How to calculate your moving expenses


Why should you calculate your moving expenses? Well, let’s just start by saying that people move for different reasons. Some move because of jobs, others because they want a fresh start, and some people just do not have a choice. Whatever the reason for your move may be, calculating your moving expenses is really important. The reason for this is that by calculating your moving expenses you get a grasp of how much you will need to spend on the move. Furthermore, you will gain an insight into whether moving is worth it. This information is valuable if you want to make a smart decision regarding your move. Meaning that you can use this information to your advantage and try to find out where you can skimp out on costs and where to really go home. This article will help you do just that.

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Be smart about your choices and you can save up a lot of money!

What determines your moving expense?

You hear people often say that you should calculate your moving expenses, but what really goes into those expenses? Well, generally speaking, these costs can be divided into two groups – the costs of the actual move, and the hidden costs that follow it. We will explain each of the costs below.

The costs of moving by a moving company

There are several factors that determine your expenses when you hire a moving company to do your move, those being:

  • the distance of the move. The longer the distance the higher the cost of the move. So if you are moving household goods cross country get ready to cash out more for the actual move.
  • transportation. Don’t forget that movers have to calculate the cost of gas and the time they used the truck for the move in the cost of your moving.
  • unloading. Movers will also calculate the manpower used for the unloading in the moving cost.
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There are a lot of hidden costs you need to consider when moving.
  • additional costs (depending on your needs)
    • packing supplies. If you decide on hiring a moving company, you will be asked whether you want to pack the items or you want the movers to do it for you. If you decide on the latter be ready to cash out a bit more money because they will charge you for the supplies they brought as well as the manpower needed to pack your personal belongings.
    • packing and unpacking. In regard to the above mentioned, if you do decide to hire them to pack items, you can also hire them to do the unpacking for you, which will also cost extra. So be wary of that as well!
    • storage services. Some moving companies offer special offers such as supplying you with additional storage you can store your items at.
    • other special services. 

Calculate your moving expenses by adding up the hidden costs

Besides the obvious costs mentioned above, there are several hidden costs that come with moving, those being:

  • tipping the movers. 
  • the costs of replacing new items that were either damaged or don’t fit with your new home
  • utility costs
  • paying for dog keeping (if you have a pet)
  • repairs and ongoing maintenance around the house

These costs as you can see are highly dependent on your needs and wants so be careful, and always try to get the correct Florida moving quotes.

Calculate your moving expenses – get the best deal

So there are plenty of costs that accompany moving. However, there are ways to skimp out on some of these expenses.

Declutter your personal belongings.

Firstly we recommend that you get rid of your excess belongings. This is the number one tip you need to follow when you want to pack your household.  Since the fewer items you pack, the less you need to pay for the extra costs.

Find free supplies

Since you can spend a lot of money on boxes and other supplies we recommend that you reuse your old boxes and other containers instead of buying them. You can also ask around at other markets and stores since most of the time they throw away these supplies and have no need for them once their delivery arrives.

Ask for help.

Also, make sure that you ask for assistance if you need help moving and storage Florida. You never know how helpful friends and family members can be!

Two children holding hands
Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your friends! They are always there for you!

Calculate your moving expenses by finding moving discounts

The best way to find the cheapest movers is to search for moving discounts and to obtain quotes from multiple movers. So that you can wage your options and choose the one that fits best with your needs.

Choose a less expensive move date

While on the topic of moving quotes, be mindful when picking the date of the move. Sometimes, you might find that some dates are cheaper than others. For example, Sundays are considered by people to be cheaper moving days than Fridays. For example, most moves take place around summertime, during labor day. So try not to pick those dates as they are the busiest for moving companies.

In conclusion – how to calculate your moving expenses?

There are a lot of costs that are incorporated into moving. And naturally so, since moving is considered to be a very complex event. There are a lot of must-pay costs that you cannot skimp on. For example, you have to pay the movers the price of the distance of the move, you have to pay for the manpower used to transport your items and unload them from the truck. However, there are a lot of things you don’t need to pay extra money for. For example, you can choose to pack your own personal belongings with free moving supplies that you obtained from the market down the street. You can choose a moving date that is not considered to be the busiest so that the moving quote is in-and-of-itself much cheaper. And the things of that nature.

Hopefully, by reading this article you have gained insight in all the costs that encompass a move, so you know in the future what costs you can skimp on and where you really need to pay up.


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