What are the standards of a good home

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The standards of a good home have changed drastically over the years. If we looked 100 years into the past we would see that a lot of people didn’t even have a shelter where they can ride out the night. Let alone, a place they can call home. Not to mention 100 years prior to that, and 100 years past that. Most people now have not only a shelter, but a place they can call home. The standards of good homes have changed. However, we are not going to sit here and talk about poverty like it’s all sunshine and rainbows. It’s not. It’s just that poverty is at it’s all-time lowest in the whole history of mankind. And an ode is due to governments, who started implementing standards for housing. Thusly, making sure no one becomes a victim to degrading places in which people need to live.

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The standards of a good home have changed over the years drastically.

What are the “standards of a good home”?

Today, however, we are not talking about the minimum requirements that one house should have. Rather, we are going to focus on what is considered good practice. In other words, what people should strive for when picking and redecorating their homes. And people choose to do that for various reasons. For example, they either are looking to spice things up in their lives, or they’ve got a new job offer or any other of dozens of reasons out there. On that note, if you are one of the readers who is looking to relocate to a new home in Oakland Park that fulfills the requirement of a good home, we recommend you hire movers Oakland Park Fl, for a hassle-free relocation.

The golden standards of a good home

We are going to outline several standards that we consider make an excellent pick for a good home. These are based on years of experience dealing in this field, as we have been providing moving services Florida for hundreds and thousands of happy customers. So with that in mind, we present to you the most important guidelines you should look out for when buying your new home.

Does it meet the bare minimum requirements?

So we have mentioned previously in this article, that governments have published minimum requirements every household should have. So the first thing to do when looking to buy a new house is to check if that house meets those requirements. These are the so-called Decent Home Standards. For example, your house must:

  • be in a reasonable state of repair;
  • have reasonably modern facilities and services;
  • provide a reasonable degree of thermal comfort.
The standards of a good home checklist
Make sure your house fulfills the decent home standard checklist!

The importance of location

It’s extremely important where the location of your soon-to-be home is. The reason why is because the surrounding will determine your lifestyle and the cadence of your life in general.

That’s why you should evaluate a neighborhood before you actually start relocating. General guidelines you should make sure you check are:

  • The cost of living. Make sure you calculate the expenses of living in that neighborhood. It would be really unwise to choose the most expensive neighborhood when you do not have the money for it. In general, finding a good location is a balancing act of trying not to spend a lot of money on one hand, yet making sure that you are finding a good quality neighborhood on the other.
  • Crime rates. We are not saying that you should find the neighborhood with the least amount of crime rates since those are probably the most expensive. However, what we are saying is to try to find a decent neighborhood that you can afford.
  • Schools. If you have kids make sure that there are schools available in the close proximity of your home.
  • Public transportation. Having public transport that can take you everywhere might actually not require you to even own vehicle.

As we mentioned above, we are not dealing in absolutes. If a neighborhood has a high cost of living and the crime rates are low, there are plenty of schools and public transport, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go and buy that house. The idea is that you want to find a house that will not break your bank, yet will check most of the boxes.

The Shire, Home of Bilbo Baggins
You will have to reconcile that living in a dream-like fantasy home might not just be attainable.

Does your house have hidden defects?

You probably don’t know, right? That’s why they are called hidden. Well, this is an important part if you want to have a good home. When doing an estimate property value this is also a thing you should take account of. So what can be considered a hidden defect? For example, any problem in the foundation can be a hidden defect. If your home is built out of low-quality material and was exposed to brutal weather, you can bet money it is not stable. So make sure you hire a professional to check your foundation.  Also, any roof leaking, mold, is a big no-no. So make sure you check for these before you buy your house. You do not want to end up with a house that is a danger to your everyday life. And the life of others around you.

In conclusion – what are the standards of a good home?

While having something a person can call home was unheard of by many people thought human history, today decent housing is readily available. And with that, the standards for what is considered a good home was set to a high bar. Generally speaking, you want to make sure your house first and foremost fulfills the decent home requirements mentioned in this article. Secondly, make sure it is in a good neighborhood that doesn’t break the bank for you. Lastly, make sure that the actual home does not have any hidden defects that can pose a danger to your everyday life.

Hopefully, this article was helpful in helping you narrow down your choice for the home you are going to pick in the future, and you learned something new.








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