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It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving locally or a long distance, planning on small or big relocation, relocating home, office or business – there’s one thing in common for all these migrations: trying to save money along the way. With all those expensive moving companies, it’s not an easy task. However, there are Florida movers that can conduct your move and not cost a fortune. Finding cheap movers in Florida, therefore, is something you probably bear in mind. What you should also bear in mind is that many cheap movers appear to be fraudulent. This is exactly why we are about to give you tips on how to hire reliable and cheap movers in Florida at the same time. Read on and learn how to make an affordable move and still have a completely safe relocation.

Moving home in Florida – how to save money?

There are quite a few moving activities you can undertake to make sure you’ll have an affordable relocation. Here are our suggestions what you can do:

  • Do some parts of the relocation on your own – Saving money almost always goes hand in hand with investing time and effort.
  • Lower the size of your move – Don’t move those items you rarely or never use. Donating or selling them will lower your costs and potentially increase your moving budget at the same time.
  • Hire the most affordable movers out there – Hiring cheap movers in Florida is surely the best thing you can do to save money. Only, pay attention to every single detail, given that many cheap movers are fraudulent at the same time.
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How to move home on a budget?

DIY activities save your money

Before you start, we must emphasize – consult your moving company before you do anything on your own. In particular, if you don’t have previous experience in relocating home/business. First make sure that everything will be properly and safely done, and only then think about saving money. However, even without experience, there are several things you are certainly capable of:

  • Packing your belongings start early, given that packing process is a demanding one. If you have some high-value items or very fragile items you are emotionally attached to, perhaps you should hire moving experts to take care of them. The price for partial packing will surely be lower than if you hired movers and packers to pack all your belongings.
  • Disassembling furniture and electronics – There are numerous videos online where you can learn how to properly disassemble each piece of furniture you might have. Doing it yourself will probably take some time, but it could save you money. Again, for more demanding items, consult your moving company, or let them disassemble them.
  • Unpacking and reassembling your items – Sure, you will be exhausted, but it will be worth it in the end, you’ll save some money.

There are surely other activities that moving companies include in a full-service relocation that you can conduct on your own. Discuss everything with the moving company you hired, and reliable movers will let you pick the most affordable option in your particular case without jeopardizing the safety of your move.

De-cluttering: The mother of lowering moving costs!

Every Florida home has so many items that nobody knows exist until the moving day arrives. And when moving home, somehow, it’s always difficult to make that decision to get rid of it. So you take that clutter with yourself, paying for storage facilities when you don’t have enough space in our home. But, let’s stop for a moment and think. Why would you waste money on something you potentially never touched after the day of purchase?

Paying a moving company to relocate all those items will take time, effort, and, eventually money. The more of those items you get rid of, the lower the size of your relocation will be, and the less money you will pay. (Two trucks and 6 people cost more than three people and only one truck.) Besides this, you can also make money. Arranging a yard sale, selling everything you don’t need and donating the rest will increase your moving budget, and plus make you feel better.

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Hire quality and cheap movers in Florida at the same time – Moving Kings Van Lines FL

Hiring reliable and cheap movers in Florida

As we said, one of the best things to do when trying to save money on your Florida move is hiring cheap movers. However, you need to be very careful, given that moving scams commonly hide behind cheap prices. This is why you must keep your eyes wide open and watch for red flags. Avoiding fraudulent movers is more important than saving money, so we suggest you do the following:

  • Use reliable resources and make a list of 5-7 cheap moving companies you will consider hiring. Asking your friends, family, acquaintances, neighbors will help a lot. Those among them who moved recently will probably have some recommendation.
  • Make sure they are reliable. Meaning that they own proper licensure, vehicles, equipment, tools, supplies, and they don’t hide a company name. Plus, read the contract before signing it, and never sign an incomplete or blank contract. Pay attention to every single detail, because the scammers became sophisticated.
  • Make sure they are quality. A low-quality moving company is as bad choice as a fraudulent mover. Yes, you are trying to hire cheap movers in Florida, and you can’t expect top-class moving services. But you should at least require a decent quality. After all, you’re moving all your possessions, you don’t want them damaged or broken.
  • Hire the company offering the best price for the services you need. In the previous sentence, you should notice two things. One, you should hire the company offering the best price. The best price isn’t always the lowest one, but the most affordable for that standard of quality and that volume of services. Two, you should hire the company offering the services you need. There are moving companies that are quite affordable for the services they offer, but they offer a lot more than you need. Hiring a company that is prepared to adjust the services packet to your particular relocation is an option that will appear to be the most affordable in the end.

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