Best FL cities for college grads

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You graduated from college and you want to move to Florida? Congratulations, we will assist you with presenting you the best FL cities for college grads. We focused on the median income for residents with a bachelor`s degree. But, we also searched for how many young residents there are and what is the crime rate. Depending on your college, we found out what industries are paid the highest in each city. You should only choose reliable, licensed movers in Florida and enjoy yourselves.

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If you are looking for job opportunities in Florida after graduating from college, you are in the right place.

Winter Springs

Winter Springs is definitely a city that you should take into consideration when moving to Florida as a college grad. For the residents with a bachelor`s degree, the median income is $50,402, which is great. Not only is the income high, but the crime rate is low, at 1.4 percent per 1000 residents. You will earn a lot of money in a safe environment. The percent of young people aged 20-34 is also high, at 21.7 percent. This means that you will most likely be surrounded by people of similar age as you and you will make a lot of friends. Sounds great, doesn`t it? The most prosperous jobs in Winter Springs are:

  • architecture & engineering,
  • health practitioners 
  • management.

The most prosperous industries here are utilities, tech service, professional and scientific industries.


With only twelve miles from downtown Miami, Doral offers great opportunities for college grads. The median income for residents with a bachelor degree is $50,702. Although the income is slightly higher than in Winter Springs, the crime rate is also slightly higher, but nothing alarming. The crime rate is 1.8 percent per 1000 residents. The entire population of Doral consists of around fifty-three thousand residents, making it a vivid and alive city. There are a lot of young people aged 20-34, 20.9 percent of the entire Doral population. The highest paid jobs are in the computer and mathematical spheres and management. Also, architecture and engineering are among the highest paid jobs, whereas the most lucrative industries are scientific, tech services, utilities, and finance & insurance. If you need assistance with finding a job, find the best job search guide. Embark on your journey the right way.


Miramar has a population of around 133 thousand people. While this is a bit higher than you may want it to be, the percent of young people is 22.3 percent. In a large city, with a lot of young people, and near Miami beaches, you will have a great time. You should definitely evaluate a neighborhood before you move. Miramar is definitely one of the best Fl cities for college grads, with a median income of $51,400. The crime rate is 4.2 percent, but having in mind the size of the city, this is something we can expect. On the other hand, the crime rate is still much lower than in other Florida cities.

The most prosperous jobs in Miramar are architecture & engineering, health practitioners and legal. Miramar has world-class art, recreational and cultural facilities. Besides this, it has been listed several times to be within the top 100 cities to live in by the Money Magazine. It is worth a shot, isn`t it?

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Best Fl cities for college grads offer a lot of museums and cultural events.

Cutler Bay

Half an hour away from Miami, Cutler Bay is high on the list of the best Fl cities for college grads. It has a population of around 44,000 residents, so you will feel comfortable and meet new people right away. There is a high percentage of young people as well, 22.5, making it a young city. Cutler Bay has become a municipality only in 2005 and has been growing ever since. The crime rate is low at 3 percent per 1000 residents. Furthermore, the income is great with more than 46, 000 a year approximately. College grads, you are welcome here in Cutler Bay. The three highest paying job spheres are computer & mathematical, health practitioners and architecture & engineering. On the other hand, the most lucrative industries are scientific, tech services, and finance & insurance.

Boca Raton

Boca Raton is one of the best Fl cities for college graduates as it has over 150 companies willing to employ you at the Town Center. The average salary in Boca Raton is $51.252. On the other hand, the rent is a bit higher here, as you would approximately have to give around $1,300 for a flat. Certainly, this is nothing in comparison to what you will receive. Your chances of becoming a victim of violent crime in Boca Raton are low, 1 in 406 residents. Check out movers Boca Raton and pack suitcases for the move. The highest paying jobs are health practitioners as well as legal and management.

Boca Raton has a population of around 91,000 people. You will never feel lonely here, nor suffocated on the other hand. You can choose any of the forty-six beautiful parks in Boca Raton to spend your free days and just enjoy yourselves. Along with this, there is a public beach over four miles long, and it has not been commercialized.

A man standing at the beach
Enjoy yourselves on nearby beaches after a long day at work, you deserved it.

Florida has a lot to offer to college grads. Any city that you choose will definitely broaden your horizons in many ways. Meeting new, young people, working in the job you studied for, gaining satisfaction from a high salary are some of the benefits. The vicinity of beaches is a major plus in Florida, you would know exactly how to spend your day off from work. If you get bored with beaches, on the other hand, you can visit museums in Florida, search for new job opportunities and hang out with your friends in shopping malls. We`ve listed some of the best Fl cities for college grads, come and check them out, you will not regret it.

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