Do you need climate controlled storage?

Climate controlled storage units.

An average American household has a lot of problems with clutter and lack of space. That’s why storage units are now popular more than ever. They represent simple yet effective solutions for de-cluttering your house and getting rid of all that mess. Sure, storage solutions are not exactly cheap, but they are worth every penny. This especially goes for climate controlled storage solutions. Spending a bit more money on this handy little invention is more than a good choice. Besides, even though you don’t know it yet, a lot of your everyday items are prone to damage. Using a climate controlled unit might be the only way to protect them.

How does climate controlled storage work?

It’s simple. Unlike a regular storage unit, where the temperature rises and falls with the change in weather, a climate controlled unit will make sure that the temperature in your unit is just right. Not too hot nor too cold. Just perfect. Even if you live in a hot country, such as Florida, you can rest assured that the heat won’t beat this type of unit.

A thermometer.
Climate controlled storage solutions always make sure the temperature inside your unit is cool and comfortable.

While in the past, climate controlled units weren’t so easy to find, the situation has changed. All Florida moving and storage companies should be able to offer this type of unit. Of course, better conveniences do come at a bigger price. But, the moment you see how safe and undamaged your items are, you will realize that your money was well-spent.

The benefits of climate controlled units

You already know the main advantage of climate controlled units as opposed to regular ones. But, what you don’t know is exactly how that controlled temperature will reflect on the wellbeing of your items.

  • Climate controlled storage prevent moisture and mold from forming on your items.
  • They keep all the pests and insects at bay, which you will be thankful for.
  • It controls humidity inside the unit, preventing any damage to some of your items.

If you are in a financially good situation, you are not even thinking whether or not to get a climate controlled unit. But even if you are on a tight budget, you should still make some room and save on other things. Also, you can do your best to find discounts and cheaper storage units. Prices for storage units in Lake Worth differ from the ones in Miami. Do your research, and find the perfect place – one that is neither too expensive nor too far from your residence.

A desert.
Even if it’s scorching hot outside, the temperature in your unit will remain the same.

Items that require climate controlled storage

We won’t go as far as to say that you must have a climate controlled unit for all of your items. But, the truth is that, if you want to be sure your items are safe, a big majority of them must go in a climate controlled unit. When in doubt, it’s best to consult with pros. Ask the company that’s offering you storage solutions which type of unit do they recommend. Although, if you have to store any of the following items, there is no reason for you to bother asking. You will have no other option but to get a unit with climate control.

Wooden furniture

Whether you are storing an antique nightstand, dining room table or bed frames, it’s a general rule that everything made from wood should go to a climate controlled unit. Wood can crack and rot if exposed to temperatures that are too hot and to the air that is too humid. And, since you get humidity control along with climate control when renting one of these units, it’s clear what you need to do.

Items made out of leather

Whether you have a leather jacket or a leather couch that is going to storage, you already know how expensive this material is. Did you know that if exposed to extreme and unstable temperatures, leather can get discolored? This will pretty much make your item unusable again, so there is no need for you to take that risk.

A black leather couch.
The bigger the surface covered with leather, the more expensive the item is.

Collectibles and valuables

If you have spent years or decades collecting items like stamps, we are sure that risking their wellbeing is not something you want to do. Even though when moving, and hiring local or long distance Florida movers, they will tell you that storing valuables is not the best idea, if you absolutely have to do it then climate controlled storage is a must. It will cost you much less to pay for this type of unit than to have to replace your valuable sculpture, jewelry or painting.

Electronics and house appliances

Whether you have decided to put away some old gadgets or kitchen appliances, it’s best that you do so while watching out for their safety. Humidity and hot temperatures will be your items’ number one enemy when sitting in storage. We already explained how a climate controlled unit protects your items, so it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Be careful how you store your items

Just because you rented a climate controlled storage unit doesn’t mean that your work is over. If you want your items to be safe in any type of unit, you need to store them properly. Make sure they enter a unit clean and in the optimal condition, and disassemble your furniture before putting it in storage. If you think there are some items you will need before others, put them at the front of the unit. Trust us, it will save you from a lot of trouble and rummaging through your unit.

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