Best places to buy a house in Florida

A house at night, in one of the best places to buy a house in Florida.

Are you thinking about moving to Florida? That’s really a great idea! Let’s face it, if you can choose where to live in the US, Florida has to be one of your top picks. It’s got the weather, it’s got the beaches, it’s got the lifestyle. Whatever you’re looking for, basically, Florida’s got it. So why not buy a house there? Luckily for you, we’ve got some tips on the best places to buy a house in Florida! If you’re up for some hot info, scroll down and we’ll take care of the rest.

How to choose a place in Florida

If you’re still here, that means you’re serious about finding a home in Florida. That’s fantastic! But now it’s time to get down to serious business – just how are you supposed to pick among the best places to buy a house in Florida? The Sunshine State seems awesome whatever town or city you choose – so how is someone supposed to make a rational choice? Well, basically you’ve got some thorough research ahead of you. You’ll need to think about what’s best for you and your family. Then narrow down until you have a few final contestants, and then finally, make your choice and get packing. We’ve got some tips on what kind of info you’ll be looking for:

  • The local people – you’ll want to know what the locals are like. What kind of neighborhoods is up for grabs? Remember, these are the people you’ll be spending the majority of your time with – so think long and hard!
  • The safety – What are the crime rates? This is a key question because you don’t want to buy a house in an unsafe neighborhood just because it’s cheap.
  • The job market – Unless you’re working from home, you’ll probably be needing a new job – so take that into account when you’re picking from the best places to buy a house in Florida.
Two people doing research on two laptops.
There’s a lot of research ahead if you want to buy a house in Florida!

Buying a house in Tampa

Okay, now you’ve learned some basics about house-hunting. You know how to pick your place, and you know what you’re looking for. So, now we can take a look at some of our own recommendations for the best places to buy a house in Florida. We may even stop your search right here and save you some time!

Without further ado, here’s our first pick – Tampa! This beautiful place is found on Florida’s eastern coast. If you’re into family life, it’s got a few great neighborhoods for you. And best of all, the property prices are predicted to continue rising. That means the value of your house will just go up over time! If you’ve got any kids, the local public schools are great. In fact, great enough that you won’t even need to think about private education. Best of all, Tampa is generally very safe – so you won’t be thinking about crime if you buy a house here. Whether you decide on checking out Arbor Greene or Hyde Park, you won’t make a mistake. Really, Tampa is at least worth considering!

A large house with a garden in the suburbs, on a bright sunny day.
Tampa is truly one of the best places to buy a house in Florida!

Orlando – one of the best places to buy a house in Florida

Here’s another place that may seem obvious, but we’d be remiss not to mention it: Orlando! Obviously, we’re talking about one of the biggest cities in Florida, but that doesn’t mean a very high-strung, urban life. It’s got beautiful parks if you’re into recreation, and it’s a short drive away from the ocean. And after all, that’s what living in Florida is all about, right? Being able to just go to the beach whenever you feel like doing so. And if you’re buying a house with your family, you should know that the University of Central Florida is nearby. That’s a great educational opportunity!

Really, Orlando is perfect for potential home buyers. There’s plenty of extremely friendly neighborhoods like Windermere, or Oviedo. You’ll find these communities are very close-knit and value good manners and friendship. And shops, malls, theatres, pubs – Orlando’s got them all. Everything you need from a life that can be as urban or peaceful as you want it to be! So when you’re perusing Florida real estate listings for houses, make sure to keep Orlando on your radar!

A large suburban neighborhood with rows of houses.
Orlando’s got some beautiful suburbs for you if you’re willing to give it a chance!


Okay, now let’s get down to our last contestant, and this one’s a heavy hitter – Miami! If you’re looking for something more fun than a simple suburban life and game nights with your neighbors, here’s the real deal. Really, there’s not much we can say about Miami that’s not obvious. With over 5 million inhabitants, Miami is the most populous city in Florida, and one of the biggest in the South of the US in general. People know it worldwide for its beautiful, sandy beaches. Even if you’ve never been there, you’re bound to have seen some on postcards.

As you might expect, the real estate market here is not exactly forgiving. But if you have the money, and you want to have a life in Florida that’s surrounded by a bustling city, here’s your choice. Let’s not kid ourselves, Miami is the tourism and transport capital of the East coast. If you’re looking to dabble in the media, politics, or sports of Florida, Miami is really the place to be. It is a lot more fast-paced than the rest of Florida, but let’s be honest – there’s a lot more opportunity as well. The only similar thing you could do is maybe moving to Tallahassee.


We hope we’ve been helpful to you in picking the best places to buy a house in Florida. If you need any help with moving, contact Moving Kings Van Lines FL. Because once you’ve made your choice, you’ll have to move and unpack. But afterward, you can get comfortable – and then truly begin to enjoy your beautiful Florida life!

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