Moving Mythbusters

There is a lot of information out there about moving, and not all of it is accurate. As an industry professional here at Moving Kings, I’m telling you — don’t believe it all. We have helped families move for years, and we are going to share a few words of wisdom with you. In today’s post, we’re going to tackle four moving misconceptions and the truth behind them. Call Moving Kings today for advice you can trust!

Myth 1: Free Boxes are the Best Boxes

Not true! Unused boxes come with the benefit of being new; they haven’t been tarnished by stains and wear and tear or put through the stress of carrying heavy items. More importantly, the integrity of the cardboard’s reinforcement hasn’t been compromised from use. I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t use recycled boxes, but for fragile items, heavier items, or more sentimental items, use new boxes! Moving boxes have been made and designed with moving in mind, so they do provide an extra level of security and protection. It’s worth it to spend the few extra dollars to ensure your family’s personal belongings are protected.

Myth 2: It’s Fine to Wait Until the Last Minute to Pack

As tempting as it may sound, putting off all your packing until the last minute is a terrible idea. Moving needs to be planned thoroughly, so there isn’t too much interruption to your day-to-day life. Proper planning and preparation will reduce your stress level and enable a seamless move! Start planning your move at least two months beforehand and pace yourself. Ask questions like, “What am I required to do before moving day?” Giving yourself time to pack also ensures that if you are packing your own items, you’ll have the time to do it properly.

Myth 3: Friday and Weekends are the Best Days to Move

This is not always true. The best time to move depends on your schedule, the movers’ schedule, and other variables. Don’t count out the other days of the week! Friday is the most common and desirable day of the week to move and, in some cases, moving companies’ rates can be higher as a result. Sure, you get the weekend to fully unpack, but moving mid-week allows you to unpack slowly so can spend the weekend and then enjoying your new home.

Myth 4: A Label is a Label

Imagine it: the move is going smoothly and the movers are beginning to unload the truck, but the labels you had written on all the boxes are unreadable. The marker you used smeared when the boxes moved around. It now takes even more work to figure out what goes where.

For a seamless, stress-free move, a Sharpie permanent marker or color-coding system works best. This will help smooth the process of transferring boxes from the truck to the correct room, giving you more time to settle in.

Myth 5: I Should Leave My Clothes in My Dresser

We understand — you want to have to do as little work as possible, but the small details are what really make a smooth transition. Try to keep your furniture movers in mind. In some cases, furniture needs to be tilted and maneuvered around corners or over rails. Things can shift and weight redistribution can cause damage to the furniture, or worse, damage to the walls. A few more boxes makes for lighter furniture for the movers.

Planning the move properly is as important as hiring the right movers! It is essential to pay close attention to the smalls things, because they add up. Make your next move as stress-free as possible by hiring a moving company you can trust. Moving Kings employs full time, fully trained professionals who work hard to earn our customers’ satisfaction. Whether you are moving locally or out of state, we are here to help. Call Moving Kings today!

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