention when storing Christmas decorations

3. Christmas tree storage

Although the box with your artificial tree may seem ideal for packing in storage, this is usually not a good idea for keeping it. Cardboard boxes begin to deteriorate, making them more susceptible to infection by insects or moisture. And you should really do whatever it takes to prevent moisture in your storage unit. Try a Christmas tree bag or Christmas tree box to protect your tree. There are also convenient bags for wood with wheels, large and durable bags for storing large trees, and sets of bags that share the weight of the tree. With endless options, you can choose the best Christmas tree storage option that fits your needs and home.

4. Storage of Christmas decorations

Special decorations often benefit from storing in the boxes in which they were originally located. You can also store smaller decorations in clean and dry egg boxes. Plastic jewelry that is not fragile can also be stored in plastic sandwich bags and packed tightly in a box or bag. In addition, there are elegant containers and storage boxes designed for storing Christmas decorations neatly and securely.

5. Christmas candle storage

Wrap holiday candles in old socks or knee-high socks so as not to scratch them. Candles can also be wrapped in cellophane to prevent melting or color rendering. Candles should not be wrapped in plastic wrap or wax paper, as they can easily stick to the surface when heated. Be sure to keep Christmas candles away from heat sources, such as in the attic, basement, or other places that may melt them. For temperature control, you can also put candles in a container or consider using digital flameless candles, as this often helps with heating problems.

6. Storage of Christmas pictures for reassembly

Take a picture to remember how you set your decorations before storing Christmas decorations. It is also a great way to get other people to help you decorate for the holiday, be it family or friends. You can store photos digitally on your computer, phone or in the cloud and share them with Santa’s elves whenever possible. Alternatively, you can go old school and print them so you can physically transfer them. After you have taken some photos, remove everything in the reverse order in which they were exposed. Then you can store your photos in a convenient notebook for organizing holidays.

Christmas photo album
It can also be a good photo album if you add or change decor over time

7. Storing the planners

Do not pack away your notebook for vacation planning. You will need this notebook throughout the year to track recipes, address changes, gift ideas, and purchased gifts. Keep your holiday planner on a bookshelf out of the reach, but also available throughout the year. Although this may seem optional for those who do not plan, a holiday notebook can help you remember how and where you kept everything, as well as organize your budget, Christmas cards, traditions and much more.

8. Storing Christmas lights

Get rid of the confusing mess of past years by arranging your Christmas lights before packing them. First, make sure all light sources are working properly. This is just one way to save space in storage FL. You can then wrap holiday lights around coffee cans, pieces of cardboard, Pringles cans, or even a hanger. Conveniently pack them in a large box, bag or container for next year.

9. Store away with labels

Save time next year by carefully marking your Christmas decorations. First, you can organize by making detailed inventory on the outside of each box. You can then number the boxes to find out how many of them you have. Labeling the boxes in this way also allows you to arrange them according to the order in which they are unpacked. You can also make a note about your labeling system inside the holiday planner. If you do not want to make your own labels at home, you can find printable holiday storage labels online. Finally, consider wrapping your Christmas decoration boxes in wrapping paper for easy identification.

10. Storing Christmas boxes strategically

Do not forget to mark the first box that will be opened at Christmas. For example, Box 1 may contain your calendar of events, a tree stand, Christmas cards and everything you need at the beginning of the Christmas season. By marking the first box, you can find the most important elements that begin the holiday season.

Decorating Christmas tree
Label each box according to its content

Before you put in a box and label things, you can brainstorm about storing Christmas decorations in the first place. You can use your notebook for vacation planning to determine how many boxes you will have and what will be in each of them before organizing the boxes themselves.

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